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Notes on using this section

This section was created so that past students and teachers of LCHS could get in touch with the School and with each other. If you would like to make a contribution, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be added within a few days. Take a look through the existing entries to find your classmates and get more ideas on what to include.

Entries are now sorted by year of departure from the School.

Click on former members’ names in blue to send them e-mail.

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Please include in your message the year in which you left the school.

Many LCHS alumni & alumnae are members of unaffiliated groups on social networking sites such as facebook (LCHS Alumni group) and friendsreunited. Our own archive of messages is intended to complement these services by allowing the free exchange of email addresses and a more specific focus on LCHS as opposed to, for example, people’s primary school memories.

Messages From Our Alumni & Alumnae


Arising from an invitation by Dr Wright to visit the school, I had a truly memorable day on Tuesday November 22nd 2005 when Mr Williams conducted my daughter and me through the school. This was my first return since leaving in 1938 - yes, 67 years ago!

Mr Williams suggested I set down my thoughts and recollections. Some of my memories are somewhat blurred at the edges, some probably erroneous but one or two quite graphic.

I first entered the portals of Lincoln School through the main gates off Wragby Road to the cloisters under the clock tower. To an eleven year old boy it was awe-inspiring and a little scary.

During my stay the extensions were built to the left of the main building (1937) which balanced the boarding house at the other end. There were four houses initially including the school house (the boarders) and later eight houses named after distinguished old boys including Newsum which was my house. In my class were the boarders including the Prep School who were fee paying and scholarship boys and also those from the Cathedral Choir. In total there would be some 300-400 boys.

The masters all wore gowns and discipline was_ partly maintained by the "star" system. For any misdemeanour stars were entered in the register ­three stars meant Saturday afternoon detention. Six stars meant a caning from the headmaster plus detention. There was also prefects' detention which took place on sports afternoon - Wednesday. We worked Saturday morning and in my case this was followed by music class.

Two areas that seemed to have disappeared are the lecture theatre, a tiered room where we took sandwiches for lunch break. Also a grand dining room that I graduated to later. Here, tables accommodated some ten boys. Waitresses brought food to the head of the table who distributed this to the starving boys, the most junior of whom occupied the far end seat - a distinct pecking order. Staff occupied a table raised on a dais overlooking the Hall. Meals were wholesome but I recall the inevitable suet pudding on the days of our cross country runs. These runs (consisting of three miles for junior boys and five miles for seniors) took us round Curle Avenue, along by the prison and The Outer Circle Road.

Other buildings that have disappeared include the fives court and the outdoor swimming pool (replaced by the current magnificent indoor pool) where we used to shiver and change to various shades of blue. Among the new building is the very fine library, replacing the one above the cloisters adjacent to the upstairs classrooms.

Particularly poignant was the plaque to the memory of the fallen during the two World Wars. Names there of my old school mates, including Bob Portas (a very fine footballer) who was killed in Australia whilst flying Kitty hawks and Geoff Spalding, I understand, was lost on the Malta convoy serving in the fleet Air Arm. I myself survived thirty-two operations flying over Germany in RAP Bomber Command.

Contemporaries of mine included Neville Marriner (I also played violin in the school orchestra but not nearly so well!) and Steve Race.

Each year we had a school concert in the dining room where the orchestra played. Contributions from the staff always included "Marching Through Georgia" by Mr Adams (tall and thin) and Mr Baxter (short and stout). I believe this followed a day of sport involving the cricket team whilst Steve Race and the jazz band played in the comer of the field. This included a visit to the school of the famous Jack Hobbs.

One particularly pleasing feature is the way of the old school buildings have been integrated with the new. The corridor which included the Removes (a year between the 5th and 6th form when we took the School Certificate) has maintained those brown glazed 'bricks. Also those lovely cloisters remain where each morning the tuck shop was laid out, so we could get a snack, supervised by the formidable Miss Footit, school secretary.

The changes of the 1970's (including the uniting with the girl's high school where two of my sisters spent their formative years) were both dramatic and profound. Reading the current headteacher's report, the school is in good hands: the activities and achievements would certainly have had the approval of my headmaster, Mr Young.

I left Lincoln School in my sixteenth year, feeling the need to earn my living – armed with a reasonably good School Certificates. This enabled me to pass the requisite examinations for the pilot training in the RAF, where I managed Flight Lieutenant Status by the end of the war. In civvy street, it set a good basis for my engineering career. I specialised in diesel engine design, and my career took me to thirty-two different countries and allowed me to become a Chartered Engineer - a full member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

My return visit was a memorable day - to the school I have been privileged and very proud to belong.

Laurence Ratigan


I left in 1955, my brother Hugh in 1961. In those days we didn't have first names, just surnames to teachers and nicknames among ourselves; mine was Jim. Scanning the wonderful school website, I'm struck by the size of the school - we were only about 300 boys - but more than that by the change of discipline. We were not encouraged to relax. Every boy had to wear the tie, and the cap too on journeys to and from school.  We observed silence when a teacher entered, and if it was Mrs Ward or Mr Franklin the head, we stood.

The arrangement of classrooms was very different then. After five years we were separated as two species.  Those studying classics in the sixth form had the best room in the building, first floor west end, facing the road - and bureaux!  We who did science were housed as far from them as

possible, beyond the chemistry and physics labs, along the corridor running north from the east end of the cloisters.  We had the desks the other classes had discarded, deeply carved and often with broken lids. Some suspected a bias against science.

But it's also delightful to notice what has NOT changed in fifty years. The school façade is the same, maybe cleaner, and the two playing fields are there with a third added. Though the old hall is smaller, I recognize the panelling around the stage, and in the Gym the vaulting-horse on the left, the benches too, look familiar.  I wonder if there are still services in the Cathedral once a term, with the entire school trooping along East Gate en crocodile.  Although Mr Franklin was a clear and careful speaker, when he read the lesson he would somehow lose his aitches:  "'E that 'ath ears to 'ear, let 'im 'ear".

As for the other teachers, does anyone recall Weary Williams - very old, very Welsh, and taught Latin to the lower school? Or Bunny Baker, who rather before his time encouraged religious debate in class?  Or Johnny Philips, who taught English?  He had a marked south-west accent and would shout, "Yew spoke?  C'mere, boy!".  He would then extract a full confession while forcing you to stand on tiptoe in front of the class, by twisting the hair above your ear. Such things were legal and almost acceptable, for we knew he had our interests at heart.  Or Alf Sutton, mathematics, with a south-east accent, whose calculus lessons echoed with "D woy boy D eckss"?  My sister comes to Lincoln for the Music Festival and tells me that Jim Shirley and Barbara Heathcote the secretary still attend it also.

I went on to do a physics degree at Aberdeen University, then worked as a health physicist for AEI at Trafford Park before moving to Derby for a career in computers with Rolls-Royce, taking early retirement in 1994. My wife Marianne is still working, and we have three sons.  I'd be interested to hear from any of my contemporaries.  I keep in touch with John Naylor and we hope to meet Colin Semper.  My brother Hugh still works as a top librarian at Edinburgh University.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 21/08/2003


I attended the Lincoln School 1948-1956, and would be delighted to hear from any acquaintances, friends, even enemies, of that vintage, especially fellow-member of RC and VI Classical (1953-56).

After leaving school (one of the saddest days in my life), I read 
Classics at Nottingham University, graduating BA (1st-Class Honours) and PhD. From 1960-62, I was Assistant Lecturer in History at Loughborough College (now, I think, Loughborough University). Then, I saved my skin by emigrating to Australia as Lecturer in History, University of New England, Armidale, NSW.

Just before the lynch-mobs arrived, I re-moved myself to Western Canada where I was Professor and Head of Classics at the University of Calgary (Alberta) 1965-97, when I retired with Emeritus (Latin for "Deserves to be out") status and the rather more solid honour of election as Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Since then, I have re-invented myself as a freelance newspaper-magazine columnist and scribbler of short stories, mainly mysteries, with about 30 so far published. Add these to the trees killed by my more academic 12 books and some 600 articles/chapters/reviews, etc. Apart from Greek-Roman-Byzantine stuff, I dabble in the 18th-century (did an edition of Samuel Johnson's Greek and Latin Poetry, Duckworth, London, 1995), and the perhaps rarer field of Albanian history, language, and literature.

Mindful of all those years at the railway end of Sincil Bank, I remain loyal to Lincoln City FC and still look first for the Imps' results each week, along with those of my other 'team of choice', Nottingham Forest.

Life in Canada is most congenial, enhanced beyond description by my long-suffering wife of 38 years, Janet, and our two children, Alexander (a sort of Sir Humphrey Appleby in Canada's newest regional government in the frozen north of Nunuvut (Think Nanook of the North...), and Martha, an accomplished Cellist with the Cleveland Orchestra, also a chamber musician and teacher of note, being Adjunct Professor at the University of Akron, while still finding time to get married last year, thus enabling me to combine her nuptials with a long-desired pilgrimage to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (That's enough Baldwiniana: ED).Shall now sit back and wait for the e-pistles to roll in
b the b

Barry Baldwin
Submitted 31/1/07


I found the school website after contacting Friends Reunited. I was at the school from 1949 to 1957, in Mr Franklin’s time as Headmaster. I’ve been a GP and medical writer, author and broadcaster in Scotland most of my working life. I’m not retired yet. I still report conferences for medical journals: for example next weekend I’m in Mexico City. I am hugely grateful for my education in Lincoln, and was happy to find your excellent website. Congratulations for keeping up the standards.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 26/10/2001


The school was honoured by a visit from several Old Lincolnians in October. Sir David Blatherwick (former Ambassador); David Colvin (former Ambassador and School Captain 1959-60); Chris Pickering; Geoff Eastgate (Captain of Cricket); David (Dusty) Miller; Howard Phillips (son of John Phillips, English master); Tom Atkin (from Australia) and Peter Harrod  all joined Lincoln School in the 1950s. Ms Rylands-Bolton showed them round the school so that they could revisit their old haunts such as their Art room (now an English classroom) and the staffroom which is now the languages workroom. They remembered how a pall of smoke emerged from this room as many of the teachers in those days smoked pipes! The stories of ghosts haunting the ‘top corridor’ took on a new significance when the Old Lincolnians revealed that two of the classrooms were used to house First World War patients who weren’t expected to recover from their injuries.

J Rylands-Bolton

Submitted 6/11/09


After leaving LHS in 1961, majoring in German at Leeds, I taught ESOL in Madrid, Germany and London, before leaving for 14 years in Geneva, Switzerland with my interpreter husband.  I am now divorced and living in the Washington D.C. area and have recently retired from my job as an information specialist for the National Library of Medicine on the campus of the National Institutes of Health.

Went to Lincoln Christ's Hospital Girls' High School, which later joined with the Lincoln School, where my dad taught Maths. He was known as C.I.D. or (Sid) since he had worked as a policeman in the C.I.D. for many years before getting into teaching.

Linda Motton

Submitted 26/11/09


I left in  1962, the same year that Mr Lake and Mr Martin ("Nimrod") left.  I remember that Mr Martin shook hands with every leaver that year  and knew us all by name. I think that we all had great respect  for him and for what he had achieved at the school. Not  the greatest academic at school, my career has been varied. Local Government,  the Civil Service, a Motel owner and the Life Assurance Industry  where I became a senior executive. I am retired now and live near  Manchester. I have one son who, at the time of writing will shortly  be called to the Bar. I remember with affection and  gratitude many of our teachers. Trevor Mays who tragically died,  Mr Lake (why did we call him "Nobby"?), John Wells-Cole (who I  saw from the hotel register was staying at the same hotel when  I was on honeymoon in Yorkshire in September 1967); Mr Bailey with  his biscuit bar in the woodwork room during morning break, Maggie  Ward with her gramophone and puppet theater in the art room, The Rev  "Bunny" Baker, Sarge (you'll get a wet shirt) Perry, Mr Watson,  Mr Shepherd, Mr Duguid, Mr "Ringo" Rangely and Cliff Hewis. I  also remember well Mr Sexton and the endless note taking in the biology  lab and Mr Shirley and those beautifully drawn diagramatic maps in  the geography room. Why did Mr Akester always seem to be at his  wits end?! Not a complete list I know, but perhaps  they may like to know that many of the things which they attempted  to teach me have been very useful from time to time over the years. Chris Bean, Richard Parker, John Colam, Keith West,  "Tiddy" Plaskett and the rest of you. Where are you all now? Remember  the runs - three miles via the quarry, five miles via Nettleham?  The school fetes and Nimrod negotiating 
the rope walk? The  opening of the W.E.Withers pool? The services in the cathedral? Looking back, there were some really great times and  a great school which it is a privilege to say I attended. I would  be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me and can be contacted  via the site. // email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view" style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline">David Bonnet
Submitted 7/6/05


I left in 1963, having spent 3 years in the Sixth Form following the first go at a four year O-level course. I experienced three Headmasters, Mr Franklin (“The Gaffer”), Patrick Martin, (“Nimrod”), and John Faull.

I was known as ”Sam”, my initials being AS, and this being preferable to “Ass”!

Left to study Pharmacy at Bristol, and then did a little research and then lecturing, and eventually studied medicine as a mature student at Charing Cross Hospital.

For the last 22 years I’ve been a GP in West Mersea, an island off the Essex Coast I had never heard of until I came here!

