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Following advice from the Lincolnshire Multi-Agency Group, that travel on Friday 2nd March is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, Lincoln Christ's Hospital School will be closed on Friday. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are going to launch “Read For Good” on the 19th February among Y7-8 students. Read For Good is the UK’s national sponsored reading event for schools.

Read For Good encourages children to read for pleasure - an activity proven to increase children’s chances of success and personal happiness for the rest of their lives – while raising money to help seriously ill and disabled children.

Read For Good will take place at LCHS during Term 4 and the Easter Holidays and, of course, is open not only to Year 7 and 8 students but to all the students and members of staff who want to take part in it!

Participants will be asked to set their own reading target (it doesn’t have to be a whole book, it could be a newspaper’s article, a magazine, a website, anything they are interested in reading), ask family and friends to sponsor them, fill in their sponsorship cards and bring their sponsorship money to Mrs Sarah Parker in the Students’ reception or to me. Sponsorship cards and bookmarks are available in the library for everybody. Sponsors can pay online too at

Further information can be found at:

Read For Good is also a house competition. Therefore, students not only will be raising money for a brilliant charity but will earn house points for taking part and there will be all sorts of prizes on offer!

Thank you very much for your support!

Happy reading!



A formative journey: Making students active in the learning process

Greg Gilbey, Director of Student Engagement, Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School
Greg describes how Lincoln Christ's Hospital School's involvement with the EEF/SSAT Embedding Formative Assessment project encouraged an experimental approach to engaging students in the learning process.


Click here for "A formative Journey" by Greg Gilbey

LCHS is celebrating the best results in the school’s long history. As a community, last year was a huge challenge, not least because of our Ofsted inspection, and it is testament to our students, staff and the support of families that, despite this, we are celebrating the best headline improvements in the city.

We are now able to confirm that our school has achieved a positive Progress 8 score overall and is outperforming many schools both locally and nationally. The progress of our students from entering our school is greater than national. In English Baccalaureate subjects, with fifty percent of students entered, we are also above national. Furthermore, students whose first language is not English perform significantly better at LCHS than they do nationally. Add to that a provision for special educational needs students and those students who are entitled to pupil premium that is above national and you will see that LCHS is a school that not only has great ambition for its students but is also able to support all our students to ensure they succeed in achieving that ambition.

Here are a few headline results:

  • 70% of Year 11 students achieved grade 4 and above in English with 54% gaining a grade 5 or better
  • 68% of Year 11 students achieved a grade 4 in Mathematics with 46% gaining a grade 5 or better
  • 58% of Year 11 students achieved grade 4 and above in English and Mathematics. This is expected to rise to 60% following re-marks
  • The proportion of students achieving grade 4 and higher in GCSE English and Mathematics has increased by 17% between 2013 and 2017
  • The proportion of disadvantaged students achieving grade 4 and higher in GCSE English and Mathematics has increased by 22% between 2014 and 2017
  • Students taking triple science gained 17% above the national average for A*-A in Biology, 13% above the national average for A*-A grades in Chemistry and, in Physics, students gained a 10% increase in A*-A grades in 2017
  • Students following Core and Additional Science achieved 3% above the national average for A*-A grades and 9% above the national average for A*-C grades in Core Science.

Our link with families is imperative. It is evident in the improvements in results over the past 3 years, our attendance improving so dramatically, and our exclusions reducing so swiftly.

We are one of the few schools in our area that can show such an outstanding improvement in results over the past 3 years but for us, this is just the beginning. We have no intention on stopping, but instead will use this to drive us further, beyond all of our competitors.

There is something very exciting and special happening at LCHS – an exciting and vibrant education which is making a difference to young people's lives every day.

M Mckeown