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Good afternoon everyone

It is fabulous to see so many people here at this annual event and a special thanks to the families, Governors and members of the community who have come along also to share this time with us.

So here we are, at the end of a decade! For each one of you, it was the decade in which you joined LCHS. And look what you have done with your time here! This past year has seen so many wonderful things happening in our school:

  • For the third consecutive year, our school celebrated the best ever results. With GCSEs in 2017 and with A-levels in 2019;
  • We welcomed a new cohort of year 7s in September;
  • Our school celebrated being one of only two schools nationally achieving the international schools award 7 times in a row;
  • A fabulous Open Evening in September and 6th Form Convention in November – supported by so many students;
  • Welcoming a new set of sixth formers into our Year 12;
  • Senior prize giving;
  • The Heritage Open Evening hosted by Mr Harrod and Mr Williams;
  • The parental engagement events;
  • The celebration of the European Day of Languages;
  • The amazing Project X team;
  • The Year 8, 9 and 10 students work on construction week;
  • The Year 7 foundation service;
  • The essay writing workshops at Lincoln University;
  • The Spanish trip and the Berlin trip;
  • The Slam Jam Performers;
  • Sarah, Eleanor, Erin and Kelechi being selected to take part in the Females into Industry Challenge;
  • Year 10 geographers going to Skegness;
  • The Disneyland Paris trip;
  • Year 9 linguists working with the RAF;
  • The plastic bottle campaign led by our environmental group;
  • Year 12 working with Limitless Education;
  • The Year 7 nerf tournament;
  • Max reaching the finals of the under 14s Road to Wimbledon Tennis Championship;
  • Sports day;
  • Work experience for Year 10;
  • Joe representing England under 15 Touch Rugby in the European Championships;
  • Max and Molly starring for the Midlands Tigers;
  • Lewis representing GB at the French National Canoe marathon;
  • The lost witch workshop;
  • Gaining the gold Caring to Learn award;
  • Inktober and Technovember;
  • Poppy’s commendation at the Foyle Young Poets of the Year awards;
  • Freya’s performance at the show cross event;
  • Charlie being selected for the U15 County cricket squad;
  • The ROAR meetings;
  • Ollie’s performance at the boxing competition in Congleton;
  • Year 11 students and their mock exams, results day and interview day;
  • The fabulous cast of the Variety Performance and the summer showcase - for all their effort and time – you are such an asset to your school.

That list is not for what has happened at LCHS in a decade, nor a year. It is just two terms of events and activities, and I’m sure there are others. Thank you to all of the people who made everything happen that enriched our school during those terms – it is you who make this school what it is.

There will be many more opportunities for you to get involved next term – so what are you going to do – be a part of it – or watch everyone else soak up all of these wonderful things and experiences?

The phrase ‘2020’ is used when you have perfect vision, but when you look forward into the year 2020, can you see perfectly what you want the year to look like? For some of you, it will focus on exams, university, jobs, college, or what options to take at KS4. Others may also be worried about wider things such as the environment, or Brexit. Whatever your vision for what 2020 should be, try to see clearly what you can do to make sure that it is the year that you want it to be.

One thing is for sure, 2020 will come and go, and while we are here, in this moment – right now – we can decide to take on the challenges each one of us will face as a group, school or a community and make sure that 2020 is one to remember for the right reasons. So, what are you going to be proud of when we are sitting back here this time next year?

If you feel that things don’t always go your way – here is my advice to you for the year ahead:

  • Look to yourself for the answers first
  • Along with your privileges, take the responsibilities
  • Find ways through rather than hurdles to stop you

Be impressed by:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Unselfish generosity
  • Humility
  • Optimism
  • Courage to dare and dream
  • Integrity

2020 will be the fourth consecutive record breaking year for LCHS – what will your part in our success be?

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a 2020 which really makes a positive difference to the community.

Thank you

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this very special occasion.