Stephen Marshall
Submitted 20/03/2002


“I left Lincoln School in 1964, having been there for two years. I was previously at Westgate Boys in Lincoln. I remember Mr Duguid (Chemistry?), Mr Rangely (?), a music teacher nicknamed 'Ringo'. Form Teacher (1B) was Mr Akester, I think. I may remember more as my memory comes back - it's all such a long time ago!

Friends there included Stephen Walker, David Rossington, Stuart Temple, Ken Griffin (good actor & appeared in school play 'Galileo'). where are you now?

I'm now a superintendent in the Metropolitan Police.”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (‘64)
Submitted 09/07/2001.

I started in 1959 and left in 1964. Some of my classmates were Robert Ramm, Mick Portas, Greg Growhowski, Bruce Pickworth, Graham Clapham etc...

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 06/12/2001


The reunion of Lincoln Girls' High School (class of 1964) took place during the weekend of June 26/27th 2010. 
Contact Rosie Fisher: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit to LCHS and the Girls’ High School, June 26th 2010

We shared many memories of our days visiting when LCHS was the Lincoln Boys' School. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photographs and other memorabilia as well, reliving special memories of our schooldays at Christ's Hospital Girls' High School in the 1960s. Although many parts of the building have changed, it was still easy to recall the way it was in our day, 42 years ago. We felt very privileged to have the opportunity to be there once again, and we would like to thank you and the Lincoln Christ's Hospital School for allowing and arranging this special visit.


Special Thanks from our 2010 School Reunion group of ex- pupils of Christ's Hospital Girls' High School, and ex-boarders of Greestone House, between the years 1961 and 1968. 


Heather Peake (Macintyre), Alison Brown (Macintyre), Elizabeth Carrey, Judith Hilton (Carrey), Susan Anderson (Kime),

Diana Clarke (Blakeborough), Rosie Fisher (King),  Elizabeth, Catherine and Veronica Gilbert, Elizabeth Hannan (Bell),

Susan Scott (Moxon), Diane Newton (Anyan), Rosemary Sharp (Hiles), Stephanie Taylor (Wheeler) and Amy Scott (Susan's daughter).

Submitted by Heather Peake (nee Macintyre) 19/07/10

image002 image004


Peter Day (Lincoln School boarder 1957-64) was flattered to receive an honorary DBA, doctorate of business administration, from the University of Lincoln at a Graduation Ceremony on September 8th. Peter is a long-standing BBC journalist who now presents 'In Business' on BBC Radio 4 and  'Global Business' on BBC World Service Radio.

 At the degree ceremony held in the Cathedral he talked about Lincoln School in the 1950s:

"Pro Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen. 
Thank you very much indeed. I feel rather fraudulent. You new graduates have striven for your degrees. I’ve been given mine simply for doing my job..or maybe for doing my job simply.

And simplicity is what I want to talk about today. 
It is particularly moving to be here in this extraordinary place almost 52 years to the day after another rather memorable event.

It was September 1957, my first weekend as a boarder at what was then Lincoln School. The headmaster took pity on the 10 or so new boys away from home for the first time in our lives.

On Sunday afternoon we walked to the cathedral and went along to the north transept and there through a little door in the wall he took us up the winding stairs to the base of that great north window..the Dean’s Eye. The headmaster—about to retire—went out along the ledge into the middle of the window and then we boys were sent out, one by one, along the ledge with only a thin iron bar between us and the abyss..the ground was 50 feet below.

And then we turned our back on the great spectacle of the cathedral below us and tried to listen to Mr Franklin explaining the stories told by the stained glass roundels in front of our nose. An unforgettable occasion.”

Submitted by J Rylands-Bolton




I finally left what was then Lincoln School in 1965, having attended with my two brothers, first as day students and then as boarders. I remember Stollery and Dollery, Mr Sexton, Ollie Beak, Sarge and Dido, Mr Rangely, Bosky Wood, Mrs Ward, Mr Lake, Mr Shepherd, (Greek and French and whose son also attended the school)plus a host of other very good teachers. Also there was Nimrod (Mr Martin) the mighty hunter and his successor Mr Faull.

Anybody remember the school fetes to raise money, the cinema club in winter, held in what was the then gymnasium? Having to stand in line in the morning outside the gym, as a Catholic, during morning assembly.? What about Sarge's cross country runs, particularly the one through the quarry? As a boarder, the socials with Christ's Hospital High School for Girls, the hockey and rounder's games(yes rounder's)with the ladies at the playing fields off Nettleham Rd. Protecting the bonfire for Guy Fawkes night!

My 2 brothers and I now live in Australia, my older brother has just accepted a 2 year contract at a Japanese University as a full professor. I'm a consultant for an Australian Software company, my work has taken me to Zimbabwe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and lately the UAE. My younger brother is living in Albury Wodonga, semi retired.

Fellow students from my era, to name a few, Mike Allport, Peter Ashton, John Lenton, Patrick Somerville James Rowley Brooke,Chris Atkins, Mike Donner, 'Effie' Panton, Ian Smith, 'Spud' Taylor.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 22/11/2001

I left what was the old Lincoln School in 1965. Having completed "O" levels in four years rather than five, as was the fashion then for the "A" stream, I bailed out two years later at seventeen and found myself doing one of the first Business Studies degrees at Lanchester College (now Coventry University) alongside others who in some cases were in their mid twenties. One or two had done really interesting things, such as being officers in the merchant navy - really impressive when you're seventeen!

I've since had more jobs than the proverbial hot dinners, mainly in various branches of marketing, including a spell in Madrid. Currently I'm working in ........not really quite sure. It's got something to do with education but we haven't yet decided how we should be styled.

Living in Woking and married with three children, all of whom have inherited my amazing good looks and charisma, but also my total lack of interest in anything academic. (if you think that my current involvement in education is therefore odd - well so do I!)

My father, who also attended the school, was President of the Old Lincolnians during my final year. Sadly he died this year, but I was pleased to meet Jack Shirley and John Wells-Cole at his funeral.

My mother still lives next to the school in Egerton Road, so I get back to Lincoln reasonably regularly, which gives me the opportunity to catch up with Stuart Paris (left 1963 but same school year) my lifelong friend since infant school.

I met up with Clint Jefferies and Nick Bett this year. Nick is instantly recognisable - but the years have taken a heavy toll on Clint - he used to have hair!

Pleased to hear from anyone who knows me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 25/10/2001

Left in '65 and have just been reading the memories of contemporaries who could remember all the teachers. Learnt to swim there & introduced me to languages which shaped my entire life - been living in Belgium for 28 yrs. Would like to see the new buildings when they’re finished. Excellent.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 01/03/2002

I came on this site quite by accident. It all seems so long ago now (it is). I was in 2B through to 5B from 1958 to 1962, then 6CI to III until I left in 1965.  After studying languages at Bristol University and then bumbling around in London for a few years I came out here to the antipodes in 1974 and here I have remained, in the wonderful city of Canberra, apart from a few trips back.  I did idly consider retiring back to Lincoln, but one look at the house prices on the web soon put me off!! I now speak with an accent that can only be described as Lindo-Australian!

Yes, I remember most of the names and events already recorded here: but where are you Chris Thorrington, John Morton (I owe you an apology from 1960!), Nigel Metcalfe, Dusty Miller, Dave Kappler, Chris Parsons, Chris Howick and anyone else who remembers me?  Also, who put potassium permanganate into the swimming pool in 1961?

A couple of minor corrections - 'JAB' Baxter taught Latin and Greek not maths; Shep taught Spanish and French. I remember Maggie well - she used to twist your arm to take a Dr Barnardo's money box home and in the early days used to charge a penny to hear 78s played on an old gramophone in the art room.

What was the name of that cafe on Steep Hill where we used to go after school?

Love to hear from any Old Lincolnians of my vintage.See ya,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 24/06/2003


"Have just found this site! Delighted! Left in 1966, after boarding for seven years... It was a boys' school then, of course. Remember Nimrod? Other boarders included Fran Washer, Chris Bailey, Miller... Teachers included 'Sarge' (PE), Mr Duguid (Chemistry) and Crusaders; I went on to study chemistry myself at Sussex. Spent a year with VSO in Pakistan... Finally settled down, marrying in 1977 to Sue and have four lovely children. Presently working in industry, electronics. We live in Reading, UK and would be very pleased to hear from anyone from the same era!"Yours,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ('66). Submitted 16/05/2001.

I left in 1966 with dismal A-levels - what a waste of two years! - heading off for a career in production engineering with a job in Leicester and place at Aston, Birmingham. Woops.

Six months later discovered I didn't like engineering and went to find something else.. Went off to Swinging London - remember? - and shortly after found myself working for the company that started the I'm Backing Britain campaign.Remember too? Then I entered the world of Public Relations - I asked what it was and was told it was taking editors out to lunch! Well what would you do at the age of 20?Moved to Manchester in 1970 to join a PR consultancy and get married and went independent in 1971. Have been running my own show ever since with a database marketing business added in 1983 (that was foresight indeed) been looking for the next big idea ever since though.Yes I remember Nimrod - wonderful headmaster Pat Martin, though we didn't dare use first names then. He had a marvellous memory for boy's names - recalled mine and two others when he spotted us in the cloisters on a return visit after six years.Andrew Gandy (French)was 1b form master in 1959, Albert Saddler (Latin)1A and Trevor ?? (Maths) (who later died of lung cancer) had 1c. 
Amazing that one of the teachers had known my father in the 1920's - deputy head Mr Wood (Bosky, Macbeth - yon bosky wood). Then there were Stollery and Dollery (did he really get gassed in WWI?) and Brian Duguid (chemistry and Crusaders as someone else has mentioned) - would like to meet him again.
There was a viscious history master called Cresswell, famous for rubbing your head on the radiators if you annoyed him. Anyone remember the day Mr Akester swung open the classroom door only to find the hinges had been unscrewed and he fell flat? Other year pupils and friends - Philip Ainsworth, Dick Tracey, Philip Rowe, Stuart Paris, Ian Withers, Phil Storey, Andy Elvin, Chris? Barker, Andrew Wood.Evil behaviour amounted to smoking in the sub-prefect room and some hairy experiments with explosives.Just like to mention I found this through where there are a few more of us lurking.Nice to know that nostalgia rules - at least as long as the memory lasts!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 19/08/2001.

“1966 - seems a very long time ago since Phil Rowe and myself et al. bid our farewells to the Lincoln School with a bubbling beaker of ethyl mercaptan placed in a locker outside the chemistry lab. This had a fairly dramatic effect on the final assembly of the year. Of course appointing enthusiastic amateur medicinal chemists/ explosive experts as "lab assistants" (with free access to the preparation room) by the Head of Chemistry (Dollery) was a recipe for trouble, especially on the day of the silver oxalate explosion - how we got away with it! I guess this was all an early experiment in self-directed learning. Where now actually still in education and medical research, being Head of Pharmacology at the University of Bristol. We live near Bath, my wife is a Headteacher, our daughter a biochemist and son a criminal lawyer, and we have 4 cats!”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 30/08/2001


It is good to see that some of the ‘oldies’ are creeping out of the woodwork.

I left in ‘66 to persue a career in Education - as a music teacher initially, then into youth and community work, charity fund raising, with a bit of PR thrown in!. Now ‘early retired’ - perhaps looking for work, and finished up as a manager for Community Education in Peterborough.

Other memories written remind me - Sarge’s punishment stick - DIDO; the dodgy legs on the grand piano - propped up with the school bible for a few months; School Plays - Jim Hiley’s "And a curse on all school caretakers" unscripted in ‘My Three Angels’; and the salutation at one speech day ‘Mr Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Mr. Akester’.

Overall the standard of general education was good, although I did not think so at the time - bunking off to do music at the Theatre Royal.

Would be good to see some of the oldies from time to time.

I am married to Cathy and have two adult children, both away now leaving us as ‘empty nesters’ in our small village home near to Huntingdon.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 18/12/2001

“I'm so glad to see that the old school is still flourishing ! My father and uncles were boarders there in the 30's, myself and my cousins in the 60's and my brother Michael in the 70's. Father and uncles all unfortunately dead, but myself, cousins (Nick and Adrian) and brother Mike all still alive and well, though distributed further afield.

I went to Liverpool Uni Vet School (along with Mark Winwood), and both qualified in ''71. I worked in Macclesfield first, then went to the USA and Canada for 6 months, and on return settled in South East London (Beckenham). I'm now Principal of a 4 vet small animal practice, which also supplies a night and emergency service to 9 other practices.

Marrying late (I wanted to reach 40, but missed by one year !), I now have 3 sons of 14, 12 and 10 years. Unfortunately down here you have to pay to receive the same type of education I received for free at Lincoln School, and so the two older sons are at Whitgift School in South Croydon, with the third (hopefully) joining them in a year's time. My wife Carol used to work for British Airways, but is now almost fully tied up with the kids, although she does work voluntarily for the National Trust at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's old home.

I certainly remember a whole host of superb teachers - Brian Duguid, Mike Bailey ("Ollie Beak"), Mr. Sexton, "Jacque" Grainger (my French is still pretty good !), Mr.Akester (the Desert Rat - apparently an ex-commando ??), "Wedge" Wilson, "Jim"Shirley, Mr.Bailey (woodwork), "Johnny" Phillips, "CID" Woolner (the ex-policeman), "JAB" Baxter (maths), the ruler-wielding Mr.Wells-Cole, "Maggie" Ward the art mistress in 2A, "Death-Breath Benny" ???, "Crim" Mathison (Latin), "Ringo" Rangely, "Sarge" Perry and his assistants Terry Mockeridge and Jim Howie, Stollery and Dollery (they, Johnny Phillips and Mr. (woodwork) Bailey were there when my DAD was a boarder !!), plus of course Mr.Martin and then latterly Mr.Faull.

