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Full Governors’ Meeting on 20th May 2015 at 6.30pm

1  Present

Mrs K Wilson (Chair), Mr J Hanrahan (Vice Chair), Mr M McKeown (Headteacher),  Mr J Males, Mrs S Wilkinson, Canon J Patrick, Mrs R Hewitt, Mr A Cottam, Mr N Manders, Mrs M Laurence, Mrs D Scammell, Mr P Banks, Mrs J Daly, Mr J Spencer, Mr D Gibbons.

Guests:  Students : Miss Andia Newton, Mr Cade Anderson-Smith and Mrs J Stannard (Teacher)

Clerk: Mr J Thorpe

The Chair thanked everyone for coming and welcomed the guests.

2  Apologies

Mr A Mills (Vice Chair), Miss R Fearns, Mr M Edgar.

3  Declarations of Interest

Mrs J Daly who was working for the School Auditor.

4  Presentation by Students on the European Citizen Project (See Paper “European Citizenship Project-Brief Overview” and “What’s in it for me?” Tabled)

  1. Mr Cottam, who led the project, gave a talk on the project which, after two years was coming to an end. The students had visited Poland, Hungary and Latvia and England (LCHS) and had a four day workshop in each one led by the host country.

  2. The aim was to generate long lasting co-operation between the countries.

  3. It was hoped that Poland would secure funding so that the project could continue with another set of students.

  4. Mr Anderson-Smith talked about his experiences and shared that they were worried about the language barrier. He was surprised to find that the students in other countries could speak English quite well. He was also struck by how similar they all were and yet how different.

  5. Miss Newton continued with saying that they had tried to learn phrases to get by! They were welcomed warmly in each country right from the start and after introductions began to integrate. They had kept friendships going. By the end of the visits they saw students as friends not as separate nationalities.

  6. They had tried their hands at Hungarian and Polish National Dancing and in return had given the other students an introduction to Morris and Scottish Dancing.

  7. They had not stopped talking about their life changing experiences and changed outlook towards the EU.

  8. They had been talking about their experiences to the school. A helpful handbook was being produced through workshops and their experiences would be published on a website.

The Governors applauded the students for their presentation and thanked Mr Cottam, Mrs Stannard, Miss Newton and Mr Anderson-Smith.

5 Confirmation of the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th February 2015 (Paper FG2015/2/2)

The Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as a true record and were signed.

6 Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

7 Minutes from Sub-Committees

a) Co-ordinating Committee (25th February 2015 and 22nd April 2015)

b) Joint Committee (29th April 2015)

c) Discipline Committee (17th April 2015 and 5th May 2015)

There was only one set of Discipline minutes the later one would be brought to committee at a later date.

d) Finance Committee (6th May 2015)

Governors had read the papers in advance of the meeting and had no further questions or comments on the minutes which were then accepted by the Governors.

8 Governors’ Visits and Courses Attended

Governors who had responsibilities in school were requested to send in a report on their visit, or course,  in time to be presented in the next meeting on 18th July 2015.

  1. The Chair and four others had been on a Safeguarding Course at the Castle Academy and a report would be sent.

  2. Mrs Daly had been to a meeting of the Student Voice regarding Heads of House. She found the students and staff were supportive of each other and were involved in collating information from pupils further down the school.  The Heads of House wanted to develop the house system to include the Sixth Form.

  3. Mr Spencer had been to a GMAT meeting with Mrs Blyth. He would send a report to the Governors.

  4. Mr Spencer had also been to a course on Monitoring and Evaluation.

  5. Mrs Scammell was just about to make her third visit this year to the SEN department.

  6. Mrs Hewitt had been into school to see Mr Gilbey concerning CPD.

  7. The Chair explained that the Chairs and Vice Chairs had been conducting a self-review to see how they could improve. The review was being filled in by the Co-ordinating Committee and the results would be shared at the next Full Governors’ meeting. Many Key actions from the self-review involved visits and reporting.

  8. The situation was much improved this year.

It was agreed that the reports would be circulated in time for meetings, discussed and the Clerk would keep a file of reports.

