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Welcome to Gifted, More Able and Talented at LCHS.


Effective provision for GMAT students is provided in the classroom where a greater depth of understanding and a higher level of technique is fostered.

Enrichment for added breadth is employed as a strategy for motivating and challenging able students. Examples of GMAT activities are:

  • Department clubs.
  • Debating Competitions.
  • Magistrates Court Competition.
  • Lincolnshire Show School's Challenge.
  • Science and Technology Competition at Lincoln University.
  • Writing Club.
  • Journalism Days.
  • Poetry Slam.
  • Book Reviews for the Lincolnshire Echo.
  • Media Project.
  • School Choir, School Orchestra, School Band.
  • Local specialist trips e.g. Siemens, University, etc
  • Wider ranging trips e.g. China
  • Department enrichment/master classes.
  • Challenges e.g. Maths Challenge

Information about how Gifted, More Able and Talented (GMAT) is organised at LCHS  in terms of identification, staff responsibilities, etc can all be found in the policy which you can find in the links section. The policy’s aims are quoted below:

“This policy is an integral part of the school’s broader development of maximum inclusion of educational opportunity for all learners and states our commitment to providing an environment in which all learners are enabled to realise their potential. LCHS’ aims are to:

  • Provide learners with work at higher cognitive levels and opportunities to develop specific skills or talents within the mainstream curriculum, emphasising greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for all learners.
  • Ensure a concern for the whole child and develop a culture that nurtures and promotes able learners within the school, raising their aspirations and expectations.
  • Create a programme that provides varied opportunities for learners to try out new things and develop their talents together in collaborative learning experiences outside of the normal curriculum.”


The following websites are available to give information to parents and provide extra challenges, information and a forum for GMAT students.