I have mentioned before that to be a part of the Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School community is a very special thing. You are the next generation of our one thousand year history who will go on to achieving great things within our school and beyond. You are starting the path on which thousands of great people before you have walked. They went on to make a positive difference in our world as we know it.

The service this afternoon is a part of our tradition. Our connection with the cathedral is something of which we are very proud. It is one of the ways that we, as a school, welcome you to our community. It reminds us all – both students and staff - that we are all a part of something which is very special and also reminds us not to take this for granted.

Over the next seven years, you will have a lot of amazing experiences and amongst these you will have the ups and downs that life throws at us. You have put your trust in us to provide you with the best possible chance in life. Because of this, we will be with you every step of the way through these seven years, helping you to achieve and to make well informed choices. We will tackle every challenge together and we will never give up on you.

So here we are, at the beginning of your secondary career, and I would like to congratulate you all on the success you have found already in the first four weeks at school. You have settled in well and are firmly embedded into the LCHS family.

Never forget why you choose to come to LCHS; never forget the badge you are wearing. Wear it with pride! Never stop believing that you can achieve.

I will leave you with a quotation:

‘See that you always remember with gratitude the pains which this school underwent in giving birth to your minds. Go, farewell, and the blessings of heaven go with you, blessings which the unceasing prayers of this, your school will not fail to secure in your behalf.’

Headmaster, John Clarke. 1624

Welcome to Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School!

Open Evening speech


Tuesday 10th September 2019



Good Evening everyone and welcome to Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School.

And welcome back to many of you - I recognise some of your smiley faces from our open mornings in July. Hands up who came in for the open mornings in July – Oh great – can anyone remind me of something you really enjoyed on those days?

I hope you enjoy your evening. I also recognise some of the children’s faces from my recent assemblies in the Primary schools.

Hands up if I went into your school to take an assembly? Oh good! Can anyone remember what the assemblies were about?

The assemblies and work with primary school is so important. It works on so many levels. You get the opportunity to discuss the importance of school, why we go and how important it is to make every day count. After a while I think that many students realise that yes secondary school is different in a lot of ways, but in so many others, its exactly the same – we want the very best for the students and families who put their trust in us.

When I asked the students why we come to school most of them said, “to get a good education and to get a good job”. But as I quizzed them more – they started saying things like – to make friends and so that they can look after themselves and their family when they grow up. Which – when you think about it – are also very important elements of school life – ensuring our young people are confident young adults that can contribute to our society?

The feeling in LCHS is something which I believe is unique. Students are treated as individuals where all are cared for and encouraged to reach for personal excellence. LCHS is not just a school, it’s a community, a family – who work together to help one another realise their dreams.

I am immensely proud to be part of the LCHS community and as you walk around – of course, take time to look at our exceptional facilities – our swimming pool, Gym, Sports fields, 6th form centre, ICT suites, Science labs, Languages corridor, Mathematics classrooms, our SEN and Gifted and talented provision – try to imagine being a part of this supportive, dedicated and focussed community.

The History at LCHS is amazing – 900 years of Educating Lincoln. Making the choice to come here will see you being a part of that history – continuing the legacy of excellence which thousands have done before you.

The core aims of our school are

  • Every student, member of staff, parent, carer and members of our community will be treated with respect within our inclusive organisation.
  • Our school will provide high quality opportunities and care. We will promote tolerance and understanding which will enable every student to make informed decisions regarding their future path.
  • We will nurture talent and encourage pride in academic excellence.
  • We understand that academic excellence is different for every student but insist on every student aiming for their best in every project, piece of work or lesson.
  • High standards of behaviour is expected from every student.These values are not complicated but they underpin everything we try to do.If, as I read them out, you were thinking – yes, I agree with that, or yes that is really important – then I would urge you to seriously consider LCHS as your secondary school provision.Our school is riding on a high at the moment – we are in the third year of record breaking results – and we are not yet at our peak. Already we are gearing up for another great year and we are putting ideas into place which makes sure that the amazing results that our A-Level and GCSE students have had for the past 3 years continues in its record breaking trend.Our school is pushing up its expectations – reaching ever higher – and we have no plans to stop any time soon.I am increasingly humbled by the trust that young people and their parents/carers have in our school to deliver an excellent education. We do not take this responsibility lightly and will be relentless in our quest to ensure that every child reaches their personal excellence.So enjoy your evening – find out what you can – see if you will be a part of the next chapter of our history.




