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Romeo and Juliet

Try these questions for Romeo and Juliet either as a ten minute planning exercise or 30 minutes timed essay. No context needed but you must use quotes.

Explore the ways in which love and hate are presented in Romeo and Juliet.

Discuss the role of Mercutio, Tybalt or Lord Capulet in the play.

How does Juliet present as the typical wayward daughter of a Shakespearian play?

Explore and explain why Romeo and Juliet has an enduring appeal for modern audiences.

In what ways are The Friar and The Nurse responsible for the tragedy of The Lovers?

Discuss the role of religion within the play.

How does Shakespeare structure the play to create drama and tension?

Discuss your thoughts about Romeo as a lover within the play.

Explain how the theme of authority is explored within Romeo and Juliet.

Explain the role and function of The Nurse within the play.