I remember them, and all my days there with great affection - they certainly provided me with all that I've needed subsequently. Plus of course, a lot of great friends.

Sadly, Mark Winwood died unexpectedly this year from a heart atack - his practice was in North London. But I still see Nick Bett and Mike Watkinson, made contact with Tony Cass this year, and John Lefley last year. There must be more out there - I've noted Pete Ward here, and Fran Washer, Terrence Spiby, Pete Roberts and others on the site - so keep looking!

How about a reunion/look around the school in say, 2003 or 2004?”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (‘66)
Submitted 03/09/2001


What a lovely site. I left in 1969 having been responsible for the worst final assembly in the history of the school. John Morgan and I pinched the apples out of Gimpy's (Mr Faull's) orchard and brewed some fairly hairy cider. It was given out liberally to anyone from the science side of the second year sixth (6M2) during the last lunchtime. The final assembly degenerated into a singing contest between arts and science pupils in the gallery. The science students gradually worked their way to being a whole verse behind in the school hymn. The harmonies on the way were, as I recall, excruciating. By the way the hole in the bottom of the gallery floor (the ceiling of the hall underneath was down to me..whilst tending the brew in previous weeks...sorry).

I remember a host of superb teachers from the school, Pete Hunt...physics, John Wilson...english, Goeff Causey...Physics, Ollie beak..Biology, Henry Sexton...biology and being scary, Bugsy Long...Chemistry, Sid Woolner...maths, Brian Duguid...chemistry, Stollery and Dollery, Sarge Perry and that DIDO cane thing of his, Bert Bailey, deputy head and woodwork teacher, Gimpy Faull the head, I think the only time he spoke to me was when he caned me for smoking on the school bus. They were all very long suffering and I guess I owe them a lot.

Oh! yes and I remember Creswell too and the radiator trick...I wouldn't mind meeting him again too!!

I'm now married and live in the west midlands. I have two growing teenagers Helen and James. Im general manager of an engineering company in Slough and as such live in Datchet near Windsor during the week.

I remember Phil Rowe from previous postings...I think it was Crusaders but it could have been as a prefect. I was in prefects detention every week during 1964 so I do tend to remember some of their names.

I'm still in touch with Andy Burns. He's a dentist in Bognor. We go fishing together once a year.

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Submitted 23/09/2001


I found this site and this record of past pupils of the school only today, and it awoke a mass of happy memories from my time at the Lincoln School (as it then was).

I arrived there from Westgate Junior School, very wet behind the ears. I was amazed to find the masters still wore gowns (but not mortar boards, as Mr Quelch had done in Bill Bunter which was then on TV)!

I think Galileo, with Jim Hiley in the lead role was the first school production I saw, and i still recall it vividly - it was handsomely produced and well-acted. I think directed by Mr Gainger and designed by "Dickie" Landon the then art master. As I recall, Hiley and the lads playing the two cardinals (was one of them RC Jones?) gave thoroughly mature performances, and there was an impressive scene during which the "Pope" was robed, using vestments borrowed from the Cathedral.

"Bunny" Baker and "Wedge" Wilson were my two greatest mentors. The Rev Baker encouraged me to join the Lincoln Archaeological Society and the Historical Association when I was aged 11 or so, and that was the foundation of a lifelong love affair with history. Bunny became a personal friend later. I miss him very much still.

Mr Gande (I think, rather than Gandy, as someone spelled his name earlier) a French teacher, was my first form master. Other posts have brought back the names (and nicknames) of other masters. Incidentally, I was always told that Mr Dollery - forbidding, Victorian and deeply impressive, in my mind's eye - had damaged his lung in an incident with a gas chamber, rather than in the war!) I also recall the tragically early death of Mr Mayes.

My mother (now 96) remains friends with Mr Shepherd's (Spanish teacher) wife.

I was exactly co-terminous with the arrival and departure of John Faull (the Gimp). I believe that because it was his first post the school ceased to be a member of the "Headmaster's Conference" and thus not technically a public school. It was always known simply as "The Grammar School" by many in Lincoln in those days.

Contemporaries included, Peter MacAlister-Smith (I think I spotted an earlier post by his sister); Tim Sutton (now a senior civil servant); Paul Hill (PR to my PL - or "Prill" and "Plill" to Mr Saddler the Latin master in our first year); Peter Milner and David Rossington (both great sportsmen)  and Graham Cheseldine. Dale Botterill was a close friend in the first few years before he moved away. David (?) Priestley, John Leyland and  Aiden Hopkins are also names I recall. Nigel Walker was a little older and Martin Walker (no relation) a year or so younger.

I may have been Plill to Mr Saddler, but was known as "Mousey" to others for many years.

I well recall swimming lessons in the open air pool and being made to jump off the top board. later a lad called Curtis and the Turner family seemed to win all the swimming races  on sports day.

 Later there was a memorable skiing trip to Adelboden, Switzerland, under the amiable governance of Mr Wells-Cole. I wasn't any good but it was my first trip abroad.

I don't think I really made much of an impression until almost the time for leaving when I helped produce and appeared in Sophocles "Oedipus Rex" (I think Mr Hunt was in charge). After that I attained the dizzy heights of sub-prefect (hitherto undreamed of by me) and read one of the lessons in the cathedral at the carol service that year. The production included girls from the then High School as Jocasta and chorus members.

They were happy days - as I write summer fayres, school photos, sportsdays, the dreaded cross-countries which usually involved a lot of mud in the "Quarry" section", the "hut" (later the first Sixth Form block) a World War I survival - where we had our form room in the first year - all rise before me. It was there that I discovered Lord of the Rings, Gormenghast and much else.


Since 1969, I have studied International Politics at Aberystwyth, joined the civil service, spent 25 years in London, and now live in Sutton Coldfield - a bachelor, with two cats (one trying to stop me typing this post) looking forward to retirement and the possibility of doing some serious creative writing and painting. My house is almost drowned in books, some of them Scripture and history prizes from Lincoln School days.

If anyone wants to make contact, I'd love to hear from you.

Philip Hill (submitted 1/12/09)

Very happily married to second wife Brenda for last twenty years - we have an assortment of lovely children between us who have all grown up and left home, and a few grandchildren most of whom are Brenda's - but we are very fair and share them out equally.

I have my own thriving (touch wood) Landscape Architectural design and consultancy practice in a small village in Surrey. We design for the construction industry mainly but have other interesting commissions and are currently designing a memorial park on the banks of the Thames near Tower Bridge for civilians of the East End killed during the Blitz.

I remember:

Constructing a twenty four armed bandit with Charlie Ketley (where are you now) for the school Fair, which almost electrocuted both of us and turned in a tidy sum which would have been higher if Mr Wells-Cole hadn't won the jackpot twice.

Persuading dear old Bunny Baker to turn the Latin Lessons into Roman History Lessons. This marvellous man left me with an insatiable interest in Archaeology and resulted in me dragging my children over heaps of ruins all over the British Isles and the Med. (He also helped me acquire an O level as well)

Being constantly berated by "Twitch" for my poor spelling in English Lessons - God bless MS Word and my spell-checker.

The Sixth Form common room and Disraeli Gears being constantly repeated. (Eric Clapton before he grew up for you younger readers) Ok Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker as well.

Jim Howie carrying me and my broken leg off the rugby pitch - I was a big lad even then. That was my first and final attempt to do something useful during a game.

D of E award expeditions in the school 3 tonner.

A wonderful team of dedicated teachers (and one very sarcastic one) who tried their best to download their obvious intelligence into my protesting brain - some of it arrived chaps - for which I will be eternally grateful. It has also left me with a thirst for knowledge which I still pursue with delight.

It was a treat to read Chris Gough's recollections of the final assembly, and can we have a few more entries from the sixties, come on lads. Dave Priestley, Barry Brown, Johnny Leyland, Graham Cheseldine are you out there???

I would dearly like to hear from anyone out there who remembers me - preferably kindly.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a.k.a. “potgrock” - left 1969
Submitted 17/11/2001


“Where is everyone who entered Lincoln School in 1964 (left in '69 after GCE's or in '71 after A-levels) - Martin Fisher, John Bradley, Ian Baker, Roger and Nigel Turner, Tim Ansell, Mick Audis, Peter Burkes...?”

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Submitted 28/08/2001

I am writing from Washington DC in the USA. After going to University in Nottingham, I worked in England for 5 years and then moved to the USA. I have worked in the telecommunications industry here since 1981. First as a design engineer and then progressing through the levels of management. Now my title is "Director of Engineering". I work for Acterna which is based here but has offices in several countries including the UK and Germany.

When I was at the Lincoln School (class of ‘71), I was in the Bluecoat House and was school discus champion for 4 years. I also played a few games of rugby for the school team. The headmaster was "Gimpy"! I think his real name was "Fall". He lived in the ivy covered house that was in the boarding part of the school. I imagine that there are no longer boarders there! One day, a group of boys put an advert in the Times advertising his house for sale. When a prospective buyer contacted him, he was not very pleased and dealt with the boys sternly! Rumor has it that he left to go to a private school as the Lincoln School changed from a "Grammar" to a "Comprehensive" school.

I remember playing fives in the court in the playground and being given a "wet shirt" by the PE teacher if we did something wrong. One time, our class did not properly pull back the mats in the gym before our class and we had to run round and round the gym until our shirts were ringing wet! Are those grey mats still protecting the gym floor and is the same old vaulting horse with a leather top stuffed with horse hair still in use ?

I also remember the cross country house runs, usually in the snow, going past the prison and through the quarry at Greetwell. One of the teachers would drive around and "encourage" the stragglers to run and not walk. The best part of the run, apart from the finish, was splashing through the stream in the quarry!

My favourite time at school was the sixth form. Our sixth form common room was in the hut across from the biology lab next to the "activities hut". It had lots of old couches and easy chairs. We had a record player in there and played Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, while we played cards and debated the issues of the early seventies. It was a good time. If you know Pete Griffiths, Pete Bowler, Jerry Tyson, Dave Hackney, David Fox, the Turner twins, John Smith, Brendan Beech, or any of the teachers who taught in the 1965-1971 era, tell them to contact me.

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Submitted 22/02/2002

Together with my sisters, Liz and Catherine Gilbert, I was at THAT boarding house on Greestone Stairs from 1964 until it was forced to close. Happy times - definitely not - it was awful. Does anyone remember "Willy" aka Miss Wilmott, Matron Clarke then "Fanny" and that wretched dog of hers - let out at night to scare us witless whilst we were trying to enjoy an illicit game of rounders, or sneak a fag in the Chapel (not me of course!) Going thru some horrendous initiation ceremony reducing us to navy nickers and tears?! Locked in the trunk room with an eerie door which led to a passage to the Cathedral. Good times - midnight feasts and school holidays!

But there was always Sunday at the Cathedral and a walk in the Arbo looking for the opposite sex from the Lincoln School - similarly let out for a bit of fresh air.

I receive the LCHS newsletter but sadly either everyone in it is post-post 1964-1971 and Wragby Roaders or so much earlier that I have never heard of them. So if there is anyone out there on the girls’ side from the Boarding School as above and wanting to contact me then please do!

I did attempt to get a reunion going back in 1989 but pregnancy and various things got in the way. Perhaps 2001/2002 we can sort something out!

As for the Lindum Hill school days - yes, I remember Mrs Goss, loved athletics and our inter-city sports, whatever happened to Brian Evans the Chemistry teacher? Mr Lloyd-Evans was a good English teacher, and can't comment on the others!

I am now living in Witney, Oxon, working as PA to the Chairman of a construction and property development company, Liz is at the County Hospital Lincoln where she is a Pharmacist and Catherine is a Director at Drake Beam Morin (outplacement consultancy) in London. We come from a background of LCHS, my late father, Alphonso Gilbert having a scholarship from Welton, also my Aunt Isobel, late Aunt Eileen and late Uncle Ronald (all going to LCHS).

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Submitted 04/08/2001.


“I left Lincoln School in 1972 followed by 4 years at Sheffield Polytechnic. I'm currently the Strategic Planning Manager for Severn Trent Water responsible for all long term investment and business strategies. Married in 1983 (Caroline) with two children (James 13, Catherine 9), living in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

Lincoln School was a great place with some teachers who really cared. Pity I never said thanks at the time.

I remember Henry Sexton, Mr. Jones, Mr. Bailey, Rev.Bunny Baker, Mr Garton; and Film Club on a Friday evening with the High School!

I have lost contact with everyone at School. Does anyone know where Colin Smith, Graham Clayton, Michael Priestley, David Scrivenor are?”

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Submitted 05/09/2001


September 1965:- There I was dressed in my nice black blazer with the LS logo and piping in blue and short trousers (yes we had to wear them then) entering the School gates to be welcomed by the Head Boy (HB)(Can’t remember his name):-

  HB: “Where is your cap?” 
Me: “In my pocket” 
HB: “You should be wearing it. What’s your name?” 
Me: “Graham Walker” 
HB: “Do you have brothers at school?” 
Me: “Yes, Gordon and Glenn” 
HB: “Oh God, not another one!”

