Lincoln Christ's Hospital School

Lincoln Christ's Hospital School
Educating in Lincoln since 1090

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Occasional Papers

1.            A Memorial to Rosamond Acworth

2.            The House System at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School

3.            Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School 1943-51

4.            Who’s Who at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School?

5.            Lincoln School in the 1950s

6.            A Brief History of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School

7.            Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child: Discipline, Rules and Punishment in Schools

8.            Not the Browning Version: an Affectionate memoir (Lincoln School in the 1940s)

9.            Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School 1954-61

10.          School Uniform and Dress Codes

11.          Looking Back (a selection from Professor Charles Garton’s entries in the OCHLS magazines)

12.          Schola Lincolniensis: Lincoln School on Wragby Road

13.          School Reports

14.          Lincoln School in the First World War

15.          The Lincoln School Great War Memorial

16.          Headmistresses of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School

17.          Six Lincoln School Legends

18.          School Travel and Trips: Chapter 1

19.          School Travel and Trips: Chapter 2

20.          School Travel and Trips: Chapter 3

21.          School Travel and Trips: Chapter 4

22.          The St Giles Secondary Schools

23.          Christ’s Hospital School: the Origin of the name

24.          Prefects: a Bossy Lot

25.          A Quintet of Musicians

26.          Lincoln School 1967-1974

27.          Fifty years On: Lincoln Girls’ High School 1966-73

28.          Miss I V Cleave: In her own Words (to be published later this month

29.          Reg Woodward BA FRGS (to be published this month)

30.          Mrs Dorothy Madge Mary Ward

31.          Six More Legends of Lincoln School

32.          Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School: the First 50 Years

33.          The Opening of the Garton Archive

34.          Joyce Eva Skinner CBE

35.          Life at the 4th Northern General Hospital

36.          Alexander Lamb Cullen

37.          The Lincoln School Boarding House

38.          The Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School Boarding House

Items of Interest

1.            Scott of the Antarctic

2.            Royal Visits to Lincoln School and Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School

3.            A Parody on the Poem ‘Jabberwocky’

4.            Myle Cross Secondary Girls’ School: the Origin of the Name

5.            Miss Judith Oyler: Art Mistress at LHS

6.            Wartime Memories of Childhood: 4th Northern General Hospital

7.            A Parody on John Masefield’s Poem ‘Cargoes’

8.            Fond memories of a Swiss Holiday

9.            Frank Harris LHS Kindergarten 1940s

10.          John Hurt re-visits Lincoln

11.          Mary Whitlam nee Mackie’s Memoirs of LHS 1950s

12.          Winston Churchill’s Visit to Lincoln 1902

13.          Jack Hobbs at Lincoln School in 1938

14.          Margaret Thatcher’s Visit to LHS

15.          Evacuation to Lincoln in World War 2

16.          Visit of the Prince of Wales to Lincoln

17.          The Victorian Façade

18.          The Tithe Barn at LHS

19.          The Hamden Bomber Crash on Greestone Stairs

20.          Potato Picking at LHS

21.          Charles Brook

22.          The Lincoln Stradivarius

23.          A Seventeenth Century ‘Ofsted’ Inspection

24.          The Paper Chase at Lincoln Grammar School

25.          Cricket at Lincoln Girls’ High School

26.          The Christ’s Hospital Terrace School in Lincoln

27.          The Location of Lincoln School during the Great War

28.          Designing Lincoln Grammar School

29.          Nurse Louise Catton

30.          Rugby at Lincoln School

31.          Wolverhampton Wanderings

Pictures of the Month

1.            January 2012           John Hurt

2.            February 2012          Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School (1920s)

3.            March 2012         Jack Shirley

4.            April 2012            Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School 5th Form 1901

5.            May 2012                              Lincoln School Dormitory            

6.            June 2012            Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School Staff (early 1970s)

7.            July 2012                               The Fives Court at Lincoln School

8.            August 2012       St Giles Secondary Modern School Athletics team 1946

9.            September 2012              Needlework at Myle Cross Secondary Girls’ School        

10.          October 2013     Girls’ High School Outing to Derbyshire (early 1950s)

11.          November 2012        Lincoln School Library in 1962

12.          December 2012        The Preparatory and Kindergarten Department at LHS

13.          January 2013            Masters and Pupils at Lincoln Grammar School during the 1890s

14.          February 2013         The School Halls/Gymnasia at Lincoln School and the High School

15.          March 2013        Miss Gentry’s Retirement

16.          April 2013           Miss Linda Richardson with LHS 4th Form in c.1970

17.          May 2013            The Old Swimming Batch at Lincoln School

18.          June 2013           The Lincoln Girls’ High School Orchestra

19.          July 2013             The Lincoln Grammar School Orchestra in 1887

20.          August 2013        Witham View: the LHS Boarding House

21.          September 2013        Architect’s Drawing of Lincoln Grammar School 1903

22.          October 2013             Aspiring Scientists at Lincoln School in 1962

23.          November 2013                Myle Cross Sports Day 1969/70

24.          December 2013                Girl Guides at Lincoln Girls’ High School

25.          January 2014      Cross-country Races at Lincoln School in the 1950s

26.          February 2014   Lincoln School Trip to Switzerland in 1948

27.          March 2014         LHS Kindergarten c. 1918

28.          April 2014            4th Northern General Hospital: Peter Banks’ grandfather

29.          May 2014                   Two Successful Lincoln School Football Teams

30.          June 2014            Needlework at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School

31.          July 2014                   Cookery at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital Girls’ High School

32.          August 2014               Sporting Achievements at the St Giles Schools

33.          September 2014        Wragby Road during the First World War

34.          October 2014              LHS Staff in 1909

35.          November 2014          Lincoln School Class of 1973 Reunion


1.            Don’t believe all you read!

2.            Charles Garton’s sense of humour!

3.            Try these on father

4.            A Chilling Tale

5.            The Spiral Staircase

6.            Base-ball Rounders at Lincoln Grammar School

7.            Road Safety

8.            Goalkeepers!