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I have been very proud this week of our year 10 students who have taken assemblies every morning on tolerance. The response to the terrorist attacks in Paris has been very humbling, and I thank each of you for your compassion, your resolve, your tolerance and your understanding. Another great display of what it means to be a part of our great school.

Well done to all of the students who took part in Project X earlier in the week. An great result – 2nd place – well done. There are some fabulous photo’s on twitter!

I have also enjoyed finding out about the Magna carta poetry and the short story competition. Thank you to all students involved.

We have a lot of exciting things going on in school over the next few weeks. The ‘LCHS will rock you concert’ is set to be amazing. Look out for tickets! We also have the dance showcase evening, Christmas fayre and the cathedral service. A great time of year to be a part of something special. Thank you to all involved and I look forward to the performances.

Can I remind you that this terms big question is about bullying? We all know that bullying will never be tolerated in our community. Thank you to all students for supporting our ‘speak out against bullying campaign’ which has and will help us get a very strong message to all who make poor choices. We aim for a community which thrives on mutual respect and understanding and support one another to be the best they can be.

Next week Monday – let’s see if you raised enough for me to dye my moustache!

Enjoy your weekend

M Mckeown

It has been another very successful week for our school. Our students and staff have yet again shown what is great about our community. Our very strong stance against bullying has been tremendous and I am delighted with the number of tweets which show our students’ resolve to stamp out bullying in our community. Bullying in any form will never be accepted or tolerated, and we must all work together to stop it. Thank you to the students who have agreed to take part in the ‘Make a Noise’ campaign, to those helping us to rewrite and review our policy and for those who have also been a part in this term’s big question relating to bullying. While this is anti-bullying week, this will not stop today. In fact it will never stop. We must all promise ourselves to make a noise about bullying, every week.

Thank you also to all the students and staff who made Thursday night very successful. To the people that were helping out on the stands, to the guides and to the students both inside and outside of LCHS who made our 6th Form convention very successful. It was a great night.

We can achieve anything if we work together and the team of students and staff at LCHS are determined to continue down this path of continual improvement. Make sure you are a part of it!

Enjoy your weekend and be ready to enjoy your lessons on Monday and continue to make outstanding progress.

M Mckeown

I have no doubt that we are all looking forward to a hard earned rest. This past 8 weeks have been amazing and I would like to commend you all on your hard work and dedication to your studies, to one another and to your school. A lot of changes and updates have happened in the school over this past term and I am thankful for the student body’s understanding and support for the school in its aim to be the best and achieve great things. We are all in the same team and will work together to help you gain the best grades and have the best possible educational experience we possibly can.

So as we prepare for the half term I will ask the questions I asked a few weeks ago:

•             What part will you play in this record-breaking year for LCHS?

•             Will you grasp every opportunity presented to you to ensure you reach your potential?

•             Will you present a positive ‘can do’ attitude, aiming for your best every day and encouraging others around you to do the same?

I wonder what your answers are to these questions, now that we are a term into the year? Can you remember when you have supported someone, produced an amazing piece of work, said thank you to the member of staff who went out of their way to do something for you, volunteered for a club, society, team or event? How many times have you shown the determination to succeed even when the challenge in front of you seems impossible? How many times have you apologised when you have fallen short of the expectations of your school, friends or family? We all make mistakes. But we need to make sure we respond positively when we do so.

If you can think of times when you have done all of the above, then well done! You are why this school is such a fabulous place to be. You are why we are oversubscribed, on track for the best attendance ever, on track for amazing results this year and now predicting a record breaking year!

If you can’t, what’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from doing something amazing?

‘If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.’

Paul Bryant – American Coach

I hope you all have a great half term. Enjoy yourselves and keep safe!

M Mckeown

I don’t know if any of you like Dr Who. I do and I recently watched an episode where the Doctor had to free a group of ghosts from an unpleasant alien who was using them to transmit signals back to his home planet. As the story went on, it became more confusing as he had to continually go back in time to leave little clues for himself as to how to defeat the bad alien and then he came across a conundrum called the bootstrap paradox. I am not going to attempt to explain the bootstrap paradox (you can look it up to find out more), but I would like you to think of what you would do if you could travel in time.

If you could go back and give yourself some advice, what would it be? At the start of the year, I challenged you all to think of how you are going to contribute to the success of your peers and school during this year. I challenged you all to make every lesson count, be proud of your work, be inquisitive, interested and show your thirst for learning. Have you done this? If there is one thing you would tell yourself to do better, a better choice, something you should say or something you wish you didn’t say – what would it be?

Hindsight is a great thing and we can’t travel in time yet. But what we can all do is learn from our mistakes and missed opportunities and try our best not to repeat them. It’s always about growing, improving and developing as people, individuals, groups and a community.

So I ask you today to pretend that this is a message from your future self, encouraging you to take every opportunity, support one another, take pride in yourself and school and always look to achieve your personal excellence.

Thank you to all who have made this a great week with the opening of the 6th Form block, the remembrance services, Children in Need activities, parents evenings, trips, young Chef competition – they have all been amazing. You are the reason why this school is going from strength to strength.

Enjoy your weekend.

M Mckeown

Headteacher's Blog 16th October 2015

Another great and busy week at LCHS and another opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.

As I have walked around the school this week, I have been very impressed with the creative approach to many of the lessons and the levels of engagement in each classroom. Visitors to the school have also commented on how well behaved the students are and the quality of our uniform – well done everyone!

I was delighted to receive pictures of our students working in the community this week, on litter picks, leaflet drops and gardening as our task force is leading the way with our community engagement priority for the school. Being a part of LCHS is more than what happens in the classroom. It involves how we support those in the community also and seek opportunities to support and learn from one another.

You may have also seen on Twitter the great success with SlamJam as Elise was commended for her hard work and performance. Very proud!

I would also like to thank all students for their involvement in the half term’s ‘big question’ where we seek your views on aspects of the school and do what we can to make it a better place. This half term’s ‘big question’ has been regarding the timing of the school day and we are currently looking at the various comments made across all year groups to see if we can suggest alterations to make things better for all of us. I will keep you updated.

So, another week down. Have you made that decision to be a part of something special and embrace opportunity? You all have it in you to be something great and our school is there to help you on that journey.

Have an enjoyable last week of term.

M Mckeown