So started my life at Lincoln Grammar School(LSG).

I was there from 1965 to 1972 and finished we I started – in the huts! They were initially the first years classrooms but by the time I was in the Sixth they had been converted to the Sixth form common rooms.

My eldest brother (Gordon Walker – now deceased) was at LSG from 1961 – 1966 
My older brother (Glenn Walker – still resident in Lincoln ) attended 1963 – 1968 
My youngest sister (Georgina –AKA Gina) went to Christ’s Hospital Girls and the went to Wragby road after the merger and change to a Comprehensive School .

I really enjoyed my time there and could go on for every about the school ( I think I may write a lot of reminiscences as a separate document) but here of a few things that may bring back peoples memories:

Fagging (And for our American friends it’s not what you think – more Tom Browns School Days) – particularly in the first year with the sub-prefects room being in the same huts as the first years

Surnames only – given the fact that there were something like 500 -600 students I am amazed that I knew them all (I was a Prefect and had to castigate a few)

The list of past headmasters on the wall of the spiral staircase (only Masters and Prefects could use this staircase. Anyone remember the headmasters – I have a vague memory of something ODDO 1090.

The Fives Court (I actually have a photo of this as it appears to have been something of a rarity (shame they demolished it)

Gimpy walking down the hall in assembly while ‘Puppet on a string’ (Sandie Shaw?) was playing and his footsteps fitted perfectly to the beat.

Christmas at the Cathedral

I will return with more. I’ll check what I have in the way of photos.


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Submitted 8/5/08


“I left, what was then, Lincoln Grammar School, in 1973 after my A levels. I now live in Mansfield Woodhouse, having spent the previous twenty or so years as a teacher. I was wondering if anyone out there has any school photos of the period 1966 - 1973. 
Two of my brothers also went to the school... Les Mason, who left in 1969 and Keith Mason, who left in 1978, as did my younger sister, Elaine (left 1982).”

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Submitted 22/03/2001.

I left in 1973 before the merger, but I do remember the joint Film Club every Friday. My fondest memory of teachers was Shep's Spanish lessons.

Since leaving I've worked in banking. Currently living in deepest rural Bedfordshire, but working in Milton Keynes.

My own children (3 of them) are soon to be past school age, the youngest is now 16 and left compulsory education - it hardly seems possible. My eldest, Rachel, is at Uni - the first in the family!

Little did I know when I left that I would end up a school governor as I have been for the last 5 years.

Love to hear from anyone of my era! Does anyone know where David Scott, Andy Blackburn, or Robin Sissons got to? I can still hear Robin's train impressions!

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Submitted 09/01/2002


"1975. That's when I left. Said goodbye to Lincoln School (as it was when I entered in 1969). Went to study computers at Lancaster University and then into a computer career with the airlines (British Airways, PAN-AM, Lufthansa...). That was the first year you were allowed to use calculators in mathematics exams. Didn't stop me getting an "E" though. Scared to fly now are we?Most vivid memory? The way all three "trained" woodworking teachers managed to mangle their fingers on various rotating blades. Yikes!Most famous quote? Would have to be Mr Kerr's (left handed) note in Mark Byford's report: "I could chew his joints out better than he makes them." (Woodworking)2nd best quote "Forgot your shorts, Byford? Well then boy you'll do it naked." (Howie) (P.E.) (Pre-merge days of course)3rd quote "In all my days, Prictoe, no member of a Lincoln School cricket team has ever represented the school not wearing whites." (Historic first on the playing fields of King's Grantham) (Howie)For some reason (recurring nightmare of playing cricket, naked, with one arm hanging on by a thread), I emigrated to the U.S. in 1981 and now live in the mountains near West Point N.Y."This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ('75)
New York State, USA. Submitted 14/05/2001.

“I left LCHS, as did my wife Shirley - then Shirley Coulter - in 1975, spent three years at St John's College, York, training as a P.E Teacher and have been teaching ever since - sad isn't it!! Shirley trained as a Dental Therapist in London and in 1984, having had a brief 'fling' whilst at school, we married and moved to Portugal, where we still live. I have been Head of PE in 2 different schools here, near to Estoril and Shirley has 3 different jobs - 2 working with International Dentists and the other job is working at one of the top Portuguese schools in the city, as a TEFL Teacher. She's a busy girl! My present school is St Dominic's International School and we're on line so would welcome anyone who remembers us to get in touch.

My abiding memories of LCHS, if I can remember that far back, are:-

'speak up Sawyer, I'm as deaf as a camel!!!' - Sid Woolmer, Maths Teacher.

'get out Sawyer! ' , even though I had not actually entered the room yet!!! - same cretin of a Maths teacher.

Tinny Townsend and 'Madman Hewitt' pelting Harry Godbolt (Physics and DT Teacher) with numerous nuts and bolts, whilst hanging from the rafters in one of the workshops.

' So you want to do Latin eh Sawyer. Don't be ridiculous boy, you're too thick!!!' - Mr Hunt.

Mark Byford telling Howard Paynter (French Teacher) that his wife was a whore !!! (I think Biff had only just learned that word that day!)

' let me tell you all about my wonderful brass rubbings !!!' Mr Wilson, History teacher.

- and the list goes on and on.

Good mates at the time were Bob Haworth, Stuart Norton, Mick Redshaw, Simon Shepherd ('Kiwi Shep'), Pete Barnard (now in Kenya) Pete Nix, John Mason, Jeremy Brinkworth (who I now contact regularly after a chance meeting here in Portugal where he came for a conference), Mark Byford (now a multi millionaire working for the BBC ) Nikki Woods, and so on. Sorry if I missed anyone off the list.

Would love to attend a reunion 'do' if organised and please, if there's anybody out there that remembers us, get in touch eh!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., son of Mrs Margaret Sawyer, French and German Teacher (retired) - so be careful what you write!”
Estoril, Portugal. Submitted 09/07/2001.


Having gone out for a few drinks with Clive Thompson the other night and indulged in reminiscing and speculation about a 25 year reunion for those who were around in 1976 - thought I would have a browse and lo and behold there's an alumni site!

I left in 76 after almost 3 years in the 6th - then on to uni and a postgrad course at Uni of Surrey in tourism. Ever since 1980 I've worked for the British Tourist Authority including spells in Mexico, Canada, Norway and Spain. Now back in the UK in Haywards Heath, W. Sussex and commuting every day to Hammersmith.

Now Barnet have been demoted and Brighton promoted, not too many local opps to watch Lincoln City either...

So far recognise Debbie Atkin and John Prictoe / and am still in touch with a few from the mid 70s gang - Ian Hingley, Simon Wright, Tony Graves, Clive Thompson, Richard Sawyer (in Portugal), Jonny Gravells, Steve Hall, Si Laidler and so on.

So, who is on for a 2001 reunion?”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (‘76)
Submitted 06/07/2001.

“I left Lincoln Christ's Hospital School in 1976, having been there for two years. I was formerly at Lincoln Christ's Hospital Girls' Grammar on Lindum Hill and we all merged in the September of 1974. From these two years in the upper sixth I remember Mr. Trahearn who tried unsuccessfully to teach me Economics and Miss Richardson who did a little better with English. My history teacher has thankfully disappeared from memory. When I was at the Girls' Grammar School I remember Mrs. Craig, Mr. Hewitt (Geography), Mr. Lloyd Evans (English), Miss Leahy (Headmistress) and later Mrs. Cockson-Butler, Mrs. Smith (beloved History) and Mr Dunham (Science) and many more.

We all felt strange moving from Lindum Hill to Wragby Road, but the boys and staff made us welcome, even if they looked as if we had landed from outer space. It must have been very awkward for all concerned. I went on to College in London studying music and opera, then left for travel to Canada and the USA. I have been in Canada for 20 years and now run a small company in Vancouver. Thanks to Sam for setting up the alumni page.”Sincerely,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
British Columbia, Canada. Submitted 06/04/2001.

I left LCHS in 1976 and spent the next 3 years at York University studying Maths. After graduation I started work as a computer programmer and I'm still in the IT industry, after 21 years with my first employer (GEC/Marconi) I now work for a local legal training company as the manager of the software department, responsible for all the inhouse admin systems, intranet and web site.

I've lived in Birmingham since starting work; I've been married to Ian for the past 10 years, we have a daughter Jennifer who is now 9.

I remember the years before the merger of the girls’ and boys’ schools when we used to have PE lessons in the garden of Greestone House - and the neighbours complained about 'half naked girls' running up Greestone Stairs? Also queueing to get into the Tythe Barn for lunch and fighting over the dinner buttons to get first sitting....

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Watson)
Submitted 19/11/2001

Mal left in 1976 and has worked in the NHS ever since graduation. Chris trained at Lincoln School of Nursing and has worked in a number of different specialties. We have lived in Birmingham since 1987. On reading the entries many memories came flooding back - there is no mention of ˜Ronny” Reece the hirsute and scary Welshman who taught Latin and History.

We would like to thank Jane Sawyer and Ian Hingley for the major part they played in the conception of our three children (Jane invited Chris to a party at the A.U.E.W. and Ian suggested that a group of us gatecrash said party). Our children are unlikely to experience the joys of being educated at L.C.H.S.but we still have links with the school in Alex and Natalie Pickwell (nephew and niece). I would like to say hello to Valerie Baynton, Jayne Sylvester, and Anna Broadhead.

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Submitted 14/02/2002

I was a pupil at LCHS from 1974-1976 in the 6th form during those "revolutionary years" of being allowed to wear normal clothes. At least in those days, anything seemed normal after wearing an English school uniform for so many years! And what a difference having boys around! I did Music, German and French A levels and went on to Hull University to study German, and have now been living and working in Germany since 1982 and am getting very "homesick" for England. I'm grateful to Mrs Tessa Smith, who was such an excellent German teacher and to Graham McAdam and Ed Korrilick for their music lessons. I'm still playing the piano and 
singing in a choir regularly. I come over to Lincoln fairly often to visit my elderly mother in Nettleham Road, so please contact me if 
anybody should be interested in meeting up!

Anneliese Macalister-Smith
Submitted 23/02/2006


After leaving school in 1977, I entered an apprenticeship with Hartford Motors as a Light Vehicle Technician. Once qualified I had a succession of jobs with various garages in and around Lincoln (I got bored easily!), before joining a local castings foundry as a fettler. After 10 years on the shop floor, I've now managed to claw my way up to the position of Foundry Foreman.

I married way back in 1983 (to a former Yarborough-ite!) and we now have 2 children, Daniel, who is already a pupil at LCHS, and Anneka who'll join him in September.

Amusingly enough, there are still several teachers at the school that were there when I left! Mr Benson, Mr Milnes and Mr Baker to name but few (there's still a couple more names that crop up that I seem to recognize), so I'm either I'm younger than I thought or...!

I still see a few guys and gals I schooled with, but would love to hear from anyone else that remembers me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 17/07/2001.

Left LCHS in 1977, pottered about Lincoln in odd jobs until 1979 then left for Cambridge via more odd jobs in Bournemouth, Loughborough, London, Norwich and Carlisle.

Am now river bailiff in Cambridge, messing about in boats - no money in it mind. Married 2001 in Scotland.

Pete Kerr gets my vote for best teacher - still have my old notes from his lessons, and the GRP clock made under his direction. Also recall Mrs Crouch (English), Mr Koralyk (hope it's spelt correctly - Music) and Mr Wardle (Art).

Still have family in Lincoln and visit often - made the Xmas market last week, very cheesy. Nice, though, that all the stalls were run by locals (cough).

In touch with Gail Humphries from schooldays. Be nice to hear from anyone else who remembers me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 11/12/2001


I attended LCHS from 1974-1978 (I think?) - it's a little blurry now.  However, I have extremely fond memories of the building and the people.  Mr Green who taught me Human Biology who told my parents that I had a specific sense of humour that may present difficulties for me after leaving the school.  He was quite right of course and he was a wonderful teacher.  My fond memories are those of hanging out with Charlotte Aitken and Pauline Bell and trying to stay out of trouble.  I remember the day that I left - it seemed frightening.  LCHS was a community and a place where I felt a sense of belonging.  After leaving I attended the Lincoln tech college and became a secretary and four years later emigrated by myself to Australia where I undertook my bachelor of arts degree at Griffith University in Queensland.  I became a social documentary film maker and then went on to the Australian Film Television and Radio school in Sydney to specialise as a producer in feature films.  I took a left turn and became interested in animation and have since produced many children's animated television series and last year my first animated feature film "Santa's Apprentice" which was released in cinemas in France last Christmas and will be released in the UK and USA in November 2011.  I live in Sydney and visit UK twice a year.  I often think of visiting LCHS and simply taking a walk down the cloisters.
Avrill Stark This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submitted 24 April 2011


“As a former member of Lincoln School, I’ve just been searching the web, come across your website and thought I’d get in touch. I was at the school from 1972-1978. It became a comprehensive school whilst I was there (in 1974). Mr Behenner was the Head at that time and I left the school with eight O-levels and three A-levels - in physics, math and social biology (terrible grades - don’t ask). Nevertheless I went on to Homerton Teacher Training College to train as a physics teachers. After five years of teaching at a secondary school in Epsom, Surry, I decided to re-train as an actor at the Guildford School of Acting. I’ve been an actor ever since under the Equity name of Oliver Graham and I also have my own theatre company, Kinetic Theatre, which specialises in science-based plays for Primary Schools.

