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Minutes of the Full Governing Body Meeting on 11th February 2015 at 6.30pm in the Library

1.  Present and Welcome                                                                                            

Mrs K Wilson (Chair), Mrs J Daly, Mr A Cottam, Miss R Fearns, Mr J Males, Rev J Patrick, Mr M Savage,

Mrs D Scammell, Mr J Spencer, Mr M Mckeown (Headteacher), Mr J Hanrahan, Mrs R Hewitt, Mr M Edgar,

Mrs M Laurence, Mr P Banks, Mr D Gibbons, Mr N Manders, Mrs S Wilkinson.

Minutes: Mrs S Roberts                                                                               

2.    Apologies: Mr A Mills (Vice Chair), Mr J Thorpe.

3.    Declarations of Interest


4.   Confirmation of the Previous Minutes of 17th December (paper FG2014/12/2)

The minutes were confirmed and signed as a true record.

5.    Matters Arising

  1. Mr Gibbons had visited the English department and Mrs Daly had attended a recent Behaviour Management training and both had completed reports. These were handed out.

  2. Mr Mckeown had emailed out an overview of Pupil Premium.

  3. Mr Mckeown has produced an abridged version of the minutes of the Full Governors meeting on 17th December 2014 (handed out) and these will be published on the School website tomorrow. The timescale was discussed between the minutes being issued to Governors and then put on the website. It was agreed that minutes will be approved by Mrs Wilson, Mr Mills and Mr Hanrahan and then published on the website straight away.

6.   Minutes from Sub-Committees

Property Committee 21st January 2015

  1. School needs to consider what furniture they require in the main reception area. Work starts at Easter.

  2. The Charging Policy and Tendering Policy were looked at and referred to the Finance Committee.

Joint Teaching and Data Committee 14th January 2015

No further comments to make.

Pupil Care and Guidance Committee 28th January 2015

No further comments to make.

Finance Committee 5th February 2015

  1. Minutes had been emailed out and copies were handed out.

7.    Curriculum Review and Proposals – Mr Jackson

  1. Mr Jackson explained the Curriculum Review and chronology from the document he had emailed previously and handed out a document of proposed changes to the timing of the school day.

  2. The initial review started in 2013 with Mr Wright.

  3. The curriculum for Year 7 and Year 8 had already seen changes this year after being ratified by Governors in 2014.

  4. The recommendations are made on behalf of the whole SLT team who wished to continue the review started by Mr Wright.

  5. A phased in curriculum from 2015 to 2018.

  6. Many schools that have tried a three year KS4 and have not been happy have opted for this approach.

  7. Pathways approach for Year 9 – have choice to continue with option choices in Year 10 or have opportunity to change options choice.

  8. At least expected progress in English and Maths from KS2 to KS4.

  9. A rise in curriculum of English and Maths will see a significant increase.

  10. It’s not appropriate for all students to be pushed through the EBACC route.

  11. Year 8 wouldn’t make option choices until late March (timetable arranged in May). Can change choices by half term in Year 9.

  12. All year groups get 25 periods a week, split equally over 5 days.

  13. Citizenship is no longer formally on curriculum for Year 7 or Year 8. Suggestion is to deliver Citizenship in extended tutor times of 20 minutes.

  14. Religious Studies will go back to their original one lesson a week in Year 11 next year (they have received two lessons this year in Year 10).


  1. Is it feasible for Citizenship/PHSE/SMSC to be delivered in tutor time? Mr Stevens (Head of Citizenship) along with two members of staff in the Citizenship team will assist form tutors. At least two mornings a week will be dedicated to Citizenship/SMSC – particularly in Year 7 and Year 8. Some tutors won’t feel as confident to deliver this but support and training will be there from Mr Stevens and the team.

  2. Some tutors are non- teaching staff but teaching assistants. Are we changing their role with delivering lessons to students? We will listen to staff and make sure they are willing and able to deliver SMSC. The support will be there from Mr Stevens and the team. From previous experience non-qualified teaching staff are very good as tutors. There will be a bank of CPD to build up skills of tutors.

  3. The majority of schools don’t have discreet Citizenship. This is going back to what we used to do approximately 10 years ago. Citizenship is still an option subject.

  4. More English and Maths lessons – how does this affect staffing? The staffing has been costed. Some teachers could be asked to teach their second specialism, especially Citizenship teachers for Year 7 and Year 8. We are lucky to have a flexible staff in this respect. Costings work well with staff requests for reduced hours. This looks very promising. Staffing will need to be looked at annually as we move towards 2018.

  1. In Year 7 in 2014 every student got their first choice of a Modern Foreign Language.

  2. In Year 8 in 2015 there will be a Parents’ Evening to explain the option process for Year 9.

  3. We would monitor carefully students in Year 9 with their choices.

  4. Mr Jackson read out a list of comments from feedback of the departments. There was a mixture of positives and negatives, the vast majority positive.


  1. For Modern Foreign Languages when is the decision made to drop that subject during the year?   There will be no difference to what happens at the moment. From Year 9 to Year 10 the choice to drop MFL would probably have been picked up already by the department.

  2. Could you take Geography in Year 10 or will you have missed a vital year in Year 9? It wouldn’t be easy but would be doable.

  3. Religious Studies – Four years ago the top three groups had 1 lesson a week. Two lessons over two years gained a full grade. Need to consider Religious Studies in an option block. Currently delivering the full course in one lesson a week. It would be sensible to have Religious Studies in an option block.

  4. Is there any evidence that extra lessons will help students improve? There are currently already extra intervention classes taking place and Maths are asking to continue with four lessons next year. It sounds very sensible. SAM Learning and the FFT have statistics that show a significant improvement with extra lessons.

  5. Would these extra lessons be with the same teacher? It would be a maximum of two teachers.   It definitely wouldn’t be five teachers.

The Curriculum proposals were proposed by Mrs Laurence and seconded by Mrs Hewitt and accepted by Governors.

  1. Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 Assessment Strategy – Mr Jackson

  1. There have been several meetings this academic year involving SLT/RF/HOS to discuss this issue.

  2. RF presented three alternatives from last year’s pilot on levels. There was a consensus that one of the models could be adopted for our school incorporating Discipline for Learning.

  3. We have also met with several Primary Heads and discussed this issue.

  4. We presently feel that it is sensible to use our existing assessment tracking system which involves baseline testing in Year 7 coupled with CATS testing.

  5. There will be further focus on this topic prior to Easter.

  1. Leadership Models – Mr Mckeown

  1. Mr Mckeown referred to the document emailed to Governors.

  2. Our current SLT is small for the size of the school. They are working exceptionally hard.

  3. A proposal of two Deputy Headteachers, four Assistant Headteachers, two Associate Senior Leaders.

  4. The four Lead Teachers will be completely developmental and be on a rotational basis.

  5. The financial implications have been discussed with Mrs Wilson and Mr Manders.

  6. The Governors discussed that the core of SLT should be two Deputy Headteachers and four Assistant Headteachers.

  7. The Deputy Headteacher post will go out to national press in the next half term.

The Governors approved this proposal in principle.

  1. Policies for ratification.

    The following policies had been reviewed at sub-committees.

    Curriculum PolicyThe Curriculum Policy was approved and accepted.

    Marking PolicyThe Marking Policy was approved and accepted.

    Complaints Policy – There was discussion on whether the Policy was too cumbersome but had been approved at the sub-committee. It was decided that this is a ‘robust’ Policy with a human element. The Complaints Policy was approved and accepted.

    Educational Visits PolicyThe Educational Visits Policy was approved and accepted.

    Health and Safety PolicyThe Health and Safety Policy was approved and accepted.

    Looked after Children (LAC) PolicyThe Looked after Children (LAC) Policy was approved and accepted.

    Special Educational Needs (SEN) PolicyThe Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy was approved and accepted.

    Anti-Bullying PolicyThe Anti-Bullying Policy was approved and accepted.

    Literacy Policy – This policy had not been before a sub-committee and will be looked at in the next Joint Teaching and Data meeting.

    Numeracy Policy – This policy had not been before a sub-committee and will be looked at in the next Joint Teaching and Data meeting.

  2. Chair of Governors Items


  1. Headteacher’s Items

  1. Links for KYRA and LTSA have been emailed to Governors. Mr Mckeown will give details of strengths and weaknesses for both at the next Full Governors meeting on 25th March 2015. This will be an Agenda item.

  1. Date of next meeting

    Wednesday 25th March 2015 at 6.30pm

Meeting ended at 8.40pm


Papers used in the meeting:

  1. Minutes from Full Governors on 17th December 2014.

  2. Minutes from sub-committees

  3. Curriculum Review and Proposals

  4. Leadership Models

  5. Pupil Premium Projection

  6. Timings of the school day

  7. Policies

    1. Curriculum Policy

    2. Marking Policy

    3. Complaints Policy

    4. Educational Visits Policy

    5. Health and Safety Policy

    6. Looked after Children (LAC) Policy

    7. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

    8. Anti-Bullying Policy