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Minutes of the Full Governing Body Meeting on 17th December 2014 at 6.30pm in the Library.

1.  Present and Welcome                                                                                            

Mrs K Wilson (Chair), Mrs J Daly, Mr A Cottam, Miss R Fearns, Mr J Males, Rev J Patrick, Mr M Savage,

Mrs D Scammell, Mr J Spencer, Mr M Mckeown (Headteacher), Mr J Hanrahan, Mrs R Hewitt, Mr M Edgar,

Mrs M Laurence, Mr P Banks, Mr D Gibbons.

Minutes: Mrs S Roberts                                                                               

2 Apologies: Mr A Mills (Vice Chair), Mr N Manders, Mrs S Wilkinson, Mr D Sanford, Mr J Thorpe.

3 Declarations of Interest

Mrs J Daly – Streets Accountants.

4 Confirmation of the Previous Minutes of 10th September (paper FG2014/9/2)

The minutes were confirmed and signed as a true record.

5 Matters Arising

Mr Mckeown has agreed to provide a summary of all Full Governors meetings to be put on the website.

6 Overview of Term 1

  1. Mr Mckeown had asked for a selection of staff including the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Heads of Year (HOY) and Heads of Subject (HOS) to list 3 or 4 bullet points of successes within their area. This was a slightly different format than in previous reports.

  2. Mr Gemmill (Teacher of Art) had also compiled a short video of 30/40 students explaining what their highlights have been this term and things they could improve on. The Governors enjoyed the video and asked that the whole staff be shown it (this will be shown on Friday).

  3. Q) Have the CAT tests proved to be successful this year? A) No specific feedback has been received regarding the Year 7 CATS tests. Data has been received and maybe in the longer term will be used as part of the transition process.

  4. Q) What are the longer term plans for A/S and A Level entry? A) With A/S levels being phased out the school is looking at things relating to this and there is an advantage with keeping them. This will need further discussion.

  5. The new style of report was welcomed although it would be welcomed to see a bullet point of what could be improved on/not gone so well.

  6. It was asked how school was going to make sure that the students receiving extra Maths support would maintain that level if it was decided they didn’t need to remain in the intervention group. Mock exams were currently taking place and along with those results there is also continued assessments and moderation and the class teacher could identify quickly any student who would need to return to the group. There are also groups in place for higher ability students (A/A*) and the lower ability (E/F/G).

7 School SEF

  1. This is a different style document that has been used in the past.

  2. The document is a working document which will be continually updated.

  3. The areas of development came out of the previous Ofsted inspection. Varying amounts of progress have been made in these areas.

  4. QA has shown many areas of strengths for marking and assessment.

  5. The Rewards system has changed and it is too early to say at this stage if there has been a significant impact but early indications show this is very popular.

  6. DfL (Discipline for Learning) has been launched. Significant progress in behaviour for learning and this will be embedded next term.

  7. Behaviour in lessons is good and students are receiving some excellent teaching. A review of free time behaviour will be completed in January 2015.

  8. Discussion/training regarding the main messages in Raiseonline.

  9. September – December 2014 – 25 outstanding lessons observed.

  10. Mrs Owens produced a range of statistics regarding Behaviour and Safety and you can see the strengths and weaknesses of the new initiatives.

  11. The next areas to work on in this document are Leadership and Management and SMSC.

  12. It was asked if this document needed to explain how pupil premium was being used – A full Pupil Premium Improvement Plan has been produced and Mr Mckeown will bring it to the next meeting.

  13. The DfL is going through a staged approach. Many staff have already had training, the rest will receive this at the INSET day in January. DfL has been launched for several year groups. The first step is helping students to reflect on their behaviours. Mrs Capes and Mrs Owens will report to SLT in January with results. Plans are in place to have badges to identify Expert/Advanced learners. Plans are in place to have prefects within the Sixth Form (currently four Sixth Form students have the position of Head of House). The possibility is also there for having a Head Boy and Head Girl.

8. Action Plan update

  1. This was updated a few weeks ago. Like the SEF document it is a working document and will be updated regularly.

  2. Green – well on the way to completion, Yellow – on the way to completion, Red – not yet considered.

  3. 2.2 QA Data led observations – in the longer term more data led/hypothesis observations will take place. More targeted observations rather than general. Look at non-judgement observations.

9 2014 KS4 Predictions

  1. A new data system is in place for 2014 – SISRA. This will ensure that instant headline indicators are available.

  2. There has been significant progress with the headline figure of 5A-C including English and Maths showing an 11% increase on 2014. Mock results in January will give an update.

  3. EBACC – all inline or above national average.

  4. KS5 initial assessments are from the beginning of the course.

  5. VA figures are based on what the expected progress is.

  6. VA is just a prediction at the moment from October and will be updated from the mock results in January.

  7. It was agreed that this was a very helpful document.

10 Champions/Named Governors

It was decided on the following:

Child Protection and Safeguarding – Mrs Wilson

Maths – Mrs Daly

English – Mr Gibbons

Business and Enterprise – Mr Hanrahan

Staff Development – Mrs Hewitt

Gifted and Talented – Mr Spencer

SEN and Additional Needs (including EAL and LAC) – Mrs Scammell

Student Voice – Mrs Daly

Performing Arts – Mr Males

  1. Champions/Named Governors are still required for Science and Technology, Curriculum Enrichment and also Literacy and Numeracy across the Curriculum. If anyone is interested in the future in these please let Mrs Wilson know.