I am now 41 years old, so I expect all the staff I knew have either retired or moved on by now.

Over the years I have unfortunately lost contact with my friends from Lincoln. It would be great to get in touch with old classmates again!

All the best to the school.”

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Submitted 07/09/2001


Hi, I left LCHS '79, I was then called Beverley Townsend. I now live in Plymouth with 4 kids. Does anyone know where I can get in touch with....Carol Golding, Caroline Hare or Jane Woodcock? Lets try and get this site advertised a little more, could be great fun for a reunion!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Townsend)
Submitted 18/09/2001

Since leaving in 1979, I have followed a somewhat checkered legal career. I am now a Deputy Justices' Clerk (as if anyone knows what that is!). I would love to hear from Sarah Parnaby - where in the world are you?

"Margaret Shanahan (Hind)
Submitted 24/07/2001.

Have from time to time wondered what happened to people - enjoyed my years at LCHS, although not the 74-75 years when certain ex-St Giles’ members seemed to want to thump those of us who had been at Lincoln School; things got better though. Good lot of teachers, although there was one straggly-haired loser who loved to pull your hair from behind in the corridor, 73-74ish here, anyone remember his name? Apparantly Mr. Wells-Cole used to keep one step ahead by reading the French books the night before - or at least that’s what he told my mum. Jo Bentley, a tweed-jacketed blonde cricket type: "This 50p for anyone who can knock it off the bails." I don't remember anyone ever getting it, do you?

The most excellent Bob Johnson - always a laugh, the martial Mr Howie (Territorial Army officer). I would like to apologise to Rev. White the Latin master (72-73) who we tormented ceaselessly. Poor old chap - he must have thought, "It wasn't like this in my day." Once slung out of his lessons we would go and read in the old library. Linda Richardson (English) was great fun, excellent rapport with people, she lived nearby and her car was garaged across the road, so if I timed it right I could cadge a lift to school. Thanks. Also Barbara Crouch, whom the O-level english lit class adored, she hardly ever raised her voice, and when she did we felt guilty. Alan 'Taff' Jones - very cool and affable - had to vet the film society films after Benhenna found we were showing X's to the lower school.

What about the school revolt of 78-79 - 6th form went on strike - anyone remember what that was about? Got a day off school though. Miss Miller (music) - who thinks of her when you hear Bohemian Rhapsody?

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Submitted 23/12/2001


I left in 1980. Just about managed to avoid getting expelled!I remember;A load of old teachers in tatty jackets telling us to tidy ourselves up.
Mrs Smith's mantra of "Fielding, get your tie on boy"
Mr Seel's very long assemblies.
Mr Howey running the P.E. like a military academy.
Getting Mr Astbury talking on cricket or the Camargue in order to avoid having to do French.
John Hockney calling us out on strike.
Susan Goodacre :¬(
Locking Mrs Beecham in a cupboard.
Having to play loads of Rugby
Eventually finding a subject and teacher that I liked (Social Economics/Mr Trahearn)They were tough days for me as I was having a lot of problems at home and I tended to kick out at authority but I have gone on since then. I have worked in a variety of jobs; Museums, retail, Civil Service yadda yadda. I now have twin boys aged nine and have thus become Poacher turned Gamekeeper.I also remember Mrs Black, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Crouch, Mr Mills, Mr Best, Mr Allen, Mrs Allen, Mr Wilson, Mr Baker, Mr Crawford-Thomson, Mr Green, Mrs Randall, Mr Shirley, Mr Cotton, Mr Pullman. There are a host of faces that I cannot put names to.I remember loads of the kids and it's been good to see friends progress in life.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 24/03/2001.

Left in 1980 and now living in Nottingham. Married with two children.

I admire you all for remembering the teachers names. The only ones that really stick out for me were the games teachers - Howie, Milne and, of course, the great Bob Johnson.

Former school mates I remember are:

Andy Fielding (who also appears on here)
Neil Barratt
Tim Kaye
Danny Brown
Russ Clarke
and many more who's names I can't remember (am I going senile already?).

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Submitted 28/07/2001.

I left LCHS in 1980 and emigrated to Australia with my parents, I worked in a shop for 2 years desperately saving money to return to England as I was homesick eventually deciding to see a bit of Australia before going all the way back "home". 5 years later, after busking, hotel/motel work, fruit picking and dressing up as a shoeshining clown I found myself back in Perth, Western Australia, cured of any homesickness.

I've never married, but happily entangled in my ties with Don and our two children, Georgia 16 and son Nat 10, I work from home as a therapeutic masseuse after doing a course 8 years ago.

My favourite teacher was Mr. Kerr, despite knocking back the apprenticeship in drafting which he and my family worked so hard to get for me (choosing Australia instead), I'd like to let him know that I am very happy and through his excellent encouragement in mechanical design I can just about turn my hand to anything and have done many projects over the years even though it never culminated in a career.

I also remember Howie, not because I was in any of his classes but because he came to Australia and dropped in for a visit after keeping in contact with my parents.

Memories: Took into deputy head Mr. Cottons office, first day of school for calling a him by his nickname, very scary, but excellent for my school cred! Also the horrible swimming pool... And fainting in Biology - last thing I heard was the teacher telling everyone just to step over me, I think he got used to it.

Students I can recall, Helen Crump, Jackie Taylor, Caroline Toyne, Caroline Coleshaw, Susan Howarth, Cheryl Dobbs and her friend Tracey, Tracey Lenton, Vajini Sangralapelli and Janet who always wanted to be a journalist (wonder if she is) Shane Drayton, Michael Judge, Danny Brown, Kevin Bunn, Andrew Fielding and Stephen Crosby who was always in trouble.

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Submitted 27/12/2001

Great site! My name was Linda Hare when I left school in 1980. I went onto Lincoln College of Technology. I have worked in clerical/administration ever since. I have one daughter.

From school I remember Miss Randall, Mrs Goss, Mr Benson, Mr Rollin Mr Hogdson and Mrs Hunt. I remember the pool before it had a roof on and going to Nettleham Road for PE and the intercom system. Its great to find out what's happened to people since they left.

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Submitted 29/12/2001

I left school in 1980 (in mind) but carried on for another year in 6th Form (in body) & left in 1981! Didn't really do any good, apart from enjoy loads of parties with Caroline Coleshaw & Vaj Sangarapilli to mention a few! Fortunately I eventually saw 'The Light' and now work as a Midwife & Nurse at Lincoln County Hospital.

Sarah Mountcastle & I are organising a school reunion for next year (2004). We have had a lot of interest so far - see Friends Reunited site for 1982. It would be nice to hold our 'Do' at The School. We need to get a rough idea of numbers by Christmas/January 2004. A group of us 'oldies' will be meeting end Aug beg. Sept to discuss a few things in the Peacock Pub, Lincoln. Anyone interested that left between 1979 - 1982 please get in touch.

And yes we remember several Teachers - and we guess they'd rather like to forget us! Poor Mr Cranny!

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Submitted 22/08/03


“Hello all - saw the web site and had to write in.I left LCHS in 1981, having done very poorly in my A-levels.After leaving school I moved to Retford with the family, eventually returning to Lincoln 2 years later, at which point I started working for Games Workshop, then based in Newark. I moved with the company to Nottingham, before leaving to work as a coalman in Retford (which was very good for the confidence!). After leaving that job I moved back to Lincoln and started working for Walkers crisps, initially as a machine operator. Realising that this wasn't leading very far, we decided that it was time that I went further, with the teaching of maths being the career of choice. So, to get to university. After retaking A level maths at evening classes at the North Lincs college, I looked around and decided on the Maths and Education BSc at Loughborough University. After graduating in 1998 with a first, I completed a PGCE and applied for the post that I currently hold. So there you have it - a simple, well planned career path!I am currently teaching maths (and from September, ICT, since that was my subsid on the PGCE) at The Barnard Castle School in County Durham and thoroughly enjoying it. Advice to any and all - it's never too late to have a go at anything. The hardest part is making the decision to make a change in the first place - it's too easy just to keep on keeping on. I would love to hear from any erstwhile colleagues - please get in touch.”Cheers,//This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./" style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline">Neil Toyne
Submitted 01/04/2001.

“I left in '81 and after a spell in the Civil Service and in Retail Management, I now work as Media Liaison for BookTrack who produce the best selling book charts for the UK. So when you open your paper at the weekend, I'm the one who has put the bookchart you see together! Teacher memories include Miss Miller (Jolly Marvellous Me!), Mr McAdam (how are you Graham? I'll knock on your door next time I'm passing - now there's a threat!), Mr Jones (Taff), Miss Randall, Miss Barker, Mr Collins in Chemistry (I was useless!), Mr Astbury, Mrs Sawyer, Mrs Smith, Mrs Long, Mrs Goss. The Head was Mr Behenna. I remember that the only pupils who could use the main driveway, the central staircase and the shortcut from the cloisters to the door by the staff room were 6th formers, when the pool was outdoors and could only be used in the summer (and there was precious little of that!), trooping down the cinder path to the girl's playing field on Nettleham Road (ugh!), when we were sent out into the yard at break whatever the weather!!I'm married and live in Hampshire - I would love to hear from ex-fellow pupils especially Carol Golding, Jane Turner, Jane Buchanan. I'm still in touch with a couple from LCHS - Annabel Revell and Suzanne Nye.”This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Goodacre)
Hampshire. Submitted 02/03/2001.

Dedicated my life to sport. Live in Tynemouth with my wife Shona (also a PE teacher) and my two wonderful children (also sporty) William and Sophie. I am Assistant Headteacher and Head of PE in Whitley Bay. I remember lots of great friends at LCHS.. Mike Cattermole, Rob Lucas, Patrick Shirley, John Howie, Paula Jackson, Anjum Mithal, Andy Wilson, Suzannah Jones, Sue Jackson etc etc. Please get in touch if you remember me (Class of ‘81)!

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Submitted 02/01/2002


Everyone who left LCHS in 1982, how come no-one has left a message yet? It can not have been that bad with Fred Green who’s still walking along Monks Road, Mrs Goss, Miss Green and Mr Milnes. Where is everyone? If you are a member send me an e-mail and we can reminisce.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Knott)
Submitted 14/10/2001

Hello, I found your web site and it brought back many happy memories. I left the 6th form in 1982 and would love to get in touch with my old class mates and teachers. I left to join the army and spent 4 years before joining the Met police (probably enough to put anyone off getting in contact now!!) I am now an Inspector in Northumbria Police and live in Cumbria (getting confused?). I have a 7 year old son called Andrew and a very patient husband called Michael. I would love to hear from anyone who can remember me and especially Jackie Ross, Claire Metham, Jenny Sheriff, Deborah Gregory and Amanda Parker. I was very sporty then and remember having great fun with Mrs Goss and Miss Green, and remember thinking that Mr Jones was very trendy!! I also have fond memories of the 6th form carol singing for local charity in the surrounding areas, as well as working lunches at the Wig & Mitre!! Please get in touch would be great to hear from you all.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Sloan)
Submitted 25/11/2001


Hi - I left LCHS in 1983. I am now 34 years old and I am now working for an internet and general IT company. We support the LCHS Network and hardware. I was in there today fixing a server. The place has changed a lot but its amazing how much is still familiar to me

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Submitted 17/07/2001.

I left LCHS in 1983, after a dismal performance in A level resits. However Sunderland Poly was daft enough to take me on and so I ended up with the degree I wanted - Mechanical Engineering. Having been in an all girls boarding school up to O level, suddenly being the only girl in Mr Riley's physics class was good preparation for being the only girl in a class of 120 at Poly! No wonder I married a psychologist I met up there. I am still happily married, now a chartered engineer, worked for 10 years at Ruston's (now Alstom) and for the last 2 years for ABB/Alstom in Baden, Switzerland ... so the scenery is a bit different from home! Memories are plentiful, The Mikado. (Mr Sexton standing on my fringe as I knelt down for his entrance!), breaking the ice around the hockey goal mouth before matches, lots of fun with choir (still singing over here), 7 chemistry teachers in the first 2 terms, if you count Mr Collins twice, before and after he shattered his arm, and INFINITE patience of Mr Riley and Mr Dalton - I could not have done it without you!

I can also give news of an old boy - my Dad, Douglas Blackbourn. Not totally sure of his dates, but would have left around 1942 I think. Went into GPO telephones, did national service in the RAF, back to GPO/British Telecom from which he retired in 1986. Still living in the house where I was born, driving Mum mad and supporting the British Brewing Industry. He's taken to sailing and walking as well, but has just about abandoned skiing which he tried for the first time aged 62 and took to like a duck to water. He regularly meets up with Mr Shirley, who was a neighbour until last year.

Obviously I don't get to see the place too often, but Dad keeps me up to date... by phone, naturally!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Blackbourn)
Submitted 17/12/2001


“Class of ‘84 - where are you all? If we are to celebrate twenty years - yes, twenty years - in 2004, we better start planning now. Don’t hold your breath. Maybe 2014...”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Too right. Get in contact now! Until then, the LCHS world-wide webring has to begin here.”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lincoln (still!)

“Since leaving LCHS in 1984 for Birmingham University I've been working in the electronics industry. Primarily I've been working on video compression technology and products so if you have used a videophone, watched an .mpg file on your computer or bought any DVDs then you have used technology that I helped to develop or bring to market. I'm now doing management and marketing consulting in Silicon Valley, California.

