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Reading:- Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams

Numeracy:- How much paint will I need to decorate the front room?

‘With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.’ Eleanor Roosevelt

I hope you have all had an enjoyable and successful first week back after half-term. The start of any new term or half-term is special. It brings with it a freshness, a new opportunity, a sense of purpose and positivity which must be optimised if we are to continue to make great progress. This half-term will present new challenges and opportunities. Will you accept the challenge to make excellent progress every day and in every lesson? Will you accept the challenge to turn the things which have not been as successful so far this year into your strengths?

Already this week we have seen hundreds of students taking these opportunities with many taking part in the Readathon, Year 10s gaining their hygiene certificate, Year 8 students exploring Jewish family life, the Year 7 languages students of the term, the students who won the letter writing competition, the launch of the peri-peri range in the Buzz bar, Erin Gilbey being short listed for the National Writing Competition, Year 9 students having a great time on the Paris trip, Oliver being selected to represent Lincolnshire schools Cross Country, the students involved in the reading for life programme, the preparations for World Book Day, the Year 11 students’ success with their American West homework, not to mention that we are looking forward to meeting polar explorer Ben Saunders in school next week!

Amazing things are happening all around you. Make sure you are a part of it!

Enjoy your weekend.

M Mckeown

Currently reading:- A Brief history of Time by Stephen Hawking

Numeracy:- How much diesel per week am I using for my commute to and from School?

I can’t believe that it is half-term already. Its seems like only yesterday that we enjoyed Christmas dinner together and wished everyone a happy new year!

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments.’ Cesare Pavese

It’s difficult to remember every single day of 2016 so far, but we all remember moments which bring up all sorts of images and memories for us to recall. This half-term has again been very busy but I wanted to remind you of some of the moments worth cherishing and remembering from this past week alone:

•             The Year 10 group collecting (and eating) their prize this morning

•             The Year 11 GCSE Sports Studies group and their mountain biking trip to Sherwood forest

•             The Sixth Form students setting off to London (have a great trip!)

•             The Year 9 Options Evening

•             The trip to Newark Air Museum

•             The year 7 Gymnasts showing us their outstanding work

•             Miss Fearns’ Year 7 class showing us their ‘places of worship’ project work

•             The great literacy display in the Library

•             The Year 7 music lesson looking at Gamelan ensembles

•             The Year 9 work on the Holocaust

•             The Year 10 creativity with the cress competition

•             The Year 8 rugby team success

•             Shrove Tuesday in the Buzz Bar

•             The Year 9 MFL students of the month

•             The Chinese new year celebration

Yes, this really is just one week’s worth of great moments – great memories.

Another opportunity to remind ourselves just how lucky we all are to be a part of such a large, diverse, vibrant and creative LCHS community.

Thank you for a great half term. Enjoy the break and look after yourselves and one another.


M Mckeown

Reading:- The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean

Numeracy:- Is my gym membership value for money?

‘What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.’ Ralph Marston

We were all shocked at the start of the week to hear that Baily had his bike stolen. For someone in our community who has given so much to others, an event like this seems to be even more devastating.

Last week, I asked us all to think about how we respond to situations we are in and how this affects others around us. In response to the situation above, many would have felt sad, angry, upset – no one more so than Baily. For many of us, that could be it. We could stand by and say that it’s not our problem and just let this opportunity to help pass us by.

But our community did not do this!

Our community decided to offer support and help. Our community set up a donations account to help him get back on his bike. Our community made sure that this criminal act would not stop a determined young man from supporting good causes. Our community donated money and passed on their best wishes and due to the generosity of Mr and Mrs Walton, who donated a brand new bike, Baily can continue his splendid charity work.

I have since heard that he is planning to do a further charity bike ride and will donate all of the money donated by parents, carers, students, staff, Governors and others connected with the City to a good cause.

This is what community means. To be there for one another when things are good but to act when things are not so good.

Don’t forget to look out for these opportunities to help and support your friends, school or wider community in the week ahead. This is what makes us an amazing team!

Never settle for second best and always seek ways to improve your tomorrows.


M Mckeown

Reading:-  The Story of Al Jolson by Micheal Freedman

Numeracy:-  How much money will I save if I cancel my gym membership?

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.’  Nikos Kazantzakis


What would you class as success?  A good lesson, a good day, a good grade, a good result, a good training session, a good report, a good results day, a good apprenticeship, a good job, a university place? 

Success is different for everyone.  Sometimes we just want to get to the end of a project or day.  On other times, we dream bigger and think of our end goal -  the life we want to lead, the ideals we believe in, the type of person we want to be.  But what do these dreams matter if you don’t believe you can reach them?  What is the point of knowing your success is to have a great maths lesson or to win a football match if you don’t believe in yourself?

Never sell yourself short. Dream big and be determined.  Success will not just be handed to you, it comes with perseverance and hard work and each one of you has it in you to do something extraordinary every single day. 

Enjoy your weekend and be determined to succeed in every lesson next week.


M Mckeown

If not now, when?

Reading:- The Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Numeracy:- Is insurance for my caravan worth it?

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.’   Charles R Swindall

So here we are, another week into the half term. Another year into 2016. It’s time to ask again – has it been the start you wanted? Is 2016 shaping up to be your amazing year?

We don’t always get the answer we want in life. Sometimes we are disappointed by a situation or a result. At other times our best intentions are taken the wrong way or we forget the feelings of others, not intentionally, but because we are swept up in a moment with our friends.

But when these things happen, what do you do? Do you think about how you can make things better, maybe even try the task again or say sorry if you know you should? Resilience is the ability to keep going even though things might get tough. To care about a situation, a result or other people to the extent that you are determined to make the circumstances better. Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do.

This coming week, look for opportunities to shine and support a friend or your school. Look for opportunities to make a situation better, to improve a grade, to expand a homework or to solve a problem. Your amazing year will come from the combination of gradually making every situation a little bit better every single day.

Dare to be fiercely ambitious!

If not now, when?

M Mckeown