  2. It was decided that it would not be appropriate for Staff Governors to be Champions/Named Governors.

  3. Mr Mckeown would let the Governors have details of each link member of staff.

  4. Once Governors were in touch with their link member of staff they would be able to build a relationship and develop to a mutual benefit.

11 Report to Governors and Financial Statement for approval

The accounts had been received and the Finance Committee had looked in detail through these.  The accounts were proposed to be accepted and signed by Mr Savage and seconded by Mr Males.

12 Reports from Committees and Governors

Reports had been distributed for all the meetings that had taken place this term.  There were no further questions or comments relating to these minutes.

13 Policies for ratification

All the policies had previously been discussed at the relevant sub-committees except for the Staff Dress Code.

  1. Long Service Award – This had been amended to a term of 25 years for this school only with an amount of £150.00.   The maximum number of staff this would apply to in an academic year would be three or four at most and the school is able to cope financially with this. The Long Service Award Policy was approved and accepted.

  2. Admissions – This had been discussed previously at the Pupil Care Committee and Steve Gamble had asked for an amendment relating to named primary feeder schools.

    A discussion took place regarding the suggestion changes.

  • It’s quite unusual to have named schools on Admission Policies.

  • It doesn’t mean that we’re not accepting students from these schools.

  • Have schools listed or not listed should make no difference to numbers at all.

  • A great attraction to staff is the genuine full range of students in the school from all abilities and backgrounds.

  • We have a balanced school community from socio economic backgrounds. In the first paragraph of the Admission Policy it makes reference to LCHS being a comprehensive academy.

  • Some Admission Policies used to state a first choice preference. This cannot be done now.

The Admission Policy was approved and accepted and will be reviewed annually.

  1. CapabilityThe Capability Policy was approved and accepted.

  2. WhistleblowingThe Whistleblowing Policy was approved and accepted.

  3. Local OfferThe Local Offer was approved and accepted.

  4. ExclusionThe Exclusion Policy was approved and accepted.

  5. Charge Card UsageThe Charge Card Usage Policy was approved and accepted.

  6. Staff Dress Code

    These are guidelines of what is/is not acceptable for staff to wear. It was sent out to several staff for consultation and discussion initially. It will provide guidelines should it be necessary for a member of staff to be challenged.   There are some exceptions i.e. PE staff, other staff who require protective clothing etc. We want to provide a professional environment.

    A discussion took place regarding the suggested Policy.

  • Some Governors saw this being a problem as the wording for female staff was more significant.

  • Some ideas of what constitutes smart are different for different people.

  • Should men wear jackets as well as shirt and tie? Students wear blazers and it’s very difficult if members of staff are telling them off for not wearing them when they themselves are not wearing jackets.

  • Some staff will need to be spoken to regarding tattoos and facial piercings.

  • If men are expected to wear suits than it should be expected of women too.

  • Science and DT staff have issues with wearing jackets in the classroom but could be expected to wear them out of the classroom on duty.

  • One dress code for staff one for students.

  • This should be included in the Staff Hand Book.

  • Potential new staff should be sent a copy of this Policy on application.

Further discussion took place regarding the last paragraph relating to e-cigarettes.

  • The last paragraph doesn’t relate to uniform.

  • Should the title of the Policy be changed?

  • Private staff quarters is private domain smoking e-cigarettes should be allowed.

  • Many organisations/businesses have a non e-cigarette rule as they would with smoking. We should agree.

  • Mrs Laurence asked to be allowed to bring further documentation relating to this to the next meeting.

  • Proposal to ask staff for their views and comments.

  • Mrs Laurence had a document that stated the DfE had not produced guidelines and it was down to individual Headteachers.

  • This is not a dress code issue but does need to be on a policy.

  • Mr Mckeown stated that guidelines from all teaching unions and Unison supported a ban of e-cigarettes.

  • This only relates to four or five members of staff who smoke e-cigarettes.

It was agreed to hold a vote on this and the overwhelming majority voted to ban e-cigarettes from the school site.

The Staff Dress Code Policy was approved and accepted.

14 AOB

  1. Tenders have been received from builders for the Sixth Form build. A Foundation Governor meeting has been arranged for January.

  2. Mrs Wilson thanked Mrs Roberts for standing in and taking meeting minutes in the absence of Mr Thorpe.

  3. Mr Males handed out a report of the Sixth Form Debating Club that he has been attending.

15 Date of Next meeting – Wednesday 11th February 2015

Meeting ended at 8.30pm


Papers used in the meeting:

  1. Minutes from meeting on 10th September

  2. Overview of Term 1

  3. School SEF

  4. School Development and Improvement Plan

  5. 2014 KS4 Projections

  6. Champions and Named Governors

  7. Financial Statement of Accounts

  8. Reports from various sub-committees

  9. Policies

    1. Capability

    2. Whistleblowing

    3. Local Offer

    4. Exclusion

    5. Admission 2016-17

    6. Charge Card Usage

    7. Staff Dress Code

  10. Report on Sixth Form Debating Club