“I have lost track of some friends from LCHS over the years and I'd really like to know where Martin Ballans, Adrian Smith and Karin McDonald are. My permanent email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and anyone from class of ‘84 is welcome to contact me any time, especially if you are traveling to California and want to meet up.”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Silicon Valley, USA

“I've just been pointed to this notice board by Steve Gibbons. I remember Mr. Astbury's French classes well, as I remember ringing up Doug Bailey to ask him how to use the function keys on my Sinclair Spectrum (16Kb of RAM - a truly powerful thinking machine if ever there was one in 1980!).“ I've been living in Spain since graduating from Nottingham in 1988. I have two wonderful kids - Elia (5), and Robin, (2), and am now a freelance translator and interpreter (languages always were my thing). I think a reunion is definitely a must in 2004. Keep me posted, guys...”From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Near Barcelona, Spain

“Class of '84 - thanks Tessa for letting me know about this. I've just had thirty minutes with my rose-tinted spectacles on browsing through the website. I've been nursing in Oxford for the last twelve years working mostly with profoundly disabled children. I married Gavin Onians (remember him) ten years ago and we have four boys, Oscar (5), Billy (3) and Robin and Jago (7 months). The arrival of twins last year has brought us back to Lincs to be closer to my family for much needed babysitting. I'm still in touch with a few 'old girls' and Stuart McCracken so will pass on details to them. A reunion in 2004 sounds great.”From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Woodall)
Swinderby, Lincolnshire

“Less of the 'old' thanks Becky! Since leaving Lincoln, I went to UCH London to nurse. I stayed there for 10 years, worked as a sister on a mens medical ward. I married Dheeren, a doctor on the ward (classic romance story). We now have three beautiful daughters, Natasha 8, Sophia 5 and Imogen 2. I work as a practice nurse in Wandsworth, London part time.Have been back to Lincoln to see my 'old' pal Becky a few times and to see all the old haunts. In touch with Deborah Stevenson and Fiona Rose who live near. Regular phone calls to Stuart and Tess.Things I remember well are French lessons with Mrs S and major discussions about CND !!!!!!!! a reunion sounds a great idea.”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Patel)
Cheam, Surrey.

“There must be some mistake - a twenty year reunion being planned - surely class of ‘84 only left a few years ago! I spent nearly nine years in the RAF in logistics. After Cranwell I was based mostly in Wiltshire with the Hercules fleet. I did my time in the South Atlantic and the rest mostly deployed in support of the Balkans conflict. I retired from the RAF 4 years ago and now manage aircraft trials at Westland Helicopters and live in Dorset. Actually, I can give you two for the price of one. My brother, Richard (class of 1992 ish) is now a flying instructor near London and is about to join KLM.My most vivid memory of LCHS is of one particular Latin lesson given by Miss Rendal, now that must be over twenty years ago. Alice Williams felt penned her lips black, someone threw Claire Rathbone's shoes out of the window and Stephen Lucas, whilst wrestling with Jonathon Bannister, broke a chair and proceeded to fend off Miss Rendal with one of the chair legs when she came to see what the commotion was! A reunion would be great - I'm sure it would be well attended.”From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sherborne, Dorset. Submitted 16/02/2001.

“A great 'blast from the past' site, and good to see that the Class of ' 84 are still talking to each other, and the Gibbons have finally caught up with each other again! A reunion should be entertaining - I can provide photos and quite good recall - as Liz is often shocked to find out. My strongest memories have to be the cold ones - Saturday morning matches in unknown parts of Lincolnshire (and being forced to take our tracksuit bottoms off!!), near death experiences camping for D of E, and summer in Iceland at minus four degrees. Hello to any teachers who have similar memories! As for what I've done with the character you kept telling me such experiences were building, well I was also part of the N/S migration, and having graduated from UCL I have worked abroad for a few years, in Japan, France and Denmark. I'm now back in the UK, and am settled in my flat in Kingston - upon -Thames, and tutor in English and Business at the University of London, as well as doing some freelance training. I've kept in touch with quite a few friends from school, but have lost track of Fiona Mullen along the way, so if anyone knows how I could get back in touch - that would be great.”This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ('84)
Kingston, Surrey. Submitted 27/02/2001.

“Class of '84 - now that's scary! Although I now don't live far away I haven't seen many of you since I left Lincoln, a reunion would be interesting to say the least! Deborah, I can put you in touch with Fiona if you let me have your e-mail address. After doing various things, including running my own business, I am now working for Boots, trying to work up the discipline to write that book I keep meaning to write, and still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up! I know it's a cliche, but where did the time go? Wonderful to hear how you are all doing, I'm sorry but it is NOT nearly twenty years since we left school is it?”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Walker)
Submitted 05/03/2001.

I left LCHS in 1984 and went to London to study physiotherapy. I qualified in 1987 and worked in London. I eventually went into academia lecturing at Brunel and London Universities. I am currently finishing my PhD. in Pain Neuroscience. Physio has been good to me, and I have travelled to many countries to lecture.

My lasting memories of school are all about the great people I was lucky enough to be there with - Stuart, Liz, Kev, Steve & Dave, Sully, Harry, Tessa, Fiona, Dave P, Deborah, Rebecca etc etc. We must have been the most party happy people there have ever been! A conservative estimate would be at least 200 between 1978-84. Perhaps the funniest thing I ever saw was Mr Baker strategically pouring mercury into someone’s mouth after issueing a warning about how dangerous it was!

I often go on about my school days to people. They truly were some of the best of my life - thanks to all the people who were there and of course teachers like John Benson, Frank Green, Fred Green, John Stow, Chris Milne and most of all Ged Cranny.


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Submitted 31/07/2001.

Glad to see the class of 84 heading the league of entries on this site! I think I recognise all the names but still wondering about the whereabouts of Martin Ballans, Richard Marriot, Adrian Smith, Katharine Goodwin and all the other back row suspects from A level Further Maths classes with Mr Dalton.

Having left in 1984, I got myself a law degree from Cambridge, qualified as a solicitor and worked in London for 8 years. I married Edward (an Anglican clergyman!) in 1994 ( in the cathedral ! ) and went back to Cambridge where he was doing his theological training. We moved to Bath (very nice) for his first post and I continued to work part-time. We now have 2 children - Hannah (nearly 3) and Joshua (8 months). We recently moved back to London for a new job. I still work 2 days a week and do my vicar's wife bit the rest of the time.

We are usually in Lincoln 2 or 3 times a year but never seem to see any familiar faces (although I did bump into Mrs Fowles when I was there a week or two ago - she was very complimentary about the class of 84! ). Would certainly try and make it to a reunion.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Bowes-Smith)
Submitted 26/09/2001

Hello. This is Fiona Mullen, and I'm another one of those class of '84.

Worst memory: being sent to room 104 by Miss McKenna (?), the cookery teacher, for forgetting to bring my pinnie, again. I think Catherine Hind was sent with me and Mrs Roberts was so shocked to see us I don't think she wrote our names down. Room 104 was only for "wallies", right?

Also remember those Latin lessons, Chemistry with Mr Baker and the nifty way he shook those test tubes, plus all the Robyn Jackson party gang of course. So are you hosting the reunion Robyn?

Left in 1984 to go to King's College London (German and Philosophy), then bookshop (Waterstone's), law publisher (Sweet and Maxwell), then Economist Intelligence Unit for 8 years, where despite my terrible grade at Maths A level, I did lots of number-crunching and economic & political forecasts for east European countries, as well as managing one of the main publications, called Country Reports. Got fed up with London after 18 years and have been working for a year on a financial newspaper in sunny Cyprus but still do freelance for the EIU. Have shocked my Greek Cypriot friends by doing some interviews in the "occupied" Turkish Cypriot north but still coming back alive. I'd fly back for a reunion, no problem!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 14/01/2003

"Got the mail about this site from Mike Lucas in early January, and everyone I sent it to has already posted some entry so here I am - shamed at last into action. I'd definitely be on for a reunion...Anyway, after LCHS, Uni in Newcastle and a couple of years in London, I've been living in Munich, Germany for the past 11 years as a freelance Business English teacher. I'm getting married next month back in Lincoln so looking forward to a mini reunion then with Liz, Rebecca, Stuart and Fiona Tobes. Hope they've been casting their memories back to Mrs Sawyer's German lessons so they can chat to the other guests - though my abiding memory of those classes is the drawing competitions we had passing bits of paper around the class and sniggering at Die Falsche and Der Vater..."This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Munich, Germany. Submitted 09/04/2001.

Yes, Debby I do rememeber freezing to death on Saturday mornings as we prepared to get thrashed by De Aston once again! I also remember Mrs Smith cheering on the rugby team, 'The Mikado' and Mrs Goss. Mostly I remember 'Company B' and 'Little Miss Groover and the Brothers of Funk'...Thanks to all concerned for some of the best times!!!

I left Lincoln in '84 for drama school in Glasgow. Graduated in '88 and ended up working backstage. Spent 10 years working all over the UK as a freelance stage manager. Now resident as Subject Leader in Stage Management at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Married to John, an actor and living in Glasgow. Blissfully happy! Visit Lincoln regularly for family visits...would love about a band reunion too?? Ed Korolyk are you game???

PS. Sorry to confuse some of you with my earlier entry. Yes, I am still known as Posi by everyone in Lincoln, but I reverted to my “real” name when I moved to Glasgow - hence the e-mail address. Would love to contact Jill Byford again, anyone got an address? Thanks.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 13/12/2001

Riding the technological wave and communicating virtually with old friends. After Cambridge went to London, traded bonds at various investment banks before setting up internet start up with £1million of somebody else’s money and buying out a real business with the proceeds! All behind the 2004 reunion movement and any interim parles in Londn in the interim. Seen some names on the site; any sign of Hugh Birch? Have met up with Katharine Goodwin, but lost touch with both of my other close friends!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 18/12/2001


“I left in 1985 with an handful of CSE grades to my name. After two years at Lincoln ITeC, I started my working life at Lincoln City Council as a Clerical Assistant then quickly moving onto other jobs in book-keeping and a Technician at Anglian Water whilst doing a HNC at North Lincs College. In 1994 I left Lincoln to work at AW in Histon (nr Cambridge) where I became more and more with I.T. I had always harboured a dream to be a computer programmer and in August 1996 was offered a job as Oracle Developer at Cambridge University. This has been my area of speciality for almost 5 years now where I have become more and more deeply involved in Oracle Applications and this year, after almost 7 years away (mainly living in Cambridgeshire and a year in Crawley), I am now back in my beloved home town and working for a well known Power supplier.

I often pass by the school now and had many interesting times at the school in my 4 years there. Interested to note that Ben Campion has just sent in his contribution. I remember Ben from the language lessons with Miss McCabe and Miss Barker. I still keep in touch with a few old people from the school. Rob Stainton and Paul Childs being the most recent. Some great teachers as well - Mr Redden, Mr Howie, Mrs Sawyer and Miss Randall.

Thanks to Miss McCabe for persevering so hard in French with myself and Darren Bavin!”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (‘85)
Submitted 09/07/2001.

I left LCHS in 1985 with A levels in French and German (thanks to Mr. Childs and Mrs Fowles patience). I graduated from Oxford Polytechnic with a degree in German and am now living in Salzburg, Austria and am married with two daughters (Katharina 4 years and Anna Sophie 15 months). It was great to see so many names I still remember (from the year above!) and I'd love to hear from anyone from my year!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 11/07/2001.

Class of 85! Hello everyone; just thought I'd leave a message to every one I was at school with. I'm now living in Bridlington with my hiusband and son. Fond memories of school times but it all seems so long ago!!! Hope you are all well! Best wishes.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since leaving LCHS in 1985, moved to Bermuda and worked for the US Navy in construction - better than destruction in St. Giles. Moved to California for two years to familiarise with the American culture and building practices. Now Projects Manager of successful roofing and construction company, also part time web designer.

Married a Portuguese-American and have two boys who live in RI, commute between Rhode Island and Bermuda often. If you are ever visiting the East Coast, USA or Bermuda drop me a line.

Only see a few names listed that I can remember - Ben and Haley. Not sure if Alzheimer’s is kicking in or we just had a lazy bunch (me included) in our year. Look forward to seeing the list increase.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 30/01/2002

My name is Becki Coldron and I am 16 yrs old... I’m from Lincoln England, but now in the USA. I was reading through some of the things former students had written and I thought I would write to see if any of you knew my parents? My mum is called Corrina Coldron (Washington was her last name back then) and she is married to my dad Michael Coldron. I believe they finished school around 1984-1985 because my mum had me in June ‘85. We are all living in the USA now, and I’m the oldest of five: me (16), Brett (7), Brandon (3), and then the twin girls Bailey and Bianca (2yrs).

Also I thought I would write a little email to see if there was anyone I knew... I would have finished school last year over there I believe. Here in the US I have a year and half left, but I would have gone to LCHS if we stayed over in Lincoln. I would have gone up with a bunch of students from Monks Abbey. We moved out here 5 years ago so im not sure if anyone will remember me, but if any of you remember my parents I’m sure it would be cool if you guys kept in touch... Thank you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Daughter of Michael and Corrina Coldron)
Submitted 09/02/2002

Does anyone remember Midget Gem?? That was my nickname which followed me from infant school!

