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Thursday 11 June 2015 saw a late evening departure from LCHS for 61 Year 7 Students and 6 members of staff as they set off for the Port of Dover, bound for Calais and Boulogne.


After travelling through the night the group caught an early morning ferry to Calais and arrived in good time for breakfast at Café de Paris. LCHS staff member Andy Cottam said “We enjoyed a traditional French breakfast of bread, croissants, jam, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice which set us up for the next part of the adventure – a trip to the Nausicaa Sea life Centre in Boulogne. Words such as “fantastic” and “awesome” were used by students to describe the variety of fish, sea lions, sharks and penguins that they were able to see.


A twenty minute walk along the seafront saw staff and students arrive in the centre of Boulogne where a stop was made for lunch. Students were given booklets to complete and were tasked with finding their own lunch, which meant they had to practice their French! Suitably refreshed, a short coach journey back to Calais allowed for some last minute shopping at Cite Europe before catching the ferry back to Dover.


Tired but happy, the group finally arrived back in Lincoln at about 23.30, a full 24 hours after departing on a whistle-stop trip on what was, for many, their first visit to a foreign country. 

Mr A Cottam

 For more photos of the trip visit the Gallery section

Congratulations to Joel Forbes (Year 11) who leaves LCHS in September to study A levels at the Noel Baker School in Derby and to play national league basketball for the Derby Trailblazers.

His hopes of a basketball career were nearly extinguished in 2013. In that year the under 19 Lincolnshire League disbanded and most of his team mates in the Lincoln Royals left for university leaving too few players for friendly matches. Undaunted, Joel carried on training with the Royals.

Then in 2014 Joel approached the Derby Trailblazers Basketball Academy based at the Noel Baker School. Joel was invited back to the academy several times and eventually in February of this year he was told by the coach he could play in the under 18 team next season.

To be picked for a team that finished third in the top flight national amateur league last season has certainly re-ignited his hopes. We wish him every success in his future endeavours both sporting and academic.


“As his Head of Year and teacher of Physical Education I am extremely proud of Joel for his achievements and wish him all the best for the future in a career in Basketball. He has worked extremely hard out of school to achieve this ambition through dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to training and competitions and without this Joel would not have been able to benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

He goes to Noel Baker School with our best wishes. Well done, Joel.”

Mr Fragle

Head of Year 11



On Thursday 21st May nineteen Year 10 students were given the opportunity to lead a Primary School Tag Rugby Festival at Lincoln Rugby Club. The festival was an event which attracted primary schools from across the county, including schools from Grantham, Lincoln and Gainsborough.

After two days of training and a crash course in officiating and coaching tag rugby, delivered by the RFU, the pupils were thrown straight into the deep end on the day. They were briefed by the RFU coaches and then given the opportunity to organise and deliver the morning session of coaching. They were split into groups of two or three and supplied with the equipment they needed to deliver a tag rugby activity of their choice. They were creative in their approach to this and came up with activities such as end ball, rugby rounders and rugby bulldog.


There were seven stations with a different tag rugby activity at each one. The leaders had two primary schools at their station for ten minutes at a time, before they swapped round and two different schools came to the station.

The young leaders were well organised and confident in what they were delivering and this helped the event get off to a fantastic start. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and this rubbed off on the primary school children who were also having a great time.

The LCHS members of staff and the RFU coaches received some glowing praise from the primary school teachers about how well our students had delivered the sessions and how brilliant they had been in engaging the primary school children. One teacher singled out praise for a student who took the time to explain and demonstrate an activity to a child who was struggling to understand the rules due to a language barrier. The general feeling from primary school teachers was that the morning activities were superbly run, engaging, fun and delivered fantastically well by our students. This is all down to the students who worked exceptionally hard to make their activities enjoyable and memorable. It was not just the primary school children who were having a good time though. An LCHS student even suggested that “this is the best thing I’ve done the whole time I’ve been at school!”


As the sun burn started to turn the students a healthy tone of red it was time for the afternoon session and a chance for the students to test their refereeing prowess. Split into three groups the students were given a fixture list and then the opportunity to lead and officiate the matches. Despite the matches being non-competitive, there was an inevitable will to win displayed by the players and teachers alike, something which tested our students’ leadership qualities. Predictably though, they delivered exceptionally well and refereed the matches with great respect, class and fairness throughout. There were many different officiating styles on show; some preferred an authoritative, whistle blowing approach whilst others adopted a more relaxed manner. Whatever the style though our students certainly got the job done. They once again received praise from everyone at the event; teachers, RFU coaches and parents all commented on the professionalism shown on the day and the way that our student conducted themselves in such a positive, enthusiastic way.


Teachers, parents and children all left with smiles on their faces after a hugely successful day for our young leaders, who delivered an event which they can all look back on with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils and one which they certainly made the most of. It speaks volumes of our students that the RFU have already spoken to the PE department about using another group of our students to deliver a similar rugby festival at the start of the next academic year. So, congratulations to the following students for their hard work and effort in representing LCHS:

Anna Harrison Anna Jeffrey Ben Charles Cobie Thacker Dan Hooley Dylan Grealish Ella Revitt  Ethan Williams Joe Donnerstag  Joe Uttley

Jordan Hopkinson Kane Brown Krista Strautniece Louise Mellows Michael Lebaldi Paula Mejia Ruiz Sam Chapman  Sam Peach Will Cragg

Mr C Fitzpatrick

LCHS PE Department