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Outstanding progress and excellent achievement is something which needs to be worked for every single day and the students sitting here tonight have made the best use of every single lesson. They have embraced two of our core aims:

  • We will nurture talent and encourage pride in academic excellence;
  • We understand that academic excellence is different for every student but insist on every student aiming for their best in every project, piece of work or lesson.

This is a great opportunity to say ‘well done’ to our young people for aiming high and overcoming any obstacles put in their way. As we know, success isn’t always easy and sometimes we must learn through our mistakes. What is important is how we respond to these mistakes.

We have a choice. We can stop - give up and say it is too hard - or we can try it again and again and again until we turn that weakness into strength.

However, when you look at successful teams, sports stars or personalities, business people, you see that excellence cannot be achieved by one person working in isolation. Usually, a great performance or exceptional skill is supported by a host of unseen influences. For many of our young people here tonight, it will be a family who encourages them to do well and supports them in reaching their aspirations. There are also many staff at school who work tirelessly to help you be the best and reach for the stars every single lesson - encouraging you, nurturing talent and inspiring excellence.

2015/16 has been a fabulous year full of excitement and new challenges. For example:

  • Ryan, Imogen, Jack, Kian and Archie in the County Athletics
  • Our young sports leaders work with our partner Primary schools
  • Our Media students work with Siren FM
  • A-Level English Literature students enjoying a Poetry masterclass at BG
  • Our GCSE students visiting Poet Laureate Carol-Ann Duffy
  • Year 10 interview day and work experience
  • The Year 11 Prom
  • Our newly launched Duke of Edinburgh programme
  • Ellie’s and Charlotte’s success in this year’s Siemens’ Females into Industry Challenge
  • Charlotte and Cade being awarded trophies from the old lincolnians for services to the community
  • The science department’s ‘space seeds’ project devised by the UK space agency
  • Davinder’s and Charlotte’s Poetry Slam performances and success
  • Erin’s poem featuring in a national anthology
  • Ellis being awarded a scholarship at Leicester City football club
  • Sophie Hart’s tremendous success in the swimming pool
  • Oliver Stocks being selected to represent the Lincolnshire Schools cross-country team
  • Visits to the Yorkshire sculpture park
  • The Newark airfields trip
  • The Rota Trip to Belguim
  • The trip to the Czech republic for the Food for Thought conference
  • Barcelona trip
  • Visits to the National Holocaust Centre
  • Polar explorer, Ben Saunders’ visit to the school
  • David raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity
  • Brick Lincs event
  • Jade and Jack being selected to be Head Boy and Head Girl in our newly launched prefects system
  • Owen shaving off his hair for charity
  • We Will Rock You Christmas performance
  • Citizenship Day
  • Artsfest
  • International Day

This is just to name a few. They also went to a few lessons!

I know that one of our main jobs is to motivate you to do well. Equally, we all have different motivations in life which make us who we are as people.

Motivation is only motivation if it gets you to take action. Taking action is what all of you have done and is the reason why you are sitting there this evening receiving an award. What gets one person motivated may not work for someone else. Some people are motived by the desire to be famous or for money; some are motivated to follow in a family member’s footsteps and, for another, making a difference in other people’s lives may be their biggest desire. You must define motivation for yourself. You must know what your own values and principles are. What makes you feel good about yourself? What are your defining guidelines? What is it you want? Motivation is personal.

There are over six billion people on this planet and not one of them has your finger prints. And if you took all the people that ever lived from the creation of the universe, none of them would share your finger prints! That is how unique you are. That, in itself, makes you special and there are thousands of features that are unique to you alone. You are one of a kind. So why shouldn’t you have your own dream and your own vision for what you want to be?  Why shouldn’t you do something that’s never been done before?

If you define motivation in a personal manner that is relevant to you, it will compel you to take action. Your goals become your motivation. That is why they are personal. Your goals in life truly define who you are. That is why you need to dream big. Set huge goals! Personally, I can’t wait to see what you can achieve over this coming year or five years or ten years.

Be determined. Be resilient and keep going!

Many congratulations to all our winners.

Here we are at the end of our first week back after our summer break and already we are set up to have yet another amazing year at LCHS.


I would like to welcome all students, both those students who are returning along with all of the new students who have joined us – especially in 6th form and in year 7. I am absolutely delighted that you have decided to come to LCHS and hope that your time with us fulfils and exceeds all of your expectations.


I would also like to extend this welcome to all new staff and hope that they have a great and rewarding time with us.


This is the year of Challenge at LCHS. A time for us to challenge ourselves to achieve way beyond expectations. A time to challenge ourselves to give something back to the community, to challenge our perceptions our understanding our routines. A challenge to reflect on the old and learn from our previous success and shortcomings to ensure the 2016/17 is the best it can be.


You have all had 6 weeks off. Your experiences will have changed you or altered your understanding of the world. Your school has changed also. Every year we improve and move forward and this year we are more determined than ever to raise the bar on progress, achievement, attitudes to learning, motivation, behaviour, attendance just to name a few.


Your school, your year group, your friends are on track for something very special. Be proud of them, encourage them and be a part of the year of Challenge.


Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday morning.



M Mckeown


It has been another very busy week at school with a lot of excitement and great experiences for both students and staff to enjoy. I would particularly like to pay tribute to the students who have been successful at gaining awards at our Junior Prize Giving event on Monday and last night’s Sports Presentation.

