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The Jitterbug Project:

This Scheme of work is being shifted into Year 7 for September 2013.  It's a great starter electronics project and consists of:

  • Lasercut top
  • CNC cut centre section
  • Simple Vera Board PCB
  • Soldering introduction
  • 3 x 40mm M4 bolts with 9 nuts to secure the chassis
  • Injection moulded weight to enable the project to 'Jitter!'




Useful Links: - Great for information on injection moulding and the electronics used in this project.



Download the Injecton Moulding Quiz: HERE



HWK 1: Injection moulding is a fantastic process which is used to product many differing products, can you remember what you've learned? -> Download

HWK 2: This homework is all about circuits, can you find out the what each component is? Can you draw the symbol for each of them? -> Download