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Overview of the 2021 application


LCHS International Dimension and Global Awareness Policy 2020


Please note: In ‘normal’ times applicants would include at least seven activities with an international or global perspective. These had to include three collaborating with overseas partners and one with a focus on Modern Foreign Languages. In light of the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, the national requirements have been adjusted by the British Council, so that in 2021 the minimum requirement is four activities of which one must be collaborative and one with a Modern Foreign Languages focus.

In common with other schools across the United Kingdom, Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School has had to adjust its activities from those set out in the Action Plan in November 2020 as shown below to meet the minimum requirements in July 2021.





Activity 1: Remembrance – the school’s commemoration of those lost in the world Wars continued but in a restricted form


Activity 2: Travel and Tourism – this should have involved the Year 12 students visiting our partner school and the hospitality industry in Agadir. However, Covid prevented this. As an alternative, the students organised a questionnaires on the UK and tourist locations which received responses from schools in at least ten countries including Bulgaria, China, Finland, India, Italy, Morocco and Uganda


Activity 3: ROTA – the collaborative programme with Belgian, Dutch, German and Spanish partners has paused during the pandemic period


Activity 4: Prejudice and persecution – taught lessons


Activity 5: Modern Foreign Languages – French penfriends in Burgundy

ATTACHMENT: letters sent to France


Activity 6: World of Words – this didn’t start in the way we had hoped because of social distancing restrictions limiting Drama


Activity 7: Food provenance – this didn’t start because the potential partners in Italy and Poland were also restricted by Covid e.g. Polish schools were locked down for a year


Activity 8: Ghosts – the collaboration with schools in Uganda and the Czech Republic was planned to focus on “The woman in black” and local stories. However, lockdowns delayed the start


Activity 9: Diwali and other celebrations – taught lessons


Activity 10: Zero Waste, Morocco and the Water Fountain project – this was a combination of in-school initiatives led by the environment group and collaboration with Morocco through the British Council Connecting Classrooms Global Learning project

ATTACHMENT : LCHS Water Fountain Opening Ceremony 2021 


Activity 11: Studies in the pandemic – these included Geography lessons on the impact of Covid on the environment


Activity 12: Art project with Thailand – collaboration

ATTACHMENT: powerpoint


Activity 13: How God is viewed around the world – taught lessons

Impact Evaluation

The application also includes statements on the impact of the activities on pupils, teachers and the wide community. There is also information about the ambassadorial role of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School working with colleagues in other schools, and a short section on future aspirations and plans for international and global dimension activities