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Jekyll and Hyde

Try these questions for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde either as a ten minute planning exercise or 30 minutes timed essay. Refer to context and use quotes.

Discuss the role of Mr Utterson throughout the novella and his effect upon you.

Discuss the ways Stevenson uses opposites throughout the novella to explore the theme of duality.

Explain the ways in which Stevenson creates mystery and tension in the novella.

The Murder of Sir Danvers Carew is a turning point in the story-explore why this is so.

Time is an important feature of the novella, explore how Stevenson uses it to progress the narrative and themes.

Dr Jekyll is not presented as a completely innocent or good character-explore the ways in which Stevenson presents the character.

Explain the ways in which religion is used throughout the novel.

How does Stevenson introduce and develop the character of Mr Hyde to maintain the reader’s perception of him as a villain?

Why might the Victorian reader be more terrified of the story than a modern reader?

Explain the role of Lanyon, Enfield or Poole in the story of Jekyll and Hyde.