Senior Awards Evening

Thursday 12th September 2019

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you very much for coming along to the Junior Awards Evening.

Welcome to all our prize winners, especially to those who have come back after leaving us and going on to pastures new such as university, college and employment; thank you for coming back to share this evening with us.

Tonight, we are here to celebrate the progress, hard work and dedication of our upper year groups; to celebrate our differences, our common goals, and the collective responsibility we all feel to our school, parents and carers, and to ourselves.

We are also here to think about one of the priority founding principles, which is to support students to reach their personal excellence.

This excellence is different for you all and this excellence is unique. Tonight, we celebrate progress in many subjects: Maths, English, Design, Languages, Humanities, Art – just to name a few. You are sitting here tonight because your teachers and staff are proud of your achievements over this past year, and they have picked you as the one person they would like to congratulate over everyone else. This is a very special thing.

However, this evening isn’t just about saying well done to the people who get the best marks in a test or get 100% all the time. Yes, this can be congratulated, but I personally hold much more value on those people who have been chosen for their determination, effort, commitment to a project or lesson. Those people who might have found things difficult – an uphill struggle – and, despite this, have pulled through to succeed.

It is you that we all look up to and hope that we can live up to your example as we all hit our own personal struggles. We will use your example and turn these barriers into opportunities to learn new things and experience new ideas.

So, thank you to you all for making our jobs so enjoyable and showing that passion and that thirst for learning which we all know is so important.

Before I go on, I would just like to repeat what our Chair of Governors has said about the wider support you have had. You all know that you would not be sitting there if you did not have teachers who were giving you the opportunities, teaching assistants who are by your side supporting you, progress leaders that cared about your every move and pastoral managers who were not looking after you day to day. I think they all need another round of applause!

Also – to the influences and support at home – encouraging you to look good in your uniform, getting to school on time and every day, asking you about your homework, being involved in your studies, telling you to get off your phone and do some work. So again, please can we have a round of applause for all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, carers and guardians who are always helping you to do well.

Our school has gone through a remarkable transformation over these past years and we are riding on a high with the excellent provision and results you have achieved. You are the people who have raised the bar, the students who have reminded us to expect more: the expectation of hard work; of being that ambassador for your school; the expectation that success follows hard work. You took on this responsibility and have thrived.

You have achieved something great by getting here and, hopefully, you will do it again. Hopefully, for those who have yet to go through formal exams, when you pick up your results, this pride can come up again, reminding you of the reason why you bothered in the first place.

In my opinion, results and exams are a stepping stone: stepping stone to your next stage, to your next thing, towards your passion, towards your goal.

The wider experience - friendships, clubs, support, teams, trips, student voice - is where you build your character, the character to succeed - on these academic stepping stones.

And – do you know – it is okay to be proud – it’s okay to feel that pride in yourself and your friends. It’s okay to feel pride in excellence and be happy for others who have also got it. It’s okay to feel pride in the most improved school in the whole of Lincolnshire. It’s okay to feel proud of your English Department or Maths Department or your Art Department or the football or basketball team. People work hard – so be proud of them.

So, if you agree with this, what are you going to do with this information? What are we all going to do? Are you going to bottle up this pride?

We could just leave it and forget and get on with our lives or, tomorrow, you can go and tell your friend, ‘Well done, you are stunning’. You can go to your English teacher and say thank you or your football coach and say thank you or to your dad for always doing your packed lunch or your mum for never missing a parents’ evening or your grandad for helping you make something for your homework.

I challenge all of us to say something to those around you who you are proud of.