 I left LCHS in 1985 and followed a two year Medical Secretaries course at Lincoln College.  I then worked at Lincoln County Hospital for Mr Lamerton, General and Vascular Surgeon for five years before marrying Paul, a Military Policeman in the RAF and moving to Oxford.  I worked at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for two years and had my daughter Laura.  Then moved to Germany for three years where I had my son Matthew. Following this we moved to beautiful Kinloss in Scotland and then spent three years at Norwich, where I worked at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and bumped into Nishan Chirodian who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. 

We returned to Lincoln in August 2004 and I am back working at the Lincoln County Hospital for Mr Lamerton again and very happy to meet up with old friends and colleagues.

I remember lots of school friends - Judy Birkitt, Hayley Lobley, Helen Sellars, Karen Fillingham, Anthony Young, Paul Childs, Ben Campion and also see brilliant history teacher Fred Green daily as he is my Mum's neighbour!

He looks just the same.  Enjoyed most lessons - I remember Mr Collins and Mr Baker who gave me detention because I would not stop chatting in class!!  I remember Mrs Smith who taught maths and Miss Hancock who still works at the school.

My daughter Laura, aged 11,  is now a pupil at LCHS and has Mrs Bradley as her form tutor - she was the RE teacher when I was at school! 

Sadly Mr James, chemistry teacher is no longer there,

I remember myself and Sarah Foster had a crush on him!

Attended the school open evening this year and met up with Nicki Tibbles and Lisa Drayton and Denise Bogg who all have children attending the school.

The school brings back some happy memories and I really cannot believe it is 20 years since I left!!

Hello to all old classmates - Best Wishes for 2007

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Mrs Flannigan)
Submitted 30.12.2005

Boggy here , Latrina to some and Denise to my friends! 

Still living in Lincoln and like most of you cannot believe that we have been left school for so long!!

Am married to Winston whom I met on the internet. We have a little boy ourselves,michael aged 2 1/2 , and I have 2 step daughters who both attend Christ.

After leaving school I went to Co-op for 7 years and then went onto nurse training. Decided blood and guts were not for me so then went into Learning Disabilities for Social Services.

Still wasn't that happy and so applied to be a Teaching Assistant at Queens Park (Special) School and LOVE my job.

With the 2 girls going to Christ I go back quite often but not many of the old faces left. Mr Scully , (not quite Mr James but near enough!!) Mr Korylk , Mr Macadam until recently. Still see Mrs Trigg (art) as I used to go drinking with her in Nightingale.

As to old pupils, I see Anna Senkiw (Sequin) , Shirley Hobson , Neil Barker (teabag) and Paul Childs on a fairly regular basis. Am still in touch with Anita Pattenden as well.

If anyone feels like emailing me please feel free to do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take care class of 1985 and hope to see you at the forthcoming reunion

I left LCHS in 1985, retook my A-levels and went to Leicester Medical School . I qualified in 1991 and, after a period working as a junior doctor in the East Midlands, I became a consultant physician in Leicester . Looking through the recollections of other people, some whom I knew and some I didn’t, I recall what it was to be young, have few responsibilities in a world of opportunity, and to be surrounded by such great characters. I wish them all well.

Jim Stewart (submitted 13/12/2006)


“Hello anyone who remembers me! I left the school in '86; I was in the same year as Sharon Paulger & Sandra Barnes. If anyone remembers, please contact me - it's been ages since I've seen anyone from school. It would be nice to have a reunion - I'd definitely be there.”From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Lincoln. Submitted 26/02/2001.

"Hello there! I left LCHS in 1986, but that was by dropping out of my A Levels to join the Army, so I may be a 1985 old boy. My 'little' brother (now 6'6" and a Building Inspector at the Council) was Joe Campion and also left in 1986 - he still lives in Lincoln.I am still in the Army - although I have done many Army trades since joining. Eventually I ended up training as a Nurse, and am now head of Psychiatry for East Anglia - mostly the Airmobile (read Airborne) Brigade. I'm married, two beautiful daughters aged 3 and 18 months, and live in Colchester until August 2002 when we move to Cyprus..."This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ('86)
Submitted 14/06/2001.

Having spent a relatively short amount of time at LCHS (1st and 2nd year as they were called then!) I left in 1986 when my family moved to the Lake District. Following my flight to the 'Sunny Lakes', I studied Politics at Brighton University and began traveling after graduation. I am currently living and working in the States, as a Marketing Director for a large GC /Architectural firm in Washington DC.

LCHS hold many memories despite my relatively short stay, obviously the mammoth morning assemblies, the 'all weather' cloisters...and the delectable Mr. Wright, who I am sure was the cause of many young girls rapid interest in History. My best memories however, would not be possible without my 'partner in crime' Fay Bates.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 19/12/2002

So where are the rest of the 1986 sixth form year? Anyone who can remember those hockey tours to Holland, nights spent in the Duke William or lunch time mini races, please get in touch.

Since leaving LCHS with a speciality of CDT, and graduating from Nottingham Trent Uni in product design, I somehow ended up working for The Boots Company in Nottingham. I am shortly to take up the position of Product Development Manager, looking after the commercial and project management of new healthcare development projects for the company. I married relatively early to Julia who I met at college in Nottingham (some of my class mates from LCHS may remember the wedding!). We now have 2 kids, Oliver (6) and Alice (5).

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially Matthew Pickering, Matthew Taylor, Johnny Carlisle, Jason Troughton, Bob Griffith, Julian (Bumpy) Marris and the rest of the gang. But most of all I'd love to hear from Mr. Sexton who told me I would never get an 'O'level in my life!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 17/07/2001.

Hello all - trying to track down many former classmates - we left in 1986. This and another famous site "reuniting" old friends and enemies ! Now living in Suffolk, working in London in publishing and married with a beautiful one year old girl, Emily.Thinking of organising a reunion if theres enough interest. Email me - or I'll post a group photo of us all in the lower school hall (oh dear the haircuts and dress sense ! )

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 14/01/2002


Since I left 6th form in 1987(ish), it seems a long time ago, I have had various jobs from filling shelves to being the personal secretary for a company director. I finally found my vocation with the birth of my first child in 1996 since then two more have followed and I am now very happy at home wallowing in nappies, grazed knees and all sorts of other unsavoury things.

I would love to hear from people who remember me from school. Most vivid memories are the Tannoy system and Mr Behenna's announcements and Mr Wrights bizarre Monty Pythonesque history lessons.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Davies)
Submitted 14/10/2001

I joined LCHS in September 1987 and left after my GCSEs in 1991. Life’s been good - went to NLC to do Business Studies which bored me rigid, so I left and went to art college. I had a wonderful time there and left having passed, which would probably shock and amaze most people. I still live in the local area (small village near Market Rasen) with my Husband Pip Booth, who went to William Farr School, and our 2 dogs and 5 cats. Don't see many people from school, but have been in touch with a couple of people on the Friends Reunited website. Bye for now!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Mowat)
Submitted 26/12/2001

Since leaving in 1987 with A levels in German and Economics (thanks, Messrs Childs, Trahearn and Jones) I embarked on a life of indolence and foolishness. First stop was the University of East Anglia in Norwich, studying German and Swedish. I spent a year in Sweden (studying music, as you do), dropped the German (sorry, Mr Childs) and ended up with a 2:1. Then, three months as an office junior at Norwich Crown Court paid off my overdraft and convinced me that my next career move would be 18 months' unemployment, with occasional bursts of freelance proofreading and about 9 hours' guitar practice every day (yes, that's one aspect of my LCHS self that's still with me).

In 1993, though, girlfriend Nicola's superior career prospects necessitated a move to The Big London, and we've been living in leafy Sutton, in the South London/Surrey suburbs ever since. As soon as we moved down here, I started teaching guitar (something I've now, thankfully, more or less given up) and started getting some freelance transcribing work from Guitarist magazine. The magazine stuff expanded,  and I'm still doing loads for them, as well as generally being a freelance transcriber and guitarist.

The only people I keep in touch with are Adam Smith and Andy Bell, although I remember plenty of others from the blur of teenage humiliation. ;-)

Come and visit me...

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 04/09/03


I left in February 1988 to work for a cheese wholesaler. I then joined the Royal Navy in 1990 and have been there ever since. I am currently working on the International Festival of the Sea project in Portsmouth until October 2001, then I am drafted to Lisbon, Portugal. It was nice to see Ben Campion’s name on the Site as I not only used to go out with him but also his brother (at different times!).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 11/07/2001.

I left in the Summer of 1988 and started a career in hairdressing. I have since got married (in Sri Lanka) to Martin (a selfemployed bricklayer). We have a daughter Katie who is 15 months old and currently live in Cherry Willingham.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 11/07/2001.


I stumbled on this site quite by accident and cannot believe my luck. Having left Christ’s Hospital in 1989 (dropping out of A levels) I went to Portsmouth University and qualified as a nurse in 1992. Having nothing better to do I joined the Royal Navy. Many pints of beer later (I had good training in the Vic) I had been promoted twice and travelled the seas (well the North Sea and Channel).

I left the Navy in 1998 following the birth of my son Joshua. I am currently working for the local NHS trust in Portsmouth, as well as studying again at the university. So much for not making anything of my self, as predicted by certain members of staff when I left!

I have very fond memories of my time at the school. I am particularly grateful to all those in the music and drama departments who gave me the confidence to stand up and be heard - now a very useful tool when presenting my work to the trust board.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 25/11/2001


I left LCHS in 1990, as it was the only secondary school I ever attended, I would have to concede it was the best. I have great memories of pupils and staff alike.

Who could forget Mr "Superman" Wright, Miss "vis a vis" Hancock, Mrs Smith, Mr Marjoriebanks, Mr Cowling, Miss Randall, Mr "Pop" Rollitt and Mr Sturman.

Its interesting to note the schools specialist language status, my not seeing eye to eye with Miss Gill meant that I left the school with no interest in languages at all.

Mr Wright and Miss Hancock both served as a particular inspiration to me and my classes with them have continued to influence me throughout my life- I still have an appetite for history and Miss Hancock taught me to keep an open mind and emphasise with other points of view, which has served me well in my role as Fraud Investigator for the Benefits Agency. Quite how Miss Hancock would feel about her major influence on an instrument of opression for the ruling bourgeois classes, I can only guess at. Fellow pupils you know who you are-Simon Harrod & Winston Crumblehulme who delighted in throwing me out of the window before form class. Ollie Wilson for his sprint finish past me in the 800m final of the house games.Tim Fuke for his constant stabbing me in the backside with a broken sword on all those nights travelling with the Great Eastern Stage Company's production of Macbeth after school. Thank you, you contributed to making me the well rounded homicidal maniac that I now am.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 13/10/2001

Left LCHS in 1990, to go to Bradford University. At that time, it was 1) the cheapest place to study in the UK 2) had the highest rate of student overdrafts 3) the highest rate of student alcoholism in the UK but 4) the lowest suicide rate. So, we were all drunk and poor, but VERY happy. Doing European Studies got me a year living in beautiful Munich, and a sales job in electronic publishing. I'm now working for an American company selling intellectual property solutions (mainly intra- and internet based) in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. I am starting to tire of having sold my soul, and am searching (not very actively!) for an alternative.

I'm ashamed to say I've only been back to LCHS once, despite my dad (Mr McAdam) still teaching there. I really should have no excuse not to pop in occasionally.

Married in June 2001, living in Twickenham, working in London, traveling to Germany at least every other week.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 14/12/2001

Went to Liverpool University and joined Police in Nottinghamshire. Served as a firearms officer before getting sick of phone calls at 4am to go to work. Now a primary school teacher at Cuckney in Nottinghamshire. Live there with wife Nicola and son Oliver.

Cannot believe that it is nearly 20 years since leaving. Still in touch with Dan Robertson and Will Grimshaw. Occasionally see Phil(iss) Bauckham and Seth Jackson.

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 16/05/2007


“I am living in Madrid, Spain, coordinating a website for a British company and am loving it. Since leaving LCHS in 1992 I studied Latin American Studies at Liverpool and spent a fantastic year in Chile.

“Looking forward to hearing from any of the posse that I´ve lost contact with.”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Madrid, Spain

After leaving the school in 1992, I went off to university and gained a BEng (Hons) in Electronics and Comms. I also played professional basketball part-time for a year. I travel lots and recently have been to New Zealand, Thailand and Brazil and am hoping to get to India later this year.

As part of my Degree I took a internship at a successful Data Networking Corporation in the South of England, where I went back after graduatation. As a system Engineer I now design and support Enterprise class computer networks across the whole world, which sees me travelling off to exotic locations like Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Continent and Norwich.

The thought of Mr Boura's electronics class still makes me smile, as does the fact that we thrashed every other school in Lincolnshire and football and rugby every year from 4th form onwards.

