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Welcome to Gifted, More Able and Talented at LCHS.


Effective provision for GMAT students is provided in the classroom where a greater depth of understanding and a higher level of technique is fostered. Each subject has a designated teacher responsible for identifying gifted or talented students and liaising with the GMAT coordinator, Mrs J Blyth.

Enrichment for added breadth is employed as a strategy for motivating and challenging able students. Examples of GMAT activities are:

  • Department clubs e.g. History
  • Debating Competitions
  • Magistrates Court Competition
  • Lincolnshire Show School's Challenge
  • Challenge Plus
  • Science and Technology Competition at Lincoln University
  • Writing Club
  • Journalism Days
  • Poetry Slam
  • Book Reviews for the Lincolnshire Echo
  • Media Project
  • School Choir, School Orchestra, School Band, Vocal Ensemble
  • Local specialist trips e.g. Siemens, University, etc
  • Wider ranging trips e.g. China
  • Department enrichment/master classes e.g. Art
  • Challenges e.g. Maths Challenge

Information about how Gifted, More Able and Talented (GMAT) is organised at LCHS  in terms of identification, staff responsibilities, etc can all be found in the draft policy which you can find in the links section. The policy’s aims are quoted below:

“This policy is an integral part of the school’s broader development of maximum inclusion of educational opportunity for all learners and states our commitment to providing an environment in which all learners are enabled to realise their potential. LCHS’ aims are to:

  • Provide learners with work at higher cognitive levels and opportunities to develop specific skills or talents within the mainstream curriculum, emphasising greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for all learners.
  • Ensure a concern for the whole child and develop a culture that nurtures and promotes able learners within the school, raising their aspirations and expectations.
  • Create a programme that provides varied opportunities for learners to try out new things and develop their talents together in collaborative learning experiences outside of the normal curriculum.”


The following websites are available to give information to parents and provide extra challenges, information and a forum for GMAT students.


Coming soon to LCHS…


Uncle Henry’s Farm

By Tierhey Rayment

We (Jamie-lee, Jessica, Max, Cade, Connor and I) went to Uncle Henry’s Farm to learn about potatoes and soil. This is because we are growing our own potatoes to enter in a competition. We have to make sure that the potatoes are nice and healthy so we can use some of them in a recipe. We don’t know which recipe yet but it will be amazing! As a treat whist we were there we got to see the pigs that live on the farm and one particular pig kept on sticking its tongue out at us. After spending some time with the pigs, we were allowed to go to the shop on the farm.


Uncle Henry’s Visit

By Jessica Wyatt

On Wednesday 25th April six LCHS students went to Uncle Henry’s farm near Gainsborough. We went as we are part of a small group in the Schools’ Challenge at the Lincolnshire Show in June. We are studying potatoes and the conditions they grow best in. We also hope to discover some unusual recipes we can make with the potatoes, all in the hope of winning.

At Uncle Henry’s we visited their potato fields and looked particularly at the machinery used to harvest the potatoes as well as how the potatoes were planted in the soil in deep trenches. We looked at how they were stored before they are sold. We were given lots of advice by a farmer who works on the farm and he gave us a bag of potatoes with which to experiment.

After lunch we looked at the café menu and the different uses of potatoes in the café. They make potato wedges, jacket potatoes and many other different dishes. We also learnt one of their secret recipes for potato wedges! We looked around the gift shop for ways of presenting and using potatoes.

After that, we had a talk on different diseases that potatoes can get that reduce the price that people are willing to pay for them and would lose us marks in the Lincolnshire Show. We learnt how to recognise the disease in its early stages and hopefully prevent the potatoes being infected by treating it quickly.

Overall, we had a great day. We learnt loads of useful information and we are looking forward to putting it into practice with our own potatoes.




For the last 4 months, 5 students on the Gifted and Talented register have chosen to work with Mrs Martin and Mrs Mills to compete against other secondary schools in the Lincolnshire Show Schools’ Challenge. In their breaks and after school Year 7s Jessica Wyatt, Tierney Rayment, Jamielee Wessels and Year 9 team leaders Max Imbornone and Cade Anderson-Smith set about growing potatoes and developing recipes with them. Their research included a talk from an Agronomist on the best growing conditions and a visit to Uncle Henry’s Farm to see how commercial potato production is handled. Their hard work paid off and following their enthusiastic demonstration and presentation at the show they were awarded second place. Both teachers involved have been really impressed by their commitment and hard work – well done Team Potato!



The UKMT Individual Senior Mathematics Challenge is an intriguing multiple choice question paper which is designed to stimulate interest in Mathematics. The paper contains 25 multiple choice questions. Of these, the first 15 are more accessible whilst the final 10 provide more food for thought.  The challenge is for students aged 16-19 who enjoy Mathematics and who are not yet at University and students participate from over 4000 schools and colleges.

Bronze certificates were awarded to Abigail Wells, Ho Man Yuen, Luke Rossington, Abigail Prohnij, Ying Ying Zheng and James Whittingham.

Silver certificates were awarded to Adam Brinded, Emily Gourlay and Caleb Newsome.

Gold certificates were awarded to Tianyi Li, Liam Sperrin and Alex Kelly.

Due to their exceptional results, two students from Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School were invited to enter follow-on rounds.

Liam Sperrin was invited to participate in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round. Unfortunately he dislocated his knee the day before the round and was unable to participate. Hopefully he will be invited to participate again next year.

Tianyi Li was invited to participate in the Senior Kangaroo. 25% of students who participate in this follow-on round receive a certificate of merit and Tianyi’s impressive score resulted in this award being achieved.

Mrs K Robinson