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Children in Need

Friday 13th November will be a voluntary non-school uniform day for all pupils in support of BBC Children in Need.

Students are encouraged to bring a £1 donation if they would like to take part. There will also be a variety of fundraising activities taking place so students may wish to bring some change and help support this worthy cause. Donations of cake for cakes stalls are always welcome!

If you require any further information, or your child would like to take part in a fund raising activity on the day, please feel free to contact me at school.

Thank you in anticipation of a great day,

Jane Stannard

Coordinator of House Charity Events.

Brick Lincs

Brick Lincs


The talented builders of Brickshire (a Yorkshire based Lego user group) will be out in force at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School on Saturday 24th October bringing with them their amazingly intricate creations ranging from a realistic medieval village, walled garden and train shed to the fantastical Cloud Cuckoo Land and vehicles from ‘Thunderbirds are Go’.  MOCs (my own creations) inspired by film and TV will also be on show demonstrating skill, imagination and dedication. 

Come and admire the magnificent city layout with some of Lego’s most detailed and realistic buildings on display.  Stay and watch 25 years of Lego trains and the exceedingly rare monorail in action as they speed along tracks, under bridges, over flyovers and past stations and see if you can work out what caused the fire at the haunted house.   Take a moment to appreciate Lego’s interpretation of two of the world’s most iconic landmarks - The Taj Mahal and Tower Bridge.  And as if that weren’t enough to take in, everyone who visits the show is automatically entered into the ‘Spot the Mini Figure’ competition in which a successful search for nine super hero mini figures amongst the display gives you the chance of winning a Lego set. If you don’t win that, there is a raffle with lots of Lego prizes.

Apart from the spectacular display there will be hours of fun for Lego fans of all ages. 

Budding MOCers will have a chance to chat with experienced builders about how to develop their skills and techniques and leave with tips on how to improve their own MOCs.

Take part in the challenge to build a mosaic in a day - follow the design and complete a 32x32 stud tile to complete a 3.5 metre by 4.5 metre Fairy Bricks logo.  Just 250 tiles will do the trick!

Other activities include a blind build challenge in which you can look at the instructions but the pieces are in a box and out of sight whilst you build, using Lego digital design to have a go at digitally designing your own MOC, trying your skills at the build table where plenty of different elements will be available and taking part in a workshop using power functions to build a moving fairground ride.

There will also be an opportunity to buy sets - some no longer available as well as a large range of loose Lego elements.  

Refreshments will be available for tired adults and hungry children in need of a little more energy to complete the day’s activities.

Doors open at 10.00am at LCHS on Wragby road.  Last entry is at 4.30pm.  Admission £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for children.


At half past two on Thursday the 9th July, a group of fourteen sixth formers departed from the school en route to Stansted Airport, where they would fly to Madrid, Spain.

First impressions? Hot. To be precise, 39 degrees. Despite the shock of the heat, we were soon out exploring the city and absorbing the culture. On the first of many walks, we wandered over to Retiro Park passing the quirky street vendors as they called out in Spanish. Yet this was just one of the places we would experience. Over the next 72 hours we’d visit Atocha Station, The Plaza Mayor, The Puerta del Sol, The Reina Sofia Art Museum, The Gran Via, a cinema (where we saw the Minions movie in Spanish), The Prado Art Museum, The Royal Palace and experience the outskirts of Madrid from above in a cable car.

There were many opportunities to utilise our Spanish speaking skills. For instance, in our free time we were allowed to explore the streets of Madrid and we had to use our knowledge of the language to communicate with shop assistants, who were only too happy to humour us. Likewise, our Spanish was invaluable when ordering our tapas as we stepped out of our comfort zones and tried the local cuisine (our personal favourite were the croquetas).

The highlight of the trip, for us, was getting to see Guernica, a painting by Pablo Picasso portraying the Spanish Civil War. After learning about the context and meaning in lessons, we were in awe of the sheer size of it and the amount of detail which we had overlooked in the photocopies. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Would we go again? ¡Sí!


On Monday the 12th of July, 30 students were selected from year 9 to take part in the MFL dragon’s den challenge. 10 from French, 10 from German and 10 from Spanish. We were put into groups of five where we had small tasks to get our brains thinking. We had a presentation from Mrs Turner about we were going to do. She also told us what we were basing our product on; a product that will persuade the younger generation to do sport. She said about what we need to include to get us the best chance of winning. After that we set on our task and we used bits of crafts to make our products. After break we learned some basic Russian greetings and practised them via games. Then the hardest part game and we had to translate our pitch into the language we were picked for. We had to use our knowledge and skills from what we learned in our lessons and a little bit of help from the teacher. The final part came, the showing of our presentation, all our hard work was leading up to this but the nerves and hard work was worth it as the winners revived chocolate. The point of the day was to practise not only to practise our language skills but our team work skills, our creativity skills and most of all our business skills.

Eleanor Rawson



I am very pleased with our GCSE results this year. While our overall % for the proportion of students gaining 5+ A*-C grades including English and Mathematics is the same as 2014, the progress the students have made, particularly in Mathematics, has improved rapidly. We have a number of students with multiple A*/A grades and over a third of our students will leave with at least 1 A*/A which is very pleasing. Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard and I thank them for their efforts this year. With our excellent pastoral support system, enrichment opportunities and the development of social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of school life, the addition of these exam results now equip our students well for the challenges of higher education, training or employment in the years to come.

Mr M Mckeown