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Between the birth of Princess Charlotte, a bank holiday weekend and the General Election in the first week of May 2015, an important local anniversary has slipped through almost un-noticed. Our school was officially opened forty years ago this month.

The four ancestor secondaries had merged in the summer and classes had started at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School in September 1974. However and inevitably, there was so much going on in this new school led by Headmaster Behenna that it was decided that the official opening shouldn’t take place for another eight months. It started at 11 am on Saturday, 3rd May 1975.

A copy of the programme reminds us of a very formal event


Mr.P.H.Race, Chairman of Governors

Sir Francis Hill, C.B.E., Litt.D, LL.D., D.L,

Chancellor of Nottingham University


Mrs.C.M.Seely, Vice-Chairman of Governors



Pomp and Circumstance March No.1     Elgar

Slavonic Dance No.8 Opus 46      Dvorak


I wonder how the governors, staff and pupils of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School would celebrate the official opening of the school if it happened today.


Post-1974 Archivist



Year 7 and Year 8 pupils have been involved in the creation of wooded areas around the school to mark the Centenary of the First World War and to act as a remembrance of victims in conflicts around the World. Planting of over 300 tree saplings, donated by the Woodland trust, began in November 2014 and was completed in April of this year. Well done to everyone who has taken part.

Mrs Inman


Leaver’s Assembly 19 th June 2015 11.45am for all of year 11 students and the year 11 tutor team in the Main Hall.

The students may then leave and return home to get ready for the event of the year, the Prom at Jocasta’s

The evening starts at 7pm – midnight. Parents are welcome to join us for the  excitement of the arrival of the students




7RF have been using their form time over the past few weeks to learn more about the election and the different political parties. They have explored political policies on a range of topics from the NHS to Education. They have discovered the difference between ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ ideas and have developed an awareness of political terminology. They have engaged in debates, watched political broadcasts and have been able to consider a range of different views. 




Today all the students in 7RF were given the opportunity to vote, they took this process very seriously and were very pleased to be given the opportunity to have their voices heard. Miss Fearns even informed the students that she would not make her vote until she had considered their thoughts and ideas!

Miss R Fearns