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‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’ Helen Keller


Literacy:- Currently reading ‘Cloud Atlas’ by David Mitchell.

Numeracy:- Trying to figure out when the best time is to buy dollars with the exchange rates.


So here we are. 2017 is well underway and the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed. However, we are not so far into the year that we have forgotten what we promised ourselves in 2017: how 2017 would be better; how we would progress in our studies or personally. It is though the time where these promises don’t seem as important or when New Year’s resolutions get broken.

If they do get broken or not followed at all, what does 2017 leave us with? A re-run of 2016? No step closer to our goals?

For some of you – that might be okay but, for others, the idea of having the same as 2016 or being no further on than in 2016 would be a very poor option.

As I said at the Cathedral service, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let the pessimism take over: it’s too hard? Will optimism win? Will optimism drive you to your goals so that you can hold your head up high and be proud that 2017 is as great as it can be.

I repeat a message I shared with you before. Why should you not be excellent? Why should you not make as much progress as and achieve just as much as any other young person in any other school in any other city and have the same life-changing experiences? Don’t sell yourself short and don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Never settle for second best.

Remember you are part of something special. Together we are LCHS!

This week I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations to:

•             The Year 7s for their drops of kindness display

•             The Year 10 football team for their performance in the County cup against King’s Grammar

•             The Year 7 History homework on castles

•             To Courtney and Cassie for winning the bookworm award for term 1 and 2

•             The A-Level Biology students on their work with dissecting a lambs heart

•             Everyone involved in the marshmallow challenge

•             For all staff, parents and students who came to the Year 13 Parents’ Evening on Thursday

•             To Year 9 students, Niven and Joe on winning the Lincolnshire Gifted and Talented Science and Technology competition

•             The Year 9 badminton team and their win against NK

•             The Year 7J – Dance class – amazing commitment and enthusiasm

•             The Year 7 gymnastics class

•             The Year 9 football team and an unforgettable performance coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 – amazing!

All of these people have already made steps to ensuring 2017 has some great memories. What is your first step going to be?

We have a busy week ahead. Not least for the Year 11s as they pick up their exam results on Monday morning and have their Sixth Form interviews. The very best of luck to you all.

Enjoy your weekend – and wrap up warm!


Mr M Mckeown