The students we celebrated at these events have made a decision to play a full role in the life of LCHS. They have made the decision to embrace their opportunities and immerse themselves in the rich experiences they are offered. Not only that, they have decided to use these experiences to positively affect the people and community that surround them. These are the students we look up to and the students that inspire us as a staff to develop and grow as professionals and as a school. So these events are not just about saying congratulations, it’s also about saying thank you for pushing the boundaries of excellence and inspiring us all to constantly seek new opportunities.

Excellence. A word that is said all too often – but what does it actually mean? For many of us, this word can only be associated with the highest grades possible in an examination or the winners’ cup. But at LCHS we don’t just talk about excellence, we talk about students achieving their own personal excellence, as excellence is different for us all. We must remember that every year, term, week, day our students are overcoming numerous barriers and are achieving great things. They are removing these obstacles and are achieving things which they never dreamt of. This could be an excellent grade but it also could be performing in the Arts Fest activities, becoming the Lincoln and Gainsborough Schools Year 7 and 8 Cricket Champions , taking part in the Females into Industry events or the Maths Challenge or the various different charity events.

We must remember that these things don’t just happen – you are never just going to be given a cup to say that you are the winning team, you are not just going to wake up one day and be good at playing an instrument, you are not just going to be given a grade that you are proud of. All these achievements have happened because you have worked very hard over long periods of time. You have dedicated your time and effort into gaining fantastic grades or playing a particular sport. Winning and achieving are not a ‘sometimes’ or ‘one time’ thing – they are an ‘all the time’ thing. And you are here because you are winning every single day.

John F Kennedy said: - ‘Things do not just happen. Things are made to happen.’

You got those awards because you have made it happen!

Many congratulations to all of our prize winners.

I would also like to thank everyone who was involved with organising and helping out during our International day. What a wonderful day full of exciting experiences. The mural at the front of school is fabulous and the memories created over this inspiring day are great. A special thank you to Mrs Kissane and Mrs Batty – and no matter what Mr Thompson tells you, I won at the sumo wrestling!

I would also like to thank the following students and staff:

•           The sixth formers involved in the BGU taster week

•           The Year 7 students who visited Lincoln Castle and Cathedral on Wednesday

•           The students involved in the willow creations

•           The Year 8 and 9 girls rounders team who won the league

•           Georgie for gaining a place in the regional Netball squad

•           The Year 7 and 8 cricket teams who are the Lincoln and Gainsborough champions

•           The students who gained the Crest Award for their Rocket Science project

•           The Geographers who took a rest in a volcano!

•           The Year 10s for sharing their work placement experiences

•           Miss Fearns’ Year 9 class and their work on multi-culturalism

•           To the Year 12 product designers and engineers at Imperial College, London designers’ fair

•           To everyone who has shown our Chinese visitors such great hospitality

•           To the Year 10s who visited Lincoln University

•           To the SMSC award winners

•           To the Year 9 G+T students who took part in the MFL business challenge on Monday

•           To Mrs Freestone’s Year 9 class and their exceptional ’Home Front’ homework project

Just 2 more days to go! Enjoy your weekend and look after yourselves and one another.

M Mckeown


We are now at the end of an amazing year and I would like to thank you all for the hard work, determination and strength of character you have shown. The students of LCHS are remarkable and we are all very proud of you and your achievements. But now it is time for a break, to enjoy the summer and refresh ourselves ready for the new academic year ahead.


I would also like to thank the staff of LCHS. For their dedication to the school, their commitment to the students and for their unswerving drive to make the LCHS community outstanding. The team of students and staff at LCHS are a great combination and it is this which will guarantee we continue to move forward, together, to ensure everyone has a fulfilling and exciting experience at LCHS.


I would also like to wish the staff who are leaving us the very best of luck with their new ventures and hope to see them again in the not too distant future.


Remember, look after yourselves and one another and don’t forget to look after your community this summer.


Have a great time and see you in September!



M Mckeown


Literacy:- A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking


Numeracy:- Time management for the last days of the academic year!


‘Our uniqueness, our individuality, and our life experience mold us into fascinating beings. I hope we can embrace that. I pray we may all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion. We are all in this life together’. Linda Thompson


This week, I have been reminded of the richness of our school community and the skills, attributes and qualities we have in our student body. I have watched you show a great passion for a school that you love and show a pride in our wider community. Special events such as the Arts Fest are a great opportunity to celebrate the diverse skills we have to show and develop. The students performing – singing, dancing and acting; the students showing their designs, painting and craft work; the students showing their skills on the piano and guitar and the students who show a passion for literature and poetry all give our student body such a depth of understanding and appreciation for the arts which is such a joy to behold. A massive thank you to all involved in the Arts Fest week.


I was also delighted to see so many of our students helping out with the Year 5 Taster Days. To those who performed, supported in lessons and acted as guides for the families who came to visit - you were a wonderful, shining example of the best LCHS has to offer. You spoke with pride and confidence and the comments from the families afterwards were fabulous. Thank you for your help.


I would also like to thank all students for their participation and excellent attitudes to learning with our citizenship day. We had such a packed agenda with students attending workshops on teamwork, safer relationships, resilience, drug awareness and making the right choices to name but a few. The comments from our visiting facilitators were fabulous – yet again, you represented our school with pride.


Finally, I would like to congratulate the Year 10 students who are currently on work experience. I have heard a number of fabulous stories about how hard you have been working and about a massive amount of different tasks you have got involved with. Your school is very proud of you – well done!


We may only have a week and 2 days left, but there is a lot still to do. Enjoy your weekend and look forward to our International day next week!


M Mckeown