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I am currently Reading:- It’s not what you think by Chris Evans.

I am using numeracy to:- Work out if I should change energy suppliers

Our SMSC and British Values focus:- Respect

Should respect be a right or should it be earned? Our school believes that everyone should be treated with respect, with all of us aiming to conduct ourselves in a way which shows consideration for the feelings, rights, beliefs and wishes of others.

•             ‘Every student, member of staff, parent, carer and members of our community will be treated with respect within our inclusive organisation.’

•             ‘Our school will provide high quality opportunities and care. We will promote tolerance and understanding which will enable every student to make informed decisions regarding their future path.’

As you all know, the opportunities available to you all, such as the creative writing club, Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, academic mentoring scheme, sports teams, community events… not to mention the various creative and stimulating ways to learn in the classroom are all things which are there to help you develop a talent, try new things, be part of a team, use your leadership skills and mature into caring citizens of our community. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities to succeed.

I look forward to hearing about the career aspirations of our Year 10 as they investigate possible work placements for the summer term. A great opportunity to help you make that informed decision regarding your future study or career.

As I have said in so many assemblies, make sure you are a part of it. Make sure you are the best version of yourself that you can be and never settle for second best.

M Mckeown

Happy new year! It is 2016, MMXVI, a leap year, the 2016th year of the Common Era, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, the 7th year of the 2010s decade, the year of the monkey, the International Year of Pulses, the International Year of Global Understanding…

What will make 2016 special for you? Many of you will leave school this year and go into employment or university to start a new chapter in your adventure. Many of you have a very busy time over the next 5 months in preparation for exams and have massive decisions to make regarding your future.   Others will be choosing options and the prospect of studying subjects which could influence the rest of your lives, or work experience or summer showcases or trips or the creative writing club or making amazing progress in English or even watching Northern Ireland reach the final of the European Football Championship!

Whatever you are looking forward to, make 2016 count. Make sure you look back and are proud of your progress, are proud of your achievements and are happy that you have given it your best shot.

Welcome back, enjoy the term and have a very successful 2016!

M Mckeown

It’s almost the Christmas holidays and  people are busy preparing for the big day.  I am sure we are all looking forward to the break.

This week I would like to thank all of the students and staff who have tirelessly worked on the production of ‘LCHS will Rock You!’  I went to see it on Wednesday night and thought it was absolutely marvellous.  The acting, singing, the live music, lights, props and effects were stunning.  Watching the production was a very proud time – to know I am a part of a school where students and staff have worked together over the past weeks and months to produce something so special and worthy of the professional stage is, without question, very humbling. 

I continuously ask you, ‘what are you going to do to be a part of this successful year?  What part will you play?’  Thank you to all involved in the performance, this is a wonderful way to show your part in this great year.  Thank you for your commitment and determination. 

Next week we have our Christmas dinner on Thursday and our Cathedral service on Friday.  I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Good luck to our year 11s who continue their mocks next week.  Keep going – you’re almost there!

Enjoy your weekend

M Mckeown

We will all have different priorities in our lives. For some, it may be our family, for others your school work. It might be to do well in exams, get the right job or to have a certain car. Whatever your own personal priorities are – don’t forget to think to think of how your priorities affect your friends, your family, your school and your community.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and be with the people we love. A time to stop and think about our actions over the past year. To pause and remember the good times and the bad of 2015 and to promise ourselves that the coming year will be the best ever. After all, 2016 will only happen once.

Unfortunately for some people, Christmas is not a time for celebration.   We may know people who have lost a loved one this past year or may be looking after someone who is sick. Some may be worried about loved ones who live abroad or who are serving in the forces in a conflict zone.   Some families may be struggling financially and Christmas is a burden they really can’t afford. Maybe one of your priorities in the New Year could be that you look out for those who are not as fortunate as you.

This past term has been amazing and I have been so proud of the commitment and enthusiasm of staff, students and Governors to ensuring our school continues its long tradition of striving for excellence and being fiercely ambitious.

There are so many wonderful examples of this fierce ambition – far too numerous to mention all of them.

With Football, Netball, Cross country, Rugby, Tennis, STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics), European day of Languages, China trips, ski trips to name but a few – these are the things which make LCHS a school with a genuine community spirit.

Our recent performance of ‘LCHS will rock you’ was simply marvellous. We must all be very proud of the exceptional talent we have in school. Both staff and students worked tirelessly to ensure this performance was truly one we will never forget. From actors to singers to dancers, musicians, directors and props – a sincere thank you to all involved for making the end of this year so special.

Our Open Evening in September saw over 1000 people attending. Prospective students and their parents saw the best we had to offer, including our fabulous facilities but most of all, our talented and amazing students. Students performed plays and music, acted as guides and were excellent ambassadors for our school. It was a great evening and one which will stay with me for a long time.

It has been a very busy start to the year with the Year 7 Foundation Service, our students wining the Best in School award during the construction week for the second year running, 6th form trips to Lincoln University, Cambridge University, Sheffield University, London, Sculpture parks, the Year 7 creative writing workshops at the Museum of Lincolnshire life, our work with various year groups in our local community, our new prefect system, success in slam jam, our success in gaining the Religious Studies Quality Mark, welcoming our Dutch visitors in October, the Year 11 doing well in the Geography quiz night, the Brick Lincs event, Roald dahl day, our Children in Need appeal, Our Christmas fayre – the list is endless.

We have come a long way. You have worked exceptionally hard in your lessons – aiming for highly aspirational and challenging targets. I am very proud of how you have taken on the challenge to exceed expectations.

And finally, with amazing Sixth Form students, we now have facilities to match. I am very proud indeed of their progress and the commitment they show to their studies in our brand new, state of the art facilities.   Our 6th Formers continue to develop and grow with over 90 of our students gaining a university place last year.

All of these things are examples of how commitment, hard work and an inspiring sense of community can lead to very special outcomes. The students and staff involved in all of these things   have shown an ‘I CAN’ attitude, a ‘WE CAN’ attitude. With this attitude, it becomes very clear that through determination, resilience and working together, extraordinary things can happen.

Each one of you is extraordinary. You all have something very special to show or to give. Each one of you has it in you to be inspiring and motivational – to stand out from the crowd and show that we can positively influence and change the lives of the people around us as well as our own.

2016 will present new challenges.  

We will ask you for an even higher standard of behaviour. We will ask you to look even smarter in your uniform and insist that you focus on reaching for aspirational targets. But how will you react when we ask for more? Will you let all of these examples I have talked about today just pass you by – opt out, complain, says it’s unfair and don’t really go that extra mile – or will you stand up and make that difference and approach every challenge with that ‘CAN DO’ attitude?

I challenge us all here today – students, staff, governors, parents, carers – to present an unswerving determination which will ensure our school continues to grow, develop and improve even further.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

M Mckeown

Respect has been the theme of our assemblies this week. How we show respect to others and our community is a vital part of our culture of tolerance and understanding.

This week I would also like you to consider self-respect and why that is also important. Sometimes we forget to aim high because a task is too difficult or a challenge is too hard. It is our ambitions which drive us to succeed during these challenges and it is our self-respect which drive our ambitions. Sometimes it is difficult to improve and strive to be better because this may mean a significant change, but you all must remember just how special you all are as a school and as individuals. These years are so vital that you must take the opportunity in front of you to ensure you achieve your ambitions. You must remember that, with hard work and perseverance, you will make small steps every day and this can lead you down the path to great things, which is what you all deserve.

Another busy week ahead. Good luck to the Y11s taking their mock exams and to all those involved in LCHS Will Rock You.

Have a good weekend

M Mckeown