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A-Level Results Celebrations


Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School is celebrating an excellent set of results for all of our Sixth Form students this year. Our students have really taken on the challenge of aiming high and their hard work and dedication has paid off.  I feel so privileged to be working at a school where we have such talented and enthusiastic staff, supporting students every step of the way through their studies. I also thank them for their relentless efforts – what a great team!  We are proud of our 96% pass rate at A-Level, (which is an improvement on 2014), along with a staggering 21% increase in the proportion of students gaining 3 passes at A-Level.  We have also seen improvements in the proportions gaining A*-C grades and A*-A grades.  Our pass rates at AS-level have also significantly improved and the numbers of Merits, Distinctions and Distinction* in our level 3 vocational courses have also increased dramatically.

This is an excellent way to start the new chapter in Sixth Form education at LCHS, as we look forward to opening up our new State of the Art Sixth Form building in a few weeks time and we look forward to seeing our results soar further in the year ahead.

Mr M Mckeown

Head teacher



For more photos of results day visit the Gallery section

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Old Lincolnions Prize 2015

Congratulations to Sixth Formers Katie O’Dell and Peter Brookes Chambers who have won the prestigious prize for ‘services to the school’ from the Old Lincolnions.

Below is Katie’s acceptance speech.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for inviting me here today to not only collect a prize, but to have the opportunity to speak to you about my time at LCHS.

The award I’m collecting is for ‘services to the school’; my main contribution to the school has been through the development to the sixth form mentoring system. I along with many other sixth form students take great pride in being given the chance to support younger members of the school community, and to act as role models for them.

I’d like to talk to you about one of the students I have had the privilege of mentoring. I first met mentee when he offered to assist me when I was lifting something heavy to a meeting after school. As we were talking, he told me how he struggled with his English and had just finished a dyslexia group. Having queried whether or not he had a sixth form mentor, and discovering he had not I had arrangements to become his mentor. We have met every week since. During these meetings alongside helping him with his spellings and literacy, I have been assisting him with emotional and social development in terms of offering him support and guidance with friendship groups. During the time I have spent with him I have clearly seen the impact mentoring has had upon his confidence. This is one example of how a student has been positively impacted through having a sixth form mentor.

My hope for the future is that the programme continues and that sixth form students continue to take ownership and responsibility over the younger members of the school community, in offering them support and guidance. I’d also like to see the introduction of a sixth form prefect system, to further assist the running of the school and to continue students to be role models across other years.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at LCHS and have been given numerous opportunities beyond the curriculum and I have been especially fortunate to have some teachers who themselves have acted as role models for me, namely Miss Fearns and Mrs Freestone, both of which through their teaching and support have empowered me to achieve not only academic success, but also inspired my desire to act on behalf of others to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to succeed.

Thank you for listening.

Katie O’Dell


Future Scholar Award

future scholar

On Wednesday May 20th, 5 Year 9 students attended a ‘Future Scholar Award’ day at the University of York. The day was organised by The Russell Group of Universities and allowed students to have a taste of what it would be like to study at a Russell Group University. Throughout the day the students attended a lecture in Social Policy, had a tour around the campus and took part in a practical Chemistry session.

Mrs Knowles

Head of Year 9


Shakespeare Week


Last week the English Department celebrated Shakespeare Week by turning lessons over to the Bard! Students in years 7-9 completed activities in both tutorial and English lessons. This year’s play was ‘The Tempest’ and the week was finished off by a bit of open air theatre along the cloisters. Act II Scene II, for those trying to guess from the picture!

Ms Andrews

Second in English