This year will be full of more opportunities to learn and experience new things. Moreover, just like this year, you will have a choice. That choice is to just survive and get through or the choice to thrive. Sometimes, it is easy to take the easy route and I really do hope that you will continue to take what could be described as the rocky path, the path which will challenge you, the path that will test your boundaries and, ultimately, will help you move forward.

It won’t always be easy, but these tests in character and commitment will determine your success and strengths.

So, my second challenge to you is to not just survive but to thrive!

Many congratulations to all of our prize winners this evening.

Thank you.

Mr Mckeown

Sports Presentation evening July 2018

Good evening, everyone.

Thank you very much for coming to this year’s Sports Presentation Evening – it is good to see so many of you here this evening celebrating the best athletes LCHS has to offer.

This is also something new for me! I have never had the opportunity to come and speak at one of these events.  I usually do the other academic ones but not this one.  I don’t know why, perhaps my physique suggests I have never played a sport before, I don’t know.

However, I can tell you, unbelievable as it may seem, yes, I have played sports in the past to a half decent level. I can enjoy a go at most things.  When I was your age, I was on the football team, rugby team, golf team, and the cross country team.  I was never much good at athletics – but usually gave it a go – pretty much to make up the numbers!

But I don’t play so much now and to be honest, don’t follow much sport now – perhaps that’s just the stage of my life at the moment with other things filling that time: work, family, and so on.

However, I am glad that there is a separate Sports Presentation Evening for our students because to excel at a sport is different to excelling in an academic subject. I am not saying that it is harder or easier, just different.

You see, for you to find success at Mathematics or French or English or Geography you have to work very hard every day, day in and day out, but success in these areas is very personal. That success is yours and yours alone.  If you get 100%, it’s because you have listened you have worked hard and you have put the time in.

However, to be successful at football or rugby for example, your success usually comes from the effort and dedication of the whole team. Not only that, but each member of your whole team has a different job to play in that. You have to rely on them, to trust them, and ultimately your success or failure can come as a result of someone else’s genius or mistake.

This is probably why the team spirit within sports is unique and very difficult to replicate outside of sport.

Nevertheless, it can be replicated. American Heptathlon gold medal winner Jackie Joyner-Kersee said:

‘The glory of sport comes from dedication and desire. Achieving success and glory in athletics has less to do with wins and losses than it does with learning how to prepare yourself, so that at the end of the day, whether on the track, in the office or in school, you know that there was nothing more that you could have done to reach your personal goal.’

So perhaps there are a lot of lesson that you can take from your field of expertise to help you every single day. That day to day effort and work helps you get where you want to be.

Sometimes it isn’t easy. Mohammed Ali once said:

‘I hated every minute of training. Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

Don’t get me wrong – we can’t all find the legendary status of possibly the greatest boxer of all time, but what he reminds us is that wining and success, whether in a team, on the track or in the classroom does not happen by mistake. The most determined people who put the time in will find the most success in life.

Sometimes this effort is not easy, sometimes you know you are probably going to lose. This might be against a football team you know are great – all your best players are injured – you know the match isn’t going to be pretty.  What then?

Arnold Palmer, a golfing legend, said:

‘Always make total effort. Even when the odds are against you.’

Usain Bolt said:

‘The difference between the possible and impossible is determination.’

Do you remember that person that gave up? No – neither does anyone else.

And you can take these lessons into everything. Have a goal, find out what your success is; then aim for it.  We all have different things which motivate us.  So figure out what it is and don’t let anything stand in your way.

I am going to finish off with one final quote. I don’t know who it is from this time, but it is certainly worth thinking about as you set yourself up for a challenge which comes your way:

‘Why do I succeed? I succeed because I am willing to do the things you are not.  I will sacrifice; I am not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt.  I do feel those emotions – drink them in and swallow them into the blackness of hell.  Learn from them, conquer them and use them to motivate you.  I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride.  Pride consumes the weak – eats them up when things don’t go well.  If I fall – I will get up.  If I am beaten – I will return.  I will never stop getting better.’

Many congratulations to all of our prize winners this evening.