Thanks and regards.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 01/03/2002


"Word of mouth directed me to this site, and what a little beauty it is! Not quite sure what 'class' I would qualify for as I took a leisurely three years to attempt to finish my A' Levels - finally saying adios to the cloisters in '94. Technically, though, I count myself as the class of '93 as that's when all me old muckers left.Anyway, since then I've paddled around various pools, done a couple of Olympics, moved to Bath (beautiful city, great pubs) and am now currently trying to muster what little aquatic enthusiasm I have left to see me through to the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002. Basically, I'm 26 and still yet to get a proper job, but am pursuing links with the BBC (cos it's fun) or a city firm (cos they pay good) or, failing that, saying 'sod this' and nipping off to Australia to live with my antipodean girlfriend. There was a large group that let me hang round with them and didn't bully me too much and I take fond memories from the little escapades that we thought were hilarious (but probably weren't). These include little 'gems' such as dismantling a physics table to try and find the mythical mucky mag that was hidden behind it — important for a fifteen year old, throwing the smallest lad in the year on the lower school hall roof because he was annoying, decking the French classroom out in garlic and crucifixes because we swore blind that a certain French teacher was a member of the living dead and nipping to the Bull and Chain pub for the lunchtime game of pool and a swift pint or two. What rebels, huh! Hopefully word of mouth will spread and I'll see a few names that I've lost contact with (Simon Bradley, Chris 'Crusty Wetcock' Whitlock etc.) but in the meantime, thanks to all the teachers that made my schooldays such fun, and ultimately pretty constructive and useful — particularly (and in no particular order) Mr Cowling, Howie, Lloyd, Watson, Scully, Harrison, Eastham, Baker, Ms Hancock, Cain, Parker, Chippington and finally, the big two: take a bow Mr. C R Williams and Mr. Cox. Without all the help of the above I'd never have got that medal in Atlanta, so thank you."This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ('93)
Submitted 29/06/2001.

I left LCHS in 1994 after completing my 'A' levels. Of my school duration I have many pleasant memories, especially those of the more social nature. I thrived on the school plays and anything seemingly musical such as Grease, Bugsy and Jack. 'Take Off The Pops was a particular favorite of mine! However after the triumph of the Jackson Five tribute I became better known as the sister of Rowdie.

I am now living in Manchester with the love of my life. We are very happy and have been engaged for four years, have no wedding plans yet but will be sure to advertise the wedding!

Jobwise I am a Project Manager working in the music industry. Yes I am responsible for looking after the stars and going to all those glamorous after show parties!

Currently my sister Danielle is at the school, she has just started Year 10, which is unbelievable, probably because it only seems a few years since I was there myself.

To anyone reading this message that knows me I would like to say hello, hope you are well. Please do get in touch as I would love to catch up.

Terrie Loughlin [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Submitted 21/09/2001

Wow!! Glad I've found this site - been reminiscing after being back in Lincoln for a little while.

I left in 1994 after just one year of 6th Form. After many trips round the country - I'll save details for those who get in touch - I've landed just outside of Maidstone in Kent. I'm currently Deputy Manager of Thresher Wine shop in a little village down there, and am living with a really great guy.

Would love to get in touch with some of the old gang - there were a lot of us - Kizzy Heal, Amanda Wray, Juliet Jacobs, Alison Coulling, James Johnson (whom I have already contacted through this site), Greg Nicholson, Hayley Tinson (did you marry David yet?) and anyone else from those famous years - 1988-1994.

I'll leave it at that for now - please get in touch guys, missing you all.

Karen Dalkin
Submitted 26/07/2001.

Since leaving LCHS at the end of the second year (1994). I sadly moved to Nottingham. Life as a pupil at LCHS held some of my most memorable times both good and bad.

I could not cope with the double P.E session every wednesday morning.Nightmare!!

So what am I doing now? Well I am currently studying BSc Sports Science (Science and Management) at Nottingham Trent University.

I hope to go onto post graduate study afterwards in health/social psychology of sport.

I am also a triathlete.I have grown out of the couch potato I once was at LCHS to a fitness fanatic who spends more time in her running shoes than her slippers.

I am a member of the Territorial Army.A weekend warrior in my spare time.I grind my teeth if I ever get shouted at and just think of the financial benefits, I wouldn't recommend doing this voluntary.

If any pupil/teacher remembers me, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. I am very friendly and I don't bite, honestly.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 03/12/2001


After leaving LCHS in 1995 (was only there for sixth form), I left with an A in Geography, and a B in both English & French, and went to Reading Uni, where I studied BSc Geography & Archaeology for a year, before leaving as I really didn’t enjoy the course and had ran out of money by the end of the first year! Bad mistake, but never mind.

After that followed several jobs, retail manager in London & Reading, Customer services supervisor for a large courier company in the south. I married in 1998 and my surname changed from Sylvester (I'm sister of Jayne, Vicky & Rachael who also went to LCHS) to Williams. 1999 due to the ever increasing cost of living in Reading, we unfortunately had to move back to sunny Lincoln, where I am now a PA to the managing director of a professional sound & lighting company in Lincoln, and also website manager for the company.

Along the lines I have also managed somehow to become a DJ at various clubs around the country, which is fantastic fun, take up the bass guitar, become an avid film addict, and have acquired far too many pets.

Memories of LCHS? The group I used to hang around with, namely, Louise Simpson, Stan Saul, Hannah McGill, Greg Nicholson, Christa Ibbotson and several others. Tuesday nights at the student night at Kiss with most of the rest of the upper sixth and then walking back up Steep Hill in the early hours of the morning. My geography teacher (who's name i forget), Mr Korolyk (who did a fantastic job of persuading my mother to buy me a guitar for my 18th!), and numerous other events and people.

If anyone can remember me, do get in touch, especially Louise Simpson, wherever you are!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (née Sylvester)
Submitted 23/08/2001

Left Christ in ’95 and moved to the fine City of Norwich where I got a degree in Maths with Environmental Science, which sounds impressive but was not the most practical of subjects. Consequently I am now on the capitalist treadmill – a management trainee for HSBC Bank – and I am still residing in Norwich. I’m studying for my ACIB – the professional bankers qualification – and by this time next year I should be a fully-fledged manager, a prospect which is more than a little bit scary!

Fond memories include chasing Amanda Wray around the field/classroom/science lab with various small weapons (e.g. pipettes), watching a blind folded Alison Couling grab on to Mr Cox’s leg during one of our numerous pranks and sitting around on the astro-turf on the top field – did anyone actually use that for sport?

Do not get to see friends as often as would like to – Juliet, Alison, Amanda, Karen, James, Mark, Kizzy, Lotty, JPS. Classmates who I really liked include Martin Peacock, James Hesse, Hannah Sylvester, Derek Frankin (who is also a certifiable nutter!). My sister Carla was also 2 years below.

I’ve got Mrs Smith and Mrs Caine to thank for doing the maths degree – why did you have to make it so interesting? Mr Easton gave us loads of essays to do, Mrs Butterworth was nice (although she hated the word ‘nice’), Mrs Long, Mr Birkett, Mrs Randall other teachers who stick in the mind.

All in all was a great school – would be good to catch up if you remember me!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 25/10/2001

“Since leaving LCHS in Summer 1995 I have followed my love for computers and have gone on to own a share of a successful local IT and Telecom company - Otago Support Systems. I have lost touch with many of the people that were in my year and hope to track them down. What ever happened to my very first form tutor, from way back in 1988, Mr Davies?”

From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hannah McGill left in 1995. Just thought you'd like to know she's  now the  new Artistic Director of the Edinburgh Film Festival, (so wandering about in black  with dyed hair and getting sighed at by Mr Cox did no harm.) Rachael her older sister by two years is a playwright and translator  - watch for her on Radio 3 and 4 - and she funds this by working for a local Council in London, helpoing minority groups to access funding and cope with crap life in racialist areas. Ms Hancock did it for both of them.

(this is from Proud Mother. Sad, I know).


I left in 1996; nearly 6 years this July. What Have I been doing? Well, I've been a computer technician at Grimsby College, a holiday rep in France for two years and now I'm back where my heart always belonged: in Sheffield working as a Telecommunications Engineer for Telewest Communications (Like NTL and BT but in different regions).

I can certainly remember ALL (and this is no understatement) of the girls having a crush on Mr Freeman, especially after he competed in Gladiators Live at the Sheffield Arena; Mrs Randel's Latin Lessons - Ego Sercumspectat (I look around) is the only polite phrase I can remember... I didn't learn the other phrases from her.

Mr Sherlock's fascination with cabbages and custard (his way of saying it's nonsense). Ms Rylands-Bolton when in Fancy Dress (as Lady Macbeth if I remember correctly, anyway it was scary to say the least) for Comic Relief in Year 11; Daniel Hewitt asking her whether she had got out on the RIGHT side of the bed that morning.

And on a personal note winning the Year 8 (1992) AND Year 9 (1993) hurdles at Sports Day.

So it's goodbye from me, and to ALL who attended or are attending this beloved school, God Bless and I hope all your dreams and ambitions will/have come/came true.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 12/03/2002


"Just a message from Chappy and Scotty to say, "Will the rest of the gang please get in touch?" To the future students, have as much fun as you can - WE DID!!!"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Dave Scott ('97)
Submitted 11/06/2001.


Hi, this page is a great idea. After leaving LCHS I went onto Notts Uni and did a computing degree, finished that and went to work in London as an analyst for an investment bank for 2yrs, after that I got transferred to New York, where I live now. It would be great to hear from people who remembered me and from Butler and Skully, so hit me up if you can.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 29/03/2006

"Hi there - I'm sure loads of people will remember me as the guy who had loads of keys jangling off his belt and a plethora of folders in his hands! Well yep, that was me! Was, being the operative word!!! I have now moved to London to work for a multi-national .com company based in San Francisco, as the Customer Service Representative! This is my second major job after leaving LCHS and University, the first being an Internet Service Provider in Sheffield as a Technical Support Consultant. Just a quick hi to James Johnson too, who I'm sure will remember me, as I remember him!!! Along with Mr Koorts and Mrs. Buckenham (what a fantastic woman).Take care everyone, and hope to see loads of you again sometime (students and teachers alike!!!)"

Update: Dec 2006

Now working in the Computer Science department at the University of Sheffield , as a Computer Support Technician.  Finally found my dream job and loving every minute.  Hope to get over to Lincoln soon and pop in to say hi to my old teachers. (If there are any of them left!!) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 04/04/2001.


I left LCHS in 1999 ready to go to London to do my degree in Management. I did very well in my first 2 years, a first I am back in Lincoln finishing my degree at Lincoln uni, with a house, mortgage and a husband. For everyone that knows me, my husband is Jamie Clark (no surprises there then).

I don't really see much of the people from the year, Laura Coventry, Rachel Baynton and Natalie Epps, Ian Edgar, Tamer Asfahani among the few I keep in contact with.

I have really fond memories of LCHS and I'd love to thank Mr Sherlock for encouraging me in business, Mrs Williamson for taking the time to help me with C.T, Miss England for brightening up Wednesday afternoons for me and Mr Westgate for being a great 6th form tutor. I doubt if they'll ever get this message though!

If there is anyone reading this that knows me I would love for them to get in touch, if only to look at the school photo and tell me who the people are on there that I never remember being in our year... do they just get imposters in for the photos?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (now Clark)
Submitted 6/10/2000

Hi - I left in ‘99... Had to think there. Anyway, just writing to say my time at L.C.H.S was really good for me, and I’m sure for other people as well. My best years were the last two, 10 and 11. I was naughty but never mind... Just a quick hello to my teacher Ms Curran (Head of Year)... She can really shout!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted 13/02/2002


I left L.C.H.S. in 2000 with A levels in Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Maths (B), and General Studies (C). I have fond memories of lessons with Mr. Newnham, Mr. Mitchel, Mr. Baker, Dr. Avison, Mr. Young, and Mr. Edgar. On leaving, my first port of call was Nottingham University, where I studied Bsc. Biology for three years gaining a 2:1. I never really liked Nottingham as a city, and by that point had set my heart on a career in Medicine. It was time to move on. Two summers spent in the States, where I met medics at American medical schools, gave me the confidence to apply to medical school here. I also gained a wealth of experience working at St. Barnabas' Hospice (as a volunteer) and the County Hospital (as an auxillary nurse) b/n 2003 and 2004. I had three offers from medical schools, all south of the Watford Gap (GKT, Southampton, and St. George's London). I am now in my second year at Guy's, King's, and St. Thomas' Medical School in South London. I'm having a wonderful time and next year I start clinics. I ultimately want to work as an Accident and Emergency doctor, hopefully in the London area - I'm aiming high for the London Air Ambulance! I just want to say a big thanks to all the teachers at L.C.H.S. who helped me on the way to where I am today!

Jamie Wallis
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Submitted 14/04/2006

Year of Departure Unknown

Does anyone out there remember the Dunn family? David was at Lincoln School in the in the 60's, I was at Christ's Hospital 2 years behind him, and baby sister Christine was there for a year before we moved away from the area in the late 60's.

I think both David & I tried the patience of the teaching staff to the absolute limit and both ended up leaving school with dismal O'level results, I don't think we were invited back for A'levels! (School was just for fun wasn't it?) However, our abilities were obviously very well hidden as David is now a hugely successful businessman, and I went on to get a 1st Class Honours Degree in Physiology and now work in neurophysiology research at Leicester University Medical School . Christine, on the other hand was a model pupil and has gone back to teaching in Surrey now her family are growing up. We all have children who have been encouraged to be model pupils - needless to say some have inherited the "Dunn" genes and we have watched history repeat itself with some amusement!

David lives in landed gentry style in the Lincolnshire countryside (it suits him well) and our mother now lives in back in Nettleham so we all still visit the city regularly and remember the "good old days".

Anyone out there from that era who remembers us?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (formerly Dunn)
Submitted 24/02/2002