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Are you interested in astronomy? The Countryside Charity have developed a challenge for you to try. Each year, the CPRE ask the nation to help measure light pollution in their area by getting starry-eyed with them and counting visible stars. 

You can join in by choosing a clear night between the 6-14 February 2021, looking up at the constellation of Orion and letting them know how many stars you can spot. 

This year, they're asking everyone to take part from home. You can stargaze from your garden, balcony, doorstep or even bedroom window. 

They will give you plenty of support on how to do this. Once you've done your star-spotting, they will share a form with you where you can quickly and easily send the your count. 

For more details, please follow the link below:

Orion constellation

It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the passing of Jim Baker in the County Hospital after a short illness.

Jim was a unique personality in our history, a member of the Science department in Lincoln School from 1970, four years before the creation of Lincoln Christ's Hospital School.

He was a presence here for fifty years, a treasured and active colleague even after he retired, always courteous and forever enthusiatic about education. 

Jim Baker

Normally we would have welcomed visitors to The Garton Archive, but in 2020 everything at LCHS is online because of the social distancing rules. This year's Lincolnshire theme is 'Past and Pastimes'. We have two focal points. One is "Plays for Bubbles", the previously unpublished scripts of 1950's productions from Lincoln School and the Girls' High School. The other is "Plays and Players 1974-2019", the story of school productions over the last 45 years with a commentary and galleries of photos and items from most 'shows'. More details are posted on

Virtual Sports Day is an opportunity for you to participate in a range of physical activity challenges. You will be competing for yourself, your form and your house for fun, and even some prizes! We want to get as many people to get involved as possible during the challenge over the next two weeks.

There are 5 challenges which you can complete. You can practise and perform your challenges as many times as you want, but you will only upload your best result.

Challenge 1 Flippin’ eck – time yourself for 30 seconds to see how many bottle flips you can do.

Click Here for the Bottle Challenge

Challenge 2 Speed bounce – use a rolled up towel and see how many consecutive bounces you can do in 30 seconds.

Click Here for the Speed Bounce Challenge

Challenge 3 Keepy ups – use a toilet roll to see how many keep ups you can do in 30 seconds.

Click Here for the Keepy ups Challenge

Challenge 4 Don’t be a plank – how long can you hold the plank position for.

Click Here for the Plank Challenge

Challenge 5 Going the distance - Each time you go for a jog, walk, run or bike ride and record your distance on an app e.g. Strava, Garmin connect etc. you can upload a screenshot
of your map and distance to the form.

Upload your document with the results on class chart for a chance to win a prize!

Please help spread the word and get as many people participating (including staff and parents) in the Virtual Sports Day Challenge.

Good luck everyone!

Mrs Stenton