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Welcome to the History Department at LCHS

Consisting of five members of staff, the Department is responsible for the planning, delivery and assessment of History in Years 7-13


The team:

Mrs H Kissane

Head of History

Mrs J Godwin

Teacher of History

Mr J Robinson

Teacher of History







History involves studying the incredible stories, fascinating people and paradigm shifting events that have shaped the world in which we live today. Studying the past at LCHS in Years 7, 8 and 9 involves discovering medieval Britain and how the country was affected by various invading civilisations such as the Romans and the Normans; learning about the momentous religious and social change brought about by the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution; uncovering the experiences of individuals involved in the struggles of the twentieth century. Knowledge of these fascinating and important periods of history will provide students with the understanding and ability to appreciate and engage with the forces which are at work in society today.



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For those students who continue to study History at GCSE the new courses will provide students with a fantastic chronological and geographical range to their understanding of the past. A more sophisticated understanding of why Britain has followed a particular historical path will be provided by a British medieval depth study. This will be complemented by a course on the changing attitudes and practices related to crime and punishment in Britain over the last millennia. Students will also have the opportunity to consider the wider world by studying the transformation of North America in the nineteenth century and the tragic demise of Native American culture as well as the rise of mass, popular culture and dictatorship in twentieth century Germany.






At A Level, the themes of revolution and democracy are vital as Year 12 students study Britain between 1625 and 1701 during which time the Civil War and the Glorious Revolution are only two of the monumentally important events to occur. The second Year 12 course is titled Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924, in which time Russia experiences a world war, a civil war and arguably as many as three revolutions. Year 13 students have the opportunity to bring their understanding of the development of democracy and the role of political power into the twenty first century by studying African-American civil rights between 1850 and 2009. This demonstrates the relevance of historical study to today’s world as Obama’s election victory is put in the context of a century and a half of African-Americans’ struggle for equality.

Student quotes:

“I like History at LCHS because the lessons are really fun and exciting and everyone is involved. The teachers are great and the work we do is really interesting.” Joe in Year 8




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