Lincoln Christ's Hospital School

Lincoln Christ's Hospital School
Educating in Lincoln since 1090

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Visits and Visitors

In RS students get the opportunity to visit a variety of places of worship across the country, the Holocaust Centre, University sessions and theatre productions, allowing them to develop their learning further.

In addition, we have a number of visitors from a wide variety of religious and secular organisations that come and speak to the students, giving them a first hand insight into the themes and questions being explored.

What do some of the students say?

“RS lessons really make me think and allow me to explore some big ultimate questions”

“Studying RS throughout my time at school, has given me space and time to explore faith, beliefs and those questions that we wouldn’t normally get chance to think about”

“Studying A-Level Philosophy and ethics has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, I have been able to explore key philosophical ideas and ethical systems. It has been the subject that has enabled me to develop skills that I know will be of use as I embark upon my University studies and beyond”

“I love RS, my teacher is able to open our eyes to the religions of the world in a fun and creative manner”.




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