Mr Gibbons suggested that the visits were made, the reports collated and governors discuss their self-review Grade that OFSTED would give against their criteria as an agenda item. This would be part of the governors’ Challenge Role and should ask, “How can Governors help?” and “Is it good enough?”

9 Headteacher’s Reports

a) Maths Review

  1. Strengths and areas to improve were discussed and agreed.

The Governors wished to commend the members of the maths department  for embracing new ideas and understood that the department had had staffing problems in the past.

b) Pupil Premium Review

  1. This review had been externally verified.

  2. Strengths of the school and areas for development were discussed based on 5.1.3 and 5.1.4. in the document.

  3. The Senior Leadership team would be looking at the Pastoral system to see if it is right and also compare it with other models.

c) Progress in the Appointment of a new Deputy Headteacher

  1. After a rigorous interview, just before Easter, Mr Thompson was appointed as Deputy Headteacher. He was the strongest candidate.

  2. Mr Whitaker and Mr Fragle had been appointed as Assistant Heads and Mr Edgar and Mr Midddleton as Associate Senior Leaders.

d) Lincolnshire Learning Partnership

  1. It was agreed that the school should sign up for and be a part of the LLP.

e) Prospectus/School Brochure

  1. The brochure had been discussed in committee and the requested changes were being made. The brochure which had been circulated was a draft. New photographs and changes to the text had been made. Mr Males and Mr Thompson had been meeting to discuss improvements.

Mr Males was thanked for his work.

f) Data Dashboard

  1. A copy of the Data Dashboard had been circulated.

The Headteacher was thanked for his report.

10 Update on the Sixth Form Building Work

Mr Banks reported that the internal work would be starting during the half term school  holiday. The work was progressing well.

11 Policies for Ratification

It was agreed that, since there was a lot of paperwork involving various drafts of policies, it would be better to amend the Terms of Reference to empower sub-committees to accept policies on behalf of the whole Governing Body. (Proposed by Mr Cottam, Seconded by Mr Males and accepted unanimously.)

The following policies were accepted Charging Policy, Tendering Policy and Staff Discipline Policy.

Governors wondered if they should have copies of the policies. The policies were published on the school website so it was not necessary.

It was agreed that the clerk would circulate to governors a copy of the list of policies and their review dates.

12 Next Meeting Property Inspection

Governors were reminded that there would be a Property Inspection starting in Reception at 5.30pm on 15th July just before the next meeting.

13 Dropbox

It was wondered if the Dropbox should be discontinued with Governors being circulated with all the documents by email.

It was agreed to continue with Dropbox.

14 Holiday Dates

The Term and Holiday dates were circulated for information.

15 Chair’s Items

a)  Self-Review

  1. The Chair stressed that the Self-Review was to improve governors’ performance and was being co-ordinated by Mr Spencer who would bring the completed document to the Full Governors’ meeting on 15th July 2015.

  2. The outcomes would guide the Governors in their focus and challenge for the next year. Mr Spencer said he was using a traffic light system to show clearly what was good and what needed improving. Each committee would work out from their own sections of the review what needed to be done and in what order.

  3. It provided a platform to work from in supporting the school.

The Chair thanked everyone for their support in carry out this review.

b) Signing –in Book in Reception

Governors were asked, when signing in during the school day, to add the reason for their visit so that a record was made.

c) Sports Kit

The new kit was on display and looked smart.

16 AOB : None

17 Date of the Next Meeting

18th July 2015 at 6.30pm in the library and would be preceded by the annual property inspection at 5.30pm starting from Reception.

The meeting ended at 8.15pm.


Papers used in the meeting

  1. European Citizenship Project-Brief Overview

  2. What’s in it for me?

  3. Headteacher’s Reports

  4. Data dashboard

  5. Minutes from Sub-Committees: Co-ordinating Committee , Joint Committee, Discipline Committee, Finance Committee.

  6. Draft School Brochure

  7. Policies: Charging, Tendering and Staff Discipline Policies.

  8. School Term Dates

  9. Also included for information was a